BSCO Fall 2015 Community Meeting Update

We had about 30 parents and teachers at our first 2015 Community Meeting last week. Hannah did a great job keeping us on schedule, clocking in at exactly a one hour meeting. We received updates from Mrs. Maza, including information on the Active Student Task Force and English/Language Arts Adoption.

We also received updates from BSCO's President, Hannah Donohue, and each of the Board members. Updates include Jog-A-Thon (2/3rds of the way to its goal with one week to go!), grants (our first award goes to Kindergarten), updates on volunteerism, additional information on the playground cover, and new information about our budget and reserves. Lots of additional news as well, all available in our meeting minutes.

We had one piece of new business. The community voted on a $1,500 one-time budget expansion for the new art teacher, Katie Gillard. This will expand her first-year budget to include supplies for special projects, supplementing the budget from Beaverton School District and from Bonny Slope Elementary. There was no promise of additional funds in the 2016-17 school year. The proposal passed.