Geo Club October Golden Globe Winners Announced

Geography Club's Golden Globe winners for October include:

1st Grade—Johnson (21 levels)
2nd Grade—Acosta (38 levels)
3rd Grade—Geier (35 levels)
4th Grade—Taylor (52 levels)
5th Grade—Taft (45 levels)

The next check-in day is Wednesday, November 19th. Note that this is your last chance to register for the Geo Raffle! For every level completed, a student earns their name in the Geo Raffle. Keep studying to up your chances of winning a gift card to Piccolo Mondo Toy Store. Our first drawing is in December!

Map Packets & Geo Challenge Packets can be found in the front office or at the BSCO web site.

Geo Club Honor Roll-- ATTENTION 4th GRADERS! This month we will feature all fourth grade students who complete levels one through four. Challenge yourself & find your name in the Geography Club Honor Roll in the latest Paw Prints, as well as on the Geo Club Bulletin Board.