December’s Principal Chat… REVEALED!

Baby, it’s cold outside.  And wet.  Very, very wet.  

Our chat begins with Amy Powers, Program Manager for SHINE (Schools Helping Involve Neighborhoods in Education).  SHINE is a program of Impact NW, a private non-profit that has partnered with BSD and a federally-funded grant to provide extra services at four local Title I schools.  What’s a Title I school, you ask?  Title I schools have a level of poverty over 50%.  SHINE supports and develops parent engagement, academic support and weekend food assistance to four BSD schools, including an elementary with a 100% poverty rate.  

So how does Bonny Slope fit in?  Well, in order to generate revenue to provide excellent services to these low-income schools, SHINE coordinates quality after-school programing here at BSE. Last fall, SHINE offered a Running Club, Gym Club & a SCRATCH computer programming. Amy’s here to gather feedback for class ideas and topics that would interest our students.  Ideas offered included a variety PE class, crafting, a foreign language, more STEM, a writer’s club, and a student community service club.  

Confused?  Here’s the bottom line.  By enrolling your student in a SHINE after school program here at BSE, you are supporting community programs at high-poverty schools throughout Beaverton.  A win-win for everyone.  

Can’t afford a SHINE program?  They offer enrollment fees on a sliding scale.  

Have an idea of a great after school program?  Email Amy.  Look for their programs in 2016.  

Report Card Blues
Ah, yes.  The infamous report card.  Add it next to Common Core Math and social media on the ever-growing list of “Things That Don’t Look Like My Childhood.”  How’d it go?  Mixed reviews in the room.  There’s a general and continued confusion over what the numbers mean and how students can improve.  Many parents threw Janet some suggestions, ranging from re-publishing the individual class rubrics to having teachers explain to kids that 2s really are okay in December.

In fact, for those parents interested in current learning rubrics, they can be found here:

Janet’s advice was to look at the =, +, - portion.  This is indicative of HOW MUCH your child is learning, which is the continued goal.  These are not point in time marks but rather a comparison to end of year goals (hence parent confusion).   While it’s disappointing to some parents and students to see a 2 on their report card, it is NORMAL and EXPECTED at this stage of the game. 

Other Juicy Tidbits
Several students have suffered concussions after hitting their heads on the cement poles on our playground.  BSD’s Risk Management has had them painted yellow, but Janet will look into better options.

Turns out that our school messenger text service has a bit of a delay.  The recent “buses will be late” message was received nearly 25 minutes after it was sent.  Kinda defeats the purpose, but good to know.

All schools are required to have a lockdown drill this December/January.  If we ever have a REAL lockdown drill, Janet will email/text the school community.  Wondering how it works?  Here’s a link to Lockdown Lockout Standard Response Protocols used by BSD.

Heard of the boundary debate?  Ouch! It’s rough out there.  Our crowd generally agreed that leaving middle school boundaries ‘till last will make for some awkward years as it all plays out. While BSE’s high school didn’t change (yet), there are compelling arguments to re-look at the springboard for our neighbors at Cedar Mill & West TV.  And all present agreed that NOTHING could tempt us to be on that boundary advisory panel.  

And that’s a wrap!  Join us for our next Principal Chat on January 22nd at 2pm.