Technology Update

This year BSCO funded a number of technology initiatives. BSCO purchased 50 new iPads and four new carts. In addition, fourth grade applied for and received a grant for iPads and Chromebooks, which are now in use.

Bonny Slope has recently received all devices and carts. The upper grades 3-5 will get two carts with 30 iPads each (40 are hold-overs from last year). The lower grades K-2 will get two carts with 15 iPads each. There will also be 10 iPads available for teachers and as back-up if any of the existing iPads are broken. 

Finally, there are four laptop carts with 20-30 Macbooks each, used across all the classes. The laptops were either provided by the district (two carts are seven years old with an additional one new this year) or purchased by BSCO last year. We are watching how the Chromebooks work for fourth grade as that could be a significantly cheaper option in the future. At least two of the carts are in need of new devices.

A sizable portion of the BSCO budget goes toward technology purchases. It's excited to see all this tech be put to use by our teachers and students!