As The World Goes 'Round

Geography Club keeps circumnavigating the globe. Last month it was the first part of Africa; this next month we visit Africa again. January honors to the 44 first grades who completed Africa Part One (starred students completed all levels!):

*Yaseen A.
*Luca I.
Keegan P.
Jenna F.
Kai O.
Jenna D.
Izabella V.
Arabella G.
Evan P.
Miley B.
Samuel J.
Carson R.
Leila G.
Claire S.
Elliot H.
Caroline B.
Alexander G.
Presley P.
Dana D.
Aarush K.
Viggo A.
*Lily G.
Josephine S.
John M.
Keegan B.
Jace K.
Jacob R.
Anirudh D.
Cindy L.
Emma B.
Ava H.
Brooke W.
Adam M.
Fiona B.
Tahiyah K.
Lainey S.
Anna H.
*Hannah N.
Jessica D.
Sophia M.
Ayaka B.
Lucas S.
Grace C.
Jose M.

Africa Part Two is February 25th. Also note that February 11th is winter re-test day. If your child missed a section he or she would like to complete, please sign-up to retest. Find your child's teacher's name and add your name as a comment.