May 2014 Meeting Minutes

A large turn-out at this month's meeting to participate in the budget process. Before that, though, an update from Mrs. Haskins told us we are adding a fifth grade class and maybe a second half-day Kindergarten. Spanish, due to a room shortage, will travel instead this year. We are also expanding special education, PE and music.

Other updates from President, Committees, Volunteers and more. See the minutes for more details.

One big consideration has been what to do with BSCO excess funds. The Board is proposing using the funds to acquire and install a cover for the open playground, which would alleviate crowding in the cover area on rainy days. The Board needed approval to continue pursuing quotes and work with stakeholders at the District.

In addition, the BSCO Board put a budget in front of the community. While in general the programs are maintained there were a few concerns over changes for next year. The Board is proposing cutting a few programs either due to lack of participation or the need to reduce expenditures. In particular there was community concern over changes in the art programs (namely dropping Art Fair, both due to attendance and competition for volunteers), having one book fair per year instead of two (the fall fair would be retained), and discontinuing BSCO support for IXL as of November 2014 (lack of participation). Parents could continue buying IXL themselves, however. See the minutes for more details.

The budget passed by a 29 to 6 vote. The playground cover contingency budget passed 27 to 6.

Click here for the minutes.