Art Supplies Needed for Auction Projects

Every year, at the Bobcat Soiree and Auction, to be held April 16th 2016, BSCO auctions off projects made by students. The Auction Art Committee is planning and executing another year of beautiful Classroom Auction Art projects. Specific items are need to complete the classroom projects.  Please drop any donated items in the labeled bins by the ART ROOM as soon as possible.

· buttons (any size, any color)
· needles (Qty. 30 needed)
· thread (any color)
· felt (any color and size)
· ANYTHING with texture
    · Bubble Wrap
    · String, Thread, and Yarn
    · Rubber Bands
    · Credit Cards, Hotel Key Cards, etc.
    · Plastic Wrap
    · Wax Paper
    · Cotton Swabs
    · Disposable Cups
    · Fabric Leaves and Botanicals
    · Feathers
    · Cheesecloth
    · Burlap
    · Sponges
    · Textured Fabrics
    · Old knit sweaters
    · Textured Wallpaper
    · Corrugated Cardboard
    · Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls
    · Plastic Shelf Liner
    · Doilies
    · Thick lace

The Auction Art Committee intends to have the student portion completed by spring break, and on display by Friday, April 1st, two weeks before the big night!  Sign-up today to help your child's art class.

A huge thank you to all those interested in helping. 

Any questions can be directed to Melissa Manos.