Helping Bonny Slope Families In Need

While many of us have plenty of food and holiday cheer this time of year, some families go without. As has been our tradition, BSCO helps our own families in need. This year we are working to help FIFTEEN Bonny Slope families - a higher number than prior years - in conjunction with Salvation Army and Sunset Presbyterian.

How YOU can help:

Small denomination gift cards (5 $10 gift cards is better than 1 $50 gift card as example) for:

  • Fred Meyer
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • WinCo
  • Gas stations
  • Trimet (passes)

Cash donations, which can be given as cash/check OR you can leverage the MasterCard holiday gift card order form as provided for Staff

This is a departure from past years where we have also been provided with specific gift requests.  This year we have more families to support and want to ensure everyone is a recipient to some extent.  In addition, we have gotten feedback that the families in need appreciate being empowered and having the joy from purchasing gifts for their children themselves.

For MasterCard gift card orders, simply hand write in “BSE Families” on the form and whatever amount you wish to contribute, along with your check payable to BSCO.  The monies will be distributed amongst the families.

Please return all contributions to the office and thank you for considering a gift.