Jog-a-thon Presto and Reptile Man Parties Scheduled

BSCO’s Jog-a-thon team is proud to announce the finalized dates for Presto and Reptile Man.  These parties were incentive prizes for our recent Jog-a-thon fundraiser.

Students who earned over $50 in this fall’s Jog-a-thon are invited to attend Presto the Magician on Friday, 12/9, from 3:05-4:10pm in the BSE gym.  

Reptile Man will be presenting his show on Friday, 1/6 from 3:05-4:10pm in the BSE gym for all students who earned $100 and above.  

Additionally, the all-school dance party has been scheduled for the morning of Friday, 12/9.  Every student and staff member can boogie down and celebrate their amazing fundraising achievement.

If your student earned one or both of these prize parties, please look for permission forms going home this Friday, 12/2.  

Due to bussing and scheduling conflicts, the Laser Tag party has not been finalized.  Students earning that prize will be contacted soon with additional information.  Questions can be directed to