March 2015 BSCO Community Update

We are excited to say that despite no visible progress, much progress has been made on the playground cover!  At the January community meeting, we announced that the District has granted permission to move forward.  Since then, we have considered bids from the three district-approved vendors from which we can source. We have arrived at a revised design, which not only provides adequate coverage BUT allows greater light into the covered area AND cut the proposed price for the structure itself in half!

At this time, we are waiting on engineered drawings, and then the District will facilitate three installation bids. We hope to have permits in late spring and the cover on order before school is out. Target is August installation so that the kids return in the fall to our protected (from the elements) cover!

President’s Report:
The BSCO has happily fulfilled two teacher grants in 2015. One for $158 to the first grade team to purchase teacher books to help guide them with writing assessments, including personal narrative, opinion and informative. And one to the third grade team for $1,230 to purchase leveled books to help struggling readers. These books correspond with the units of inquiry for 3rd grade.

Additionally we have competed the purchase of 50 new iPad minis and four new storage carts. The devices are currently being configured by the district and will be available to students in the near future. Thank you Elia Freedman for your assistance with this purchase and implementation.

Approximately 60 parents attended our last Parent Education evening, a presentation by Dr. Jeff Sosne on Building a Positive Work Ethic. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Megan O’Malley-Cook for arranging this year’s presenters.

Coming up on April 9th are two BSCO community feedback sessions. We invite all community members to provide feedback to the BSCO board on sponsored programs, events, budgets and fundraising. We will use this information as we plan the BSCO budget and calendar for the coming school year. The proposed 2015-16 budget will be presented to the community and voted on at our last meeting of the year on May 20th.

VP of Fundraising Report:
Auction is in full swing with less than a month to go.  The planning committee has built on last year's success with a few new tricks up their collective sleeves.  Sponsorships and advertising for the auction have been over the top, which means virtually all of the money raised the night of the auction goes straight to the bottom line.  Once again, there will be Silent Auction, Party Sign Ups, Raffle Sales, viewing of the classroom/grade art projects, a photo booth, and hosted bar from 5-7pm.  After that period, dinner will begin and shortly after the Live Auction kick off.  And to round out the evening, the Bonny Slope After Dark dance party that was a huge hit last year!  We've reached nearly 250 ticket sales but we still have room, so go online and buy your tickets (or Raffles or Host a Teacher).  

Because of the large number of auction guests, we are virtually at capacity at the Tiffany Center.  As such, we have to ensure that no seat at any table remains open.  Rather than the people at the end of the buffet line being stranded with single chairs here and there, we thought it best to assign seating. Thanks so much for your understanding and flexibility. There is no perfect way to approach seating of 275 guests!

After gathering valuable feedback from our community, the Board is strongly considering a re-structure of our fundraising efforts for the 2015-16 school year. We will be "sprinting" out the gates with Jog-a-Thon in the fall followed by Auction in the winter, streamlining our fundraising efforts to two major events. The Board will be able to assess fundraising needs following Auction to determine if we need to "Bridge the Gap" in our budget, making the traditional Write-a-Check an optional, need-based fundraiser in the Spring. We are looking for volunteers to chair the Jog-a-Thon as we speak, because this committee will need to be up and running before school lets out to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Please contact BSCO Volunteer Coordinators if interested.

Director of Committees Report:
The Artist-in-Residency program with Anna Hoye has been amazing this year. Her cyanotyping project has allowed each child experience success with both creativity and science. We are finishing up with the 5th graders before spring break, and the first graders and ALC will get their chance the week school resumes after the break.

On the night of the science fair, parents can peruse the halls to see all of the amazing work the kids created. It will be hung throughout the school, exposing the arts and science together. The large world map that was created by second grade to remain in the school will be unveiled that evening as well! Many thanks to the many parents and grandparents who volunteered their time to make this program a huge success!

Science Fair takes place on Friday April 3rd, the first week back from Spring Break.  We will need help from over 100 parents/older siblings/etc to act as project reviewers in order to provide our Young Scientists with confidence boosting feedback!  Please consider signing up for a timeslot to review projects. (We guarantee it’s painless and semi-guarantee you’ll really enjoy instilling a lifelong interest in science.)

Other Important Tidbits:
• Display Boards are $4 in the school office.
• Pizza Schmizza will be on-hand in the cafeteria to sell slices & beverages.
• Evergreen Air & Space will be bringing a spacesuit the kids can try on and a drone that will do flybys.  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will have a hands-on exhibit of recently shed antlers, and Matter Compilers will have a 3D printer activity and demo.  

Lastly, mark your calendars for Friday April 24th 6-8pm!  Bonny Slope Earth Sustainability Team (BEST) will be hosting a movie night at BSE to celebrate Earth Week.  The theme is sustainable, healthy food and local food systems.  We will show the short documentary What’s on Your Plate? which follows two middle school girls as they explore their food system in New York City.  We plan to have local food vendors and organizations on hand to share information.  If you want to help plan and/or execute this event, or have an organization or vendor you think we should invite, please contact Jenny Pompilio.