Staff Appreciation Committee Kicks Off October Efforts

Bonny Slope teachers and staff work very hard to give our children all they can, and we as parents, are able to return the effort to express our gratitude.  Each month, BSCO's Staff Appreciation committee plan various small events and/or meals to support our teachers and staff.

For October, the Staff Appreciation committee is turning their efforts towards support during parent/teacher conferences.  On October 26th,  volunteers are needed to bring food in line with our Harvest theme.  Volunteers will be on hand to serve dinner.  If you are interested in bringing in a little something for BSE teachers and staff, please sign up now.

Conferences start after school and run into the evening.  On Thursday, October 27th, the Fresh Thyme Company will cater a lunch with a variety of hearty soups.  This is provided through the Staff Appreciation budget and your generous BSCO donation.

In the months to come, you can expect signups for November and December’s theme…. think yummy pies, and holiday cookies!  

If you would like to be added to the Staff Appreciation email list, please contact Stefanie and Sierra at