Geography Club Recheck Days Scheduled

Geography Club is in the home stretch.  For any students needing to make up a previous map to complete their passport & earn their reward, there are two more opportunities: 

  • Wednesday, May 20th: May Check Day (Australia).  Your student is welcome to check May's map as well as the map they missed. 
  • Wednesday, May 27th: Spring Recheck.  This day is not a regular monthly check day.  It is ONLY for students making up a map & parents MUST sign up on the sign-up genius in order for their child to be checked.  Volunteers will only be pulling students who are on the sign-up genius.

If your child intends to make up a map on 5/27, please add their name here:  Spring Geo Club Recheck. Please find their teacher & sign-up.  A comment is required-- this is where you add your child's name.

All maps can be found online.

DON'T RECYCLE YOUR MAPS!  Our maps don't change year to year, so keep that packet & reuse for next year.  A limited number of packets will be available next fall.


Wait. Isn’t there already a Check Day in May? Yes, the Check Day for Australia is May 20th. This RECHECK Day is the following week for those students who have missed a previous month’s map.

Do I have to sign-up my student? Is this required? Yes, it is required. Go to sign-up genius to add your student’s name. Volunteers will only be pulling students who are on this sign-up genius.

I’m confused by the sign-up. Please find your child’s teacher & add your name. A comment is required-- this is where you add your child's name.

We’ve lost our maps. Maps can be found outside the front office or online. Email the Geo Chairs if you need a hard copy.

Is this the only time we can make up a map? Yes. This is your student’s final opportunity to make up a map.

I have no idea if my child missed a month. Email Hannah to have your child’s passport checked.

Does it really matter? Up to you. Students who have completed their grade level distinction or level five distinction will earn a prize at the end of the year assembly.

Questions? Contact Geo Chairs, Hannah or Mindy.