BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: October 2015 Meeting

It was another productive evening as the BSCO Board gathered to discuss various BSCO topics.  Matt Hire, Member-at-Large, was unable to attend.  Jog-A-Thon was a HUGE success, the new newsletter is garnering positive feedback, and Geography Club and Bobcat Trail Club are off to a great start.  The Parent Ed presentation was well attended.  The community survey, however, is behind in the planning stage.

No surprises in the Treasurer’s Report.  The parent contribution for Outdoor School was spot on this year and the entire budgeted amount has been collected.  Year-to-date details can be found here.  Upcoming meetings will discuss the percentage of funds needed in the reserves as our fundraising schedule has changed.

The Directors of Volunteers, Jessica Gaibler & Yolanda Leal, shed some light on the current volunteer opportunities.  While every classroom has been assigned a classroom volunteer coordinator (yay!), we have a need for more party coordinators (only half the classrooms have one).  Also, a dedicated volunteer coordinator for our new Art teacher would be greatly appreciated.

A portion of the meeting was spent discussing two fiscal requests.  The first was a proposal to contribute to the engineering study needed to install a flashing crosswalk on McDaniel below the school.  The Board concluded that they need more time, research and community feedback as they explore this request.

The second proposal was an increase in the Bobcat Trail Club line item.  With the additional day, students are earning benchmarks faster than ever.  Christy Bishop, Director of Committees, and Hannah Donohue, President, agreed to sit down with the BTC leads and nail down the expenses for the year.

There were no Teacher Grant applications submitted this month.  The teacher grant fund remains at $3000.

The Board voted to approve purchasing a Prime membership through Amazon for the BSCO account.  Books and the light tables are taking weeks to arrive.  The $99 will be taken from Miscellaneous.