Still Time to Participate in Jog-a-Thon Fundraising

Bravo, Bonny Slope!

As of Wednesday, 10/12, we are 70% towards our participation goal of 516 students.  365 students have participated in this fundraiser at some level.  Any size donation is considered participation.  Anything.

As we enter Jog-a-thon’s final turn, there are several ways that you can return your donation.


Parents still have time to set up an online student fundraising page at  Once you’ve registered your joggers, click “Add Family & Friends” to send out fundraising link (even to yourself).

Donors have two options once they enter Pledgestar.

  1. ONLINE DONATION--  Donors may immediately make a secure credit card donation online.  Any donation is split evenly between students sharing a page.
  2. CHECK DONATION-- Pledgestar allows donors to send in a check, generating a code to be included on the memo line.  Please remember to include this code-- it is how your donation is reconciled with the student.  All checks must be received by Wednesday, 10/19 to be counted towards prizes.  Once your check is inputted into the Pledgestar system, donors are automatically emailed a receipt.

Pledge Envelope

Students may also return any donation in the pledge envelopes that went home the first week of school.  Volunteers will outside the school every morning this week to collect those envelopes.

  • Students who have donated 100% online via Pledgestar do not need to return a pledge envelope.
  • If students have misplaced their pledge envelope, families can print out the pledge form.  Donations can be returned in a regular envelope with the printed pledge form included.
  • Checks should be made out to BSCO.
  • After 10/13, students will need to bring their pledge envelope to the office to be collected.

All donations must be received by Wednesday, 10/19, to be counted toward prizes.

To reach our goal of 516 students, an average of 21 students in each section is needed to donate at any level.  Here are the current section totals of participating students by teacher.

  • Acosta-- 20
  • Anderson-- 17
  • Basham-- 8
  • Bergerson-Allen-- 20
  • Breton-- 15
  • Chandler-- 9
  • Crannell-- 6
  • Dell-- 19
  • Halgren-- 13
  • Hammond-- 15
  • Hastings-- 13
  • Henely-- 18
  • Johnson-- 17
  • Maxwell-- 16
  • Osika-- 9
  • Parks-- 14
  • Scoones-- 17
  • Smith-- 12
  • Swardstrom-- 17
  • Tanner-- 18
  • Taylor-- 13
  • Traller-- 16
  • Vanier-- 13
  • Vaughn-- 11
  • Watz-- 15