2014-15 BSCO Positions Available

There are a number of available positions for 2014-2015 school year. Unfortunately if there are not people to run these programs then they may need to be cancelled. Please contact Soo Anderson if interested. Open positions include:

  1. Classroom enrichment
  2. Carnival
  3. Monster Mash
  4. OBOB Co-Lead
  5. Artist In Residence
  6. Community Garden

Details below.

General responsibilities for most Lead roles include:

  • Communications and publicizing their event or committee through PawPrints and BSCO website submissions
  • Recruiting committee members.  List of interested volunteers provided to Leads through HelpDesk database
  • Setting up signupgenius or other volunteer sign up as needed
  • Completing District facility use forms if they have an event at the school outside of school hours
  • Knowing and working within their committee’s budget and requesting budget increase and/approvals as needed.



  • Schedule science classes (OMSI, Audubon Society, MAD Science, etc.) with the teachers.
  • Arrangementpayment with BSCO Treasurer.
  • Most of this work happens early in the school year.



  • Plan event (food carts, decorations, games, concessions, inflatable rental, entertainment, prizes, ticket sales, etc.)
  • We are looking at moving this to early September, so much of the planning would be in August.
  • Coordinate committee members for planning activities.
  • Coordinate set up of booths, signs the night before the event
  • Coordinate volunteers for night of event (signupgenius)
  • Schedule Sunset HS Key Club to volunteer at event



  • Organize dinner for purchase
  • Schedule DJ
  • Plan a few games and activities
  • Decorate school prior to event
  • Coordinate volunteers for planning and night of help



  • Hannah Donohue has volunteered to co-Lead next year.
  • Attend 1/2 hour kick off meeting for students in the fall.  Kim Haskins & Library staff to also attend.  OBOB Leads will explain the process of how the battles will work and distribute Parent Consent Forms and Information Sheet.
  • Collect Parent Consent Forms
  • Assist individual students who need to be placed on a team.
  • Prepare schedule of battles.
  • It is not necessary to read the books, but can be helpful.
  • The OBOB Leads will receive 15 sets of questions created by others to use at the battles.
  • Battles are held 4 days/week during 4th and 5th Grade recesses and will take approximately 6 weeks, but this can vary depending on the number of teams.  Time commitment on battle days would be 11:45am-1:15pm.  One parent would ask questions and a 2nd parent would be the timer.
  • Track winning teams, update bulletin board & send communication to participant parents.
  • Battles will probably need to start in February in order to have a winning team to send to Regional battles in April.
  • Distribute OBOB Certificates for all participants.
  • Attend Regional battle with winning team.  Regional battles are held on Saturdays around the 2nd or 3rd week of April.
  • If team wins Regionals, then they will move on to State battles.
  • Plan one or two "Dedication Days" for all participants (i.e. pizza party at Friday lunch time).



  • Plan school-wide program that introduces students to various forms of art.
  • Research options for guest artist
  • 2014/15 project needs to be simple and one that students take home.  It could also be more of a performing art where there is no art to bring home.
  • Coordinate artist schedule with each classroom.



  • Organize a couple of work parties to maintain the and clean up garden.
  • Coordinate garden bed reservations with teachers and/or community member.
  • We had an after school spring Garden Club several years ago.  This would be an option for whoever leads this committee.