Join us for BSCO's Parent Education Evening

w/ Dr. Jeff Sosne
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
BSE Library

Anger is a common emotion that can energize us to take action, be more assertive, and initiate change.  While there is no doubt anger can have a negative impact, anger can be a motivational force when things are "not right" to engage others in problem resolution. 

For children, however, anger highjacks the "thinking brain," distorts their judgement, and interferes with verbal expression.  If your child struggles to control their anger or if you find yourself getting angry with your child join us to learn about anger management. 

In this presentation Dr. Jeff Sosne, a psychologist from The Children's Program,  will discuss the nature of anger in children, the factors that predispose children to losing their temper, and basic strategies for emotional regulation.  

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