BSCO Board Snapshot: October 2016

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

October Meeting-- 10/17/2016
The Board reviewed its first teacher grant applications of the year and discussed various situations arising in the first month of school.  Brian Rothery, Treasurer, and DeDe Osborne, Director of Volunteers, were unable to attend.  

Due to continuing work and family conflicts, Matt Hire, Member at Large, resigned from the Board, effective 10/16/16. The Board thanks Matt for his contribution the past 15 months.  

BSCO bylaws state that the Board may range from six to nine members and that the remaining members may appoint a new member to the Board in the wake of a resignation.  The Board hopes to fill this position with a new co-treasurer, adding another layer of internal controls and dividing the workload.  Brian, Hannah Donohue, President, and Elia Freedman, Secretary, will create a specific job description as a first step in filling this position.

The Board voted to exceed budget in the IXL line item as the cost of IXL continues to rise.  The total cost will be $3797 to cover the entire student body.  

Ava Palmquist, VP for Fundraising, reports that Jog-a-thon has exceeded $52,000 (at the time of this meeting).  Auction is preparing to launch, with a goal of making our 2016-17 budget.  After conferring with Janet regarding school needs, any additional funds raised (exceeding the annual budget) will be put towards updating the overhead projectors in each of the classrooms.  The projectors were installed when the school was built eight years ago and many are now failing and in need of replacement.

Elia Freedman, Secretary, is spearheading the process of revising BSCO’s bylaws and Board Handbook.  It will be a year-long process, with a final vote in May.  Four community members, in addition to the BSCO Board, will vet the first draft prior to January’s meeting.  The current bylaws and Handbook are outdated and grant an uncomfortable amount of power to the Board.  The overall goal is to tighten up the internal controls and lay out reasonable and more specific restrictions on fiscal expenditures. 

Brian Rothery, Treasurer, submitted his treasurer’s report prior to this meeting.  BSCO’s fiscal year began July 1, and this report details any checks that went out after that deadline (and includes several reimbursements from events that took place last school year). 

The search for classroom party coordinators is in full swing.  Jenna Dornblaser, Director of Volunteers, reports that only five classrooms currently have confirmed party coordinators.  Continued confusion regarding mVP could be contributing.

Holly VanderPloeg, Director of Committees, shared the good news that Bonny Slope will soon be home to a Nike Marathon Club, thanks to a grant written by Cheryl Wardell, BSE’s PE teacher (since this meeting, it has been announced that Cheryl will be moving to the district office to oversee implementation of a national grant to BSD).  This will work concurrently with our Bobcat Trail Club, with prizes provided for each marathon completed.  Bobcat Trail is in dire need of volunteers, most especially on rainy days when students run under the covered area.

Pancake Breakfast is rolling with tickets available online or via fifth grade students.  Monster Mash continues to search for adult volunteers and Spiritwear is struggling to fulfill orders.  OBOB is set to roll on 10/26.  Art Auction is looking for representatives from each classroom to help plan and execute the classroom Art Auction projects.


The Board reviewed three teacher grant applications at this meeting.  

First, the Board approved the Kindergarten team’s Mathracks grant request.  Mathracks (think abacus) support natural mathematical development and enable students to see, think and manipulate moveable objects, requiring students to use strategic thinking rather than procedural response. The grant includes 60 student-held Mathracks, two student storage caddies and three teacher Mathrack Visuals.  Total amount approved was $716.90.

Both the Kindergarten and 1st grade teams had submitted similar grant applications for iPad covers and various iPad accessories.  Because these accessories are needed across grade levels, are similar in nature, and are directly related to the protection of our Technology purchase, the Board has opted to treat this as another Tech purchase, using funds from our remaining Technology budget.

Elia Freedman, also BSCO’s tech advisor, will research price, longevity and quality and will include the 2nd grade team as well, so that BSCO’s entire investment can be protected, all our K-2 tech needs are being met and there is continuity across grade levels.