The Bobcat Auction Needs Your Donations

The success of Bonny Slope's auction depends on your generous donations of items, trips and experiences, to be bid on at the event. The purpose of any fundraising auction is to sell items for more than the cost of procurement. Ideally, we would like the cost of everything we procure to be ZERO, thereby ensuring that the absolute maximum funds raised, go to BSCO. Your donations are tax deductible and will be packaged for sale in the evening's silent or live auction.

Are you able to contribute any of the following to be auctioned off?

Sports Tickets
Team Memorabilia
Home Décor
Wine: Bottle ~$25
Wine: Bottle $50+
Gift Certificates
Jewelry and Fashion
Local Celebrity Shadowing

Salon and Beauty
Home Maintenance
Design Services
Chef and Catering

Airline Miles
Hotel Points
Car Rental
Sign-up Parties
Event Hosting
Concert Tickets
Personal Vacation Homes

Anything you can think of!

The Bobcat Soiree team is looking for people to donate personally or from businesses you frequent. You may approach them yourself with our attached forms, or our procurement committee can make contact on behalf of BSCO. To inquire about Donations, please Contact Erin Hire.

Ask companies with whom you do business — or your own business — to become an event Sponsor. Many levels of sponsorship are available, most of which are accompanied by perks for the event itself. To inquire about sponsorships, please contact Dave Henry or Doug Deurwaarder.