Geography Club Wrap-Up

The following students were the lucky winners of our final Geo Club raffle at last Friday's assembly:  Caroline B. (1st grade), Jonah L. (2nd grade), Laura F. (3rd grade), Sri B. (4th grade) & Seth B. (5th grade).  All five students walked home with a $5 gift card to Piccolo Mondo Toy Store.

Geography Club is proud to announce its 2014-2015 Award Winners (see attached pdf). 113 students will have their name announced at the final assembly of the year.  68 students in grades 1-4 achieved their class distinction, while an additional 45 earned a Level Five Achievement, correctly identifying every single country in their passport.  Of these 113 students, 25 completed an ADDITIONAL challenge map each month.  

A special congrats to Mason Z., Amitis M., and Suyash P. for not only completing their Level Five Achievement, but also completing ALL THREE challenge maps for the entire year.  That's an additional 27 maps per year above the regular Geo passport.  Bravo!

**Save your maps!  Geo Club maps don't change year to year, so save paper by reusing.  A limited number of new map packets will be available next fall.