BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: November 2015 Meeting

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

November Meeting-- 11/16/2015

The entire Board gathered to update and discuss several BSCO topics.  The community survey is now targeted for December, with hopes of presenting the results at the January Community Meeting.  Scholastic has been pushing for a Spring Book Fair on both our BSE chairs and our principal. Proceeds from the Book Fair, which is currently held in the fall, goes to the BSE Library.  The Board supports a Spring Fair as long as the profits are being spent and a viable date can be found that doesn’t impede on any other BSCO/BSE event.

The Auction team is moving along and are beginning their push for sponsors.  Our Secretary & Tech Advisor, Elia Freedman, is meeting with Ms. Maza and several staff members to begin the process of this year’s tech purchases.  

Brian Rothery, our BSCO Treasurer, presented various updates.  Monster Mash is projected to roughly break even. The Pancake Breakfast may have a smaller profit than budgeted.  The 5th grade team has purchased the Newbery Honor Books from their Mature Grant line item.  Year-to-date details can be found here

The Directors of Volunteers, Jessica Gaibler & Yolanda Leal, are recruiting Party Coordinators for each classroom.  At the time of this meeting, they still needed positions filled in nine classrooms. UPDATE AS OF 12/1:  Party coordinators are still needed for Russell, Swardstrom, Arnold and Jolly.  (Contact Jessica and Yolanda if you are interested.)

Community Requests

A portion of the meeting was spent discussing a recently amended community request.  Last month, the Board discussed a proposal to contribute to the engineering study needed to install a flashing crosswalk on McDaniel below the school.  At that time, the Board had concluded that they needed more time, research and community feedback as they explored this request.  

In the weeks since, the neighborhood representatives have changed their course of action and amended their ask to BSCO.  They are preparing to begin a larger awareness campaign and are looking into starting a gofundme account that would allow private donors to contribute to the initial survey cost.  Instead of asking for a BSCO contribution to this survey, the revised request asks that BSCO be the fiscal agent for the gofundme, holding the funds until the goal is reached.  This would allow donations to be tax-deductible and eligible for company matching funds.  

The Board's biggest hesitation continues to be the precedent this sets for other neighborhood groups who would like to use BSCO as their fiscal agent.  At this time, the Board is uncomfortable moving forward with that action without more community feedback.  However, the Board supports any neighborhood's concern for a safe route to school and would consider supporting them through an awareness campaign to the BSCO community in coordination with the neighborhood. 

Fiscal Requests

The first fiscal request was a continuation of a proposal from last month regarding an increase in the Bobcat Trail Club line item.  Christy Bishop, Director of Committees, and Hannah Donohue, President, met with the BTC chairs last month and went over their budget, their supplies and their ideas to improve the program.  The BTC leads provided a spreadsheet with current numbers & inventory.  The Board approved an increase from $250 to $750 for the current school year only.  This increase includes a new generic BTC banner.  The BTC line item will be revisited in the Spring as we make the 2016-17 BSCO Budget.

While there were no official Teacher Grant applications this month, Hannah has been in talks with BSE’s ESL teacher regarding the purchase of audio digital files of the current OBOB books.  If the application was submitted, the total would be $196.  The Board moved to approve this application once it’s submitted.