Future Playground Cover at BSE

We are excited to announce that the BSCO, in conjunction with the Beaverton School District, is currently reviewing plans to install a rain/sun cover over the Bonny Slope Elementary play structure this summer. The cover will be a made of fabric that is installed on a metal frame and will provide rain and sun protection for our students, as well as community members using the play structure after school hours. Currently, rain creates a slippery and unsafe surface on the play equipment, so our students are limited to play on the covered blacktop during wet weather. The cover will provide a dry play area on all but the most severe weather day.   Moreover, adding a second covered play space will alleviate crowding under the blacktop for students playing basketball or other playground games. This playground cover is a large capital expenditure and will require community approval.  This exciting project will be funded both by proceeds from our auction and carry-over from past years. There will be a discussion about the project followed by a vote at the final BSCO community meeting of the year on May 27th at 7pm in the BSE library. We invite everyone to join us at this important meeting.

Below is a picture of the type of cover that is being considered, although we would likely choose different fabric and frame colors for Bonny Slope. Similar playground covers can be found locally at THPRD, the French American School and Westlake Park.