Sept. 2015 BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

September Meeting-- 9/14/15
Another fun evening as each member brought the group up to speed on their latest projects, including Jog-a-thon publicity (spread the word!), the upcoming volunteer orientations, the status of our BSCO newsletter (still getting there!), the new Committee lead meeting schedule (starting 9/21), and a review of our new online accounting software and use of U.S. Bank online bill-pay (so far, so good!).  

There was also brief discussion regarding our message at Back to School Night (introducing committee leads, describing the JAT move, sharing our goals) and how/when we want to roll-out a new community survey.

The action items were as follows:

Light Inquiry by the Kindergarten team.  The grant asked for two light tables, one classroom set of Magna-tiles and two sets of geometric shapes.  Total cost was $1165.48.  The Board approved this grant, opting to take it out of the Technology line item instead of Teacher Grants.  Kindergarten is the most under-represented when it comes to the tech budget and sees the least of those funds.  This will allow them to have hands-on technology within their classroom for science, math & engineering inquiry.

1. Jog-a-thon requested an additional $239 for Nike elite socks (for prizes) and a new, larger & durable Jog-a-thon sign to be hung between the pillars at the front entrance.  The JAT team has been unsuccessful with Nike donations this fall, as BSCO was just asking for donations last May.  The Board approved this budget request, as the movement of Jog-a-thon has created small set-backs and challenges. The lack of donated materials (so quickly after our last JAT) and the need for publicity is apparent.  The Board specified that the new Jog-a-thon banner needs to be generic to be used for multiple years.

2. The Book Fair team requested $150 for decorating and refreshments for the evening Family Night, as well as the teacher social (where teachers pick their wish list).  The Board approved this request, as historically BSCO has funded these items through the Friends of the Library line item.  That line item was eliminated in this year's budget and broken into OBOB and Visiting Author.  The $150 will come from the remaining unused balance from the Back to School Picnic & Welcome Coffee line items.

3. The new Art teacher has requested $1500 as support for her new program.  BSD has provided a new rug, drying racks, and storage for her, but her resources are very limited and are the materials needed are consumable in nature.  This fund would be for art materials beyond the basics to supplement special projects.  Because of the dollar amount requested, this will be voted on at our next Community Meeting, 9/24.

The Fifth Grade Activities line item was omitted from last year's budget.  Historically, it has been $3000 to include their send-off, class gift & end of year activities.  The Board voted to grant this committee the same amount as previous years, taken from reserves if necessary.  It was noted to ensure that this line item is returned to the budget next year.

Hope to see everyone at the BSCO Fall Community Meeting on Thursday, September 24th.