Beaverton School District Gift Giving Policy Changes

As we roll into the holiday season it is natural that many of you are interested in giving gifts to the staff at Bonny Slope. In the past, BSCO has provided a service for collecting monetary gifts and distributing those to teachers and staff. Due to changes at the District, BSCO has discontinued its Holiday Scrip program.

You are welcome, of course, to give gifts directly. The bottom line: you can give up to $50 on an annual basis to any individual staff member. This is a maximum that can be given in one lump sum or spread out through the year. Given that the District encourages you to write thank you notes instead.

Here's the Beaverton School District, in their own words:

We are fortunate in the Beaverton School District that students and parents/guardians hold our teachers and staff in high regard. This alone is a significant acknowledgement and sign of respect.
At times, parents may wish to give a gift to a classroom teacher or other staff member. Doing so puts our staff in a difficult ethical situation. District employees are subject to Oregon ethics laws that govern the receipt by employees of gifts that may not exceed $50.00 from any individual giver on an annual basis.
Employees must be aware of any gifts they are offered or received from any source. Parents/guardians should refrain from giving gift cards or other items of significant value to our staff.
Instead, we encourage you to write a note of thanks to the classroom teacher or staff member. We appreciate your understanding and as always, your ongoing support. Thank you.