Monster Mash: A Boo-tiful Success!

With more than 600 tickets sold and 5000+ pieces of candy and trinkets distributed (most which were donated), the event was a great success!

Monster Mash, the most highly attended family event of the year, was in jeopardy of not happening this school year.  But Ellen Rothery and Barbara Simon stepped in to ensure the Halloween tradition continued.  “I volunteered in 2014 and was shocked by how big and work intensive the event was,” said Simon, who vowed not to volunteer for Monster Mash again.  “But when I saw the messages in spring of 2015 that the event may be canceled due to lack of leads, I reached out to the BSCO Board and asked if there were others who'd be interested in helping.  Once I learned [Jenny and Chris] Deeb would take on the haunted house, and that Ellen was interested in co-leading, I signed up for the challenge.”

The group of volunteers began planning the first week of summer break – and divided and conquered the workload to keep individual tasks manageable.  

Changes were made to assist with crowd-control and the general flow of the event, including spreading stations throughout the school and making better use of the cafeteria space.  Another major shift was handing over all concessions to Pizza Schmizza.  The company assumed responsibility for food and drink quantities and gave 15% of their revenue back to BSE.

“To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about taking on such a big event at the school,” said Rothery. “But, I knew how popular it was with the kids and I was looking for a way to help, so I decided to throw my name in the hat.  Once I met Barbara and the team she had in place, I knew we were going to be just fine.  It was a lot of work, but so much fun.”

Adds Simon, “This event can only be successful with a team – and I feel we had the best team there is.”

We appreciate your attendance at the event and hope you had a wicked good time!

The Monster Mash leads would like to thank our generous neighborhood businesses for supporting our school and donating to our event. 

Especially, Orchard Supply Hardware, Safeway, Pizza Schmizza and Bales Thriftway.  When out shopping, please consider supporting these businesses as our way of saying "Thank You".

AND, we could not have pulled off this event without the awesome effort from our team.  It was such a fun group to work with and we truly appreciate their dedication .

Haunted House:  Jenny Deeb (and her husband Chris) who stepped up and took on this whole "scary" project and did an awesome job!
Decorations:  Begona Paz, who transformed our school with her creative ideas into a beautiful "monstrous" place with the help of Stephanie Wilson and Joyce Hsu
Trick-or-Treating:  Heidi Butler- we distributed over 5,000 pieces of candy and trinkets (most of which was donated through small gift cards from a variety of businesses)-and Heidi managed the whole thing
Volunteer Coordinator:  Julie Gupta - Julie secured over 30 student volunteers.  Some from Cedar Park Middle School (haunted house actors), and most from Sunset High School Key Club-we are truly grateful for their help
Cookies/Coloring:  Kelly Matsushima and Claire Parker - these two ladies somehow managed to get our cookies and toppings donated, and they supervised the entire cafeteria area during the event