Principal Chat... REVEALED November 2016

Your Loves Locked Down

What would a 21st century childhood be without school lockdown and lockout drills?  Awesome, frankly.  Sadly that’s not the world we live in.  This November, the Beaverton Police intend to run a lockdown drill at every school in the district, upping the ante and cracking down on best lockdown practice.  In preparation for the Beaverton Police drill, Bonny Slope’s practice drill was a success.  Our school was eerily quiet as Ali and Janet went through the building, including those students in the cafeteria, library and music room.  

Photo No-No

Love snapping photos of your kids at school?   Awesome-- as long as you restrict yourself to your own little hooligan and not their classmates.  We have several students whose parents have opted out of all photography, which means your iPhone shouldn’t be capturing any student who is not your own.  Absolutely positive that your neighbor wants a pic of her little angel doing art lit?  Do us all a favor and double check.  And please… in the name of all that is holy, NEVER POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA unless you ask parents first.

Read to Me Need

Studies prove that children need at least 500 books read to them before they can move on to becoming readers themselves.  This interaction not only teaches children letters and words, but also how to hold a book, turn pages and how to read left to right.  Isn’t there an app for that? Nope. The kids still need that basic one-on-one time.

Across the district and here at BSE, we have kindergarten and 1st grade students that simply need more books read to them to help them move into that Y1 reading level (where they begin reading to themselves).  Look for more info soon on how you can pop in and give our pre-readers what they need most.  

Future Ready-- A Surplus of Wealth

Future Ready has been recapped in many previous Principal Chats.  Here’s the short version:  Bond passed.  Paid for influx of student technology across district.  BSE received 90 devices (25% of allocated) last summer.  

We were scheduled to receive the balance of devices in 2017-18, but it appears that for once, we’re getting something ahead of schedule.  279 MORE devices should be available to BSE by March 2017.  That will provide 1:1 chromebooks for 3rd-5th grade, 1:1 iPads for Kinder-2nd grade. One day a week, an innovation strategist supports teachers in how to use the technology to improve learning.  

Because of BSCO’s generous Technology budget, BSE has never wanted for updated devices.  With the District now providing so much, BSCO will need to reevaluate its Tech budget for 2017-18.

Burnt Out

While our BSCO-sponsored gym-projector remains in F.I.P. limbo, the ceiling-mounted projectors within the classrooms are flaming out at record speed.  Most are original to the school’s construction in 2008.  

While it would make sense that BSD would just simply replace them, it doesn’t quite work that way.  BSD provides Janet with an independent operating budget that she has to manage for all building decisions and annual costs-- including maintenance, books, paper etc.  So basically BSD is the parent who gives us an allowance, but if the car breaks down, they don’t swoop in and we give up those jeans we had our eye on…  

Thankfully, BSCO’s Board, collaborating with Janet, has already identified classroom projectors as the 2017 improvement project.  Any Auction funds that exceed our annual budget will go toward purchasing brand-spanking new classroom projectors.  

Juicy Tidbits

  • November’s Staff Appreciation pie event was a huge hit with the staff.  
  • Beaverton School District’s PYP coordinator gave our Spanish program props for being one of the most academic in the district.  While questions surrounding our Spanish programs goals are always circulating, it seems we are actually a step ahead of many PYP language programs out there.

See you at our next Principal Chat-- Friday, December 9th at 2pm.