Playground Cover is Progressing!

The playground cover effort continues in the background — we are making progress!  Beaverton School District has 3 approved cover vendors and we have received designs and bids from each and are considering them now.  We have also secured 3 installation bids to get a sense of the total cost of the project.  Unknowns remain but budgetary numbers appear to be within the amount approved at the May BSCO meeting so we are pressing on, working with the District to get a project manager assigned.

There is good news / less good news.  With the bond passing in May (yay!), the District has many, many capital improvement projects.  The District has informed us that the soonest the cover can be installed is Summer 2015.  We'll continue our effort to align with the District's timeline to have it completed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions/comments, or wish to be involved in the project, contact Erin Hire at