Get Started with Geography Club 2013/14

The purpose of Geography Club is to get students excited about geography and to provide them with accurate and interesting study materials that keep up with our changing world. It is an individualized, year-long program which is designed to enhance elementary school social studies curriculum. The basic goal of the program is to learn the location of some, or all, of the world’s independent nations.

The Geography Challenge offers additional testing on Landmarks and Monuments (3rd Grade), USA States and Capitals, and Canadian Provinces & Territories (4th Grade), and Water Forms, Mountains, and Deserts (5th Grade).  A child who progresses through the program during elementary school should enter middle school with a feeling of confidence about geography as well as a high retention level. Different levels make this program accessible to all ages and all levels of ability.

All Geography Club documents are password protected.  You received the password access in your Welcome Packet, sent home in Friday Folders. If you need access and have lost the password, please contact the team lead.  Access to maps and other Geography Club materials are granted to students and parents or guardians of students currently attending Bonny Slope Elementary School and participating in Geography Club.

Support Geography Club!
Help your child get prepared for Geography Club Check Day. Practice with your child at home – a few minutes a couple times a week is all you need. Geography Club study can be a great game.  You and your child can quiz each other, have fun, and share the joy of learning.  Volunteer on Check Day or help with other Geography Club activities, such as bulletin boards at school or cutting stamps from home.  Running Geography Club requires a great deal of volunteers, especially on Check Day. Spread the news! Geography Club welcomes:

  • Parents and guardians
  • Grandparents, older siblings, aunts and uncles, family friends
  • Anybody with a wish to help children and increase their own knowledge of the world at the same time
  • English Language Learners are welcome!  We would be delighted if you could share some interesting facts about your country of origin with our students!

To volunteer, or for more information please contact:
Hannah Donohue—

By signing up for one, two, or more Geography Club Check Days this year, you will be opening doors to a broader world for your child and other students at Bonny Slope Elementary School.


Mark the following Check Days on your calendar:

*Sept. 25– North & Central America
*Oct. 30– Asia & Middle East, Part 1
*Nov. 20—Asia & Middle East, Part 2
*Dec. 18—South America
*Jan. 29—Africa, Part 1
*Feb. 26—Africa, Part 2
*March 19—Europe, Part 1
*April 30—Europe, Part 2
*May 21—Australia & Oceana
*May 28—RECHECK (any months missed)