BSCO Educational Support Grant Application

The BSCO Teacher Grant Program is designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional approaches to the accomplishment of curriculum objectives. 

Individual teacher(s), teaching teams, or support staff from Bonny Slope Elementary who are involved in the instruction of students or related support services benefiting students. 

Awarding of Funds
A total of $3,000 in grants will be awarded this school year. 

Mature Grants
After two consecutive years of receiving a teacher grant, a successful program may be considered a mature grant and fall under the Mature Grant budget item with funds allocated accordingly. Mature grants are considered Bonny Slope traditions and do not need to be re-approved annually, but will be re-considered each Spring when the budget is set.

Implementation Date
Grants awarded must be implemented during the school year they were approved.

Application Submission
Application forms are available on the BSCO website and may be submitted any time. The BSCO encourages early submission to ensure funds are available.

Personal Professional Development Grants 
The BSCO will not be awarding any personal professional development grants at this time. All professional development needs are being met through the district or the BSCO PYP contributions to the school. BSCO also provides a staff-wide PYP professional development presentation through its annual budget.

Selection Criteria  
The degree to which the proposal represents a creative or innovative approach to relevant and engaged student learning.
The degree to which the proposal directly impacts students in the classroom.  

Responsibilities of Grant Recipients 
Use the awards for the purposes intended. Agree to share successful procedures in staff development sessions if asked. All purchases must be labeled property of Bonny Slope Elementary.


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