BizTown Experience

Imagine a city where young consumers rush to the bank to deposit their paychecks, sales clerks create merchandise displays and reporters interview local business leaders to get the most up-to-date story. Across the way the restaurant prepares lunch for the onslaught of the lunch hour and the mayor meets with business managers to get an understanding of current economic trends. This could be any city in the country, but it is this image that perfectly describes a 4th graders day at JA BizTown.

As part of the How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry, BSE 4th Graders spend a memorable day working at JA BizTown. Before the field trip, they participate in job interviews, learn about their new workplace and the job they will perform. Jobs range from retail sales professionals, accountants, business managers, medical professionals to TV and newspaper reporters. There is even a mayor!