November Principal’s Chat…. REVEALED

BSE’s New Vice-Principal:  What-the-WHAT???  

Let’s get down to the building’s biggest news.  BSE just announced the addition of a new vice-principal.  We need the scoop ASAP!

Let’s start with some backstory.  This is not a normal communication for this time of year so let’s hear how it played out.  We begin with our census numbers at the beginning of the year.  At that time, we had 635 students.  We are now approaching 670.  Children must be present to be included in the census, and no consideration was made for the new construction within our boundary.  So basically -- we’ve got a significant rise in student numbers that wasn’t accounted for at the start of school. 

Secondly, an October audit of certified positions revealed a staff deficiency. 38 direct reports to a principal supports the addition of a vice principal.  Janet had 41 direct reports.

Both these factors contributed to the opening of the vice principal position at BSE.  Our new vice principal, Jennie Knapp, is moving from her 5th grade classroom into this new role.  

BUT WAIT.  What does a vice-principal do anyway?  Well, it’s different at every school & here at BSE, the specifics are still being ironed out.  Most likely, Ms. Knapp will do investigations for behavior issues, research student activities like after school clubs (and all the ensuing paperwork) and look at student safety.  Ms. Knapp is only promised this placement until July, but is welcome to re-apply if the position officially opens.

Also, in addition to our new vice principal, BSE has also gained two Instructional Assistants.  This addition has been a huge help in supervising recess and working with small groups in reading and math.

Neighborhood Growth.  Is BSD noticing? ‘Cause we are!

What is BSD doing to anticipate growth?  Huh.  Great question.  Currently, there are no additional classrooms available at BSE.  So what to do?  Janet recommends representation at the BSD School Board meetings during the community time to voice our growth and boundary positions.

Shockingly, BSE is still not at full capacity, which is estimated at 730 students.  In a frustrating twist, even meeting capacity doesn’t stop children from attending BSE.  Capacity numbers support accommodations but don’t restrict growth.

Currently, our 4th grade is sitting at 30 students per section, short just twelve students in order to gain a fifth section.  October is the deadline to add teachers, so nothing’s changing this year.  However, next spring BSE will be reevaluated and the district will make a prediction.  

Other Juicy Tidbits

The PYP Coffee Chat is slated for Wednesday, Dec. 9th at 8:45am.  Amy Mitchell will be discussing the transition from PYP to Cedar Park’s MYP program, with special guest Lisa Senter, CPMS’s MYP Coordinator.  The binders that teach learning growth will also be discussed.  Please rsvp to Amy at

Hope to see you at the December’s Principal’s Chat on Friday, December 11th at 2pm.