Congrats to the Third Grade Geography Club Honor Roll

Congrats to the following 38 third graders who completed their North American grade level distinction, successfully completing levels one, two & three. 17 of these students completed ALL FIVE levels (denoted with *).

Jordynn F.
Isaac H.
Hudson S.
Nathanael F.
*Rowan M.
Gabe B.
*Leah F.
*Richie N.
Alexandra L.
*Mason Z.
Laura F.
Ava L.
*Cohen T.
*Caleb L.
*Caden S.
*Arunima D.
Anika K.
Karthik A.
*Ahmed M.
*Abhi P.
Alyssa G.
Jack L.
*Jordan D.
*Ashley M.
Claire Y.
Jack D.
Davin L.
*Aaron D.
Humaira S.
*Allison G.
*Mia R.
Will F.
*Sagarika M.
Sydney B.
Nina D.
Nicholas M.
Gavin G.
*Pranav V.