Bonny Slope Projector Hits District Backlog

Bonny Slope’s new wall-mounted projector remains at a standstill, awaiting approval from Beaverton School District.  Funding of this project was authorized by community vote at BSCO’s Community Meeting last May.  Currently the project sits 59th out of 86 on the current Facility Improvement Project list.

Nathan Potter, BSD’s Administrator for Maintenance Services, attributes the delay “to the amount of contracted services work our project coordination team has currently queued up.”  Maintenance Services not only handles Facility Improvement Projects (FIPs) like this, but also a wide variety of services for the District.  “To give you some context, this same team handles the district’s regulatory compliance work, hazardous material abatement, annual services and inspection work, and classroom expansion work not being addressed by the 2014 Capital Improvement Bond. Most of this work occurs in the late spring and summer,” Potter explains.

However, late spring and summer are also when most PTOs are prepared to fund and submit school improvement projects.  “Unfortunately, the FIPs take a back seat to this work so we can ensure the school district opens for the next school year.  The team is currently reengaging the backlog of FIP work,” Potter shares.

Looking forward, Potter cannot guarantee an installation date, but expects the project will be assigned a project manager sometime after Thanksgiving.  “They (BSD’s project coordination group) are estimating with their current workload that this project should be assigned sometime after Thanksgiving and depending on complexity of the work, accessing the space, availability of contractors, and construction/installation occurring over winter break,” Potter explains.

Potter acknowledges the backlog and is taking measures to speed up the process, sharing, “Recently, we hired an additional project coordinator and are accelerating the delivery but it is difficult to guarantee delivery any quicker with school in session.”

Part of the appeal to this project was that the same vendor had already completed similar installations at other BSD schools.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can be fast-tracked at Bonny Slope.  “Unfortunately, due to the nature of this work, it does require district oversight. Past project experience does not guarantee the same conditions exist at Bonny Slope.  There are expectations for finish, there are the extension of power and data, along with structural support and protection of the projector, and protection of the facility itself during installation all need be addressed,” Potter observes.

Though the installation has taken longer than expected, the excitement for the project hasn’t dimmed.  “I have a lot of confidence in our maintenance department and their ability to approve our Facility Improvement Project (FIP) as soon as possible.  While we were hopeful that the project would be completed this summer, it is understandable that the urgency to complete the construction of our new schools take precedence. I look forward to using our projector and having our students experience improved presentations during assemblies, opportunities to exercise before school with our exercise videos and using the projector during PE to model skills.  A huge thank you to BSCO for approving this project!” adds BSE Principal, Janet Maza.

Need a refresher?  This FAQ can bring you up to speed on this exciting project coming soon to BSE.