Fall Program Kick-Off Meetings Scheduled For Next Week

Our kids may be out of school but our parent volunteers never rest! BSCO is making some changes this year, including moving Jog-A-Thon to fall and the Write-A-Check/Bridge the Gap campaign, if needed, to spring. This will allow BSCO to set some specific Write-A-Check/Bridge the Gap goals.

With that in mind, our committee leads are already starting! A Jog-A-Thon kick-off meeting is scheduled for July 13th. Michelle Huss and Jessica Corcoran would love your input and help in the planning and executing process. Please contact them for meeting location.

Monster Mash, too, has already begun its planning process with its first meeting scheduled for July 14th. If you are interested in joining this committee and helping out with planning the event, please contact Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu or Ellen Rothery for more information.