Geography Club Honors 4th Graders in November

Congrats to the following 28 fourth graders who completed their Asia & Middle East Part 2 level distinction, successfully completing levels one, two, three & four. 21 of these students completed ALL FIVE levels (denoted with *).

*Cole A.
*Andrew I.
*Nicholas L.
Kiran G.
*Lilly N.
*Anvitha M.
*Arman A.
Chloe B.
*Ditika K.
*Vaari S.
*Jordan H.
Ava T.
*Suyash P.
*Neil S.
*Sriraghav B.
*Mingi K.
Yusuf A.
*Evan K.
*Sahith C.
*Elliot R.
Emily Y.
*Jacob H.
*Jacob L.
Emily E.
*Lucas M.
*Taryn F.
*Will V.
Hannah H.

Next check day: December 17th! Study your South America map.