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Can you believe we're coming up on the end of the year?  

Bonny Slope Elementary School has had so many great programs and events this year! Our BSCO yearbook team is working to showcase these in our annual yearbook and would love YOUR help. 

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The Next Geography Club Check Day is Thursday, April 25

Just a friendly reminder that Geo Club Check day is coming.  April 25th is Europe part 2.  If your student wants to make up any missed months or levels, now is the time! Make-ups can happen during any regular check day.  We will have one last re-check day on May 30th.  Students will earn prizes and receive recognition at the end of the year assembly for completing the number of levels that match their grade level.  Send us an email if you need to check in on your student’s progress.

Remaining Check Days:

Thursday, April 25—Europe Part 2

Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania

Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day


Please see our FAQ page or email

Geography Club Webpage

Curiosity, Enhancement, Discovery—BSCO Makes the Magic Happen in Kindergarten

As a parent of a Kindergarten at Bonny Slope Elementary, my child has been coming home lately talking about the "really cool marble stuff."  A volunteering opportunity let me see this odd bug/bee/butterfly building.  Which, led me to discover that the four Kindergarten classes were recently each given a large marble run kit, a Mason Bee and Butterfly insect home, and (just revealed) Lego Education Kit; all of which were projects funded by BSCO.  And not without coincidence, with the BSCO Auction "teeing" off this weekend, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet with these teachers to find out more.


Paula Dell, Deb Henely, Frances Kang, and Melinda Tanner make up the Kindergarten team for our school.  They were all so happy to discuss how these gifts from BSCO really enhance their lessons and their students learning.

First up, the marble run.  This is directly related to their collaborative science unit of 'Force and Motion.’  Mrs. Tanner says she really enjoys the marble kit because it elevates their thinking.  "It's something different each day; it transfers the learning from in the book into something real for them."  Mrs. Kang adds that her students just love to "build, build, build."  They also utilize the Apple TV for videos on marble Olympics to take their creations even higher, faster, and bigger.  Mrs. Henely likes that it actually even goes beyond the science.  She notices that doing the marble (and Lego) creations together really strengthens the students' social and emotional development, while building up their use of scientific vocabulary.  She says how you can hear students taking turns, asking the "what if we do this...." questions, "let's try this idea" "oh neat I like that too."


The other new big project is the mason bee homes.  Mrs. Henely was at Costco when she spotted it, and knew it would fit well into their upcoming PYP unit.  Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Dell were excited about how the bees could help the Community Garden group that Bonny Slope has.  The teachers mentioned too, that this particular insect home has room for butterflies—which is something the first graders do, so, this project allows the students to get a little glimpse into learning that they will receive next year.  Previously, the team has studied worms and ants (thanks to Uncle Milton's ant farms); but, as Mrs. Henely pointed out, "Kids can be afraid of bees, this is a way to alleviate that fear and misunderstanding."  All of the teachers echoed that idea, of how important bees are, and how they fit in perfectly with their unit of "Sharing the Planet."

Obviously playing with marbles in class is a fun creative way to learn.  Plus getting to see bees in action outside!  But, I was curious how it came to be.  Mrs. Dell mentioned that since the Kinder team collaborates on so much, that they are always looking for how to change it up.  The other teachers quickly agreed.  She went on to say that these activities are part of the "Next Generation Science Standards.”  Mrs. Tanner added that when one teacher tries something out and it works, then they all want to do it.  Which immediately made me ask, "But how do you pay for it?"  Their instant response???? "BSCO."  

"You are our fairy princess."

The teachers were unanimous in their praise and appreciation of BSCO.  One teacher mentioned how BSCO is their go-to for funding opportunities for their classes. Mrs. Kang said, "BSCO is so supportive...always adding to what we are doing in the provides such an enhancement." "If we have a dream, if we really wish we could do something to elevate our students' learning, we go to BSCO."  "The gifts we receive from BSCO, allow us to give our students' the gift of curiosity."

Thank you for supporting BSCO and hence supporting your students!


Operation Conference and a Can - The Sequel - April 17th and April 18th

Our backpack food program is in full swing and the need continues to grow. To give our food pantry a boost, we are asking families to donate one or more of the following non-perishable items when coming to conferences. Our first round of "Conference & a Can" was super successful and we hope we surpass our goals for round 2! We often have our generous community asking what to bring. In order to make this easier for families, we would love to encourage different grade levels to bring in different items. These are the most needed items that we have decided to ask for. *Please know that you can bring in *ANYTHING* and we will be so happy.

Conference schedule requests:

K - Snacks (fruit cups, granola bars, goldfish
1 - Breakfast items (individual oatmeals, cereals)
2- Pastas/Rices/Grains
3 - Pasta Sauces (marinara, pesto, alfredo, sockarooni)
4- Canned meats (tuna, chicken) and/or canned veggies
5 - peanut butter and jelly

Thank you from the Pantry Provisions Team!

BSCO Listening Sessions - Join Us April 3rd

Mark your calendars for right after break ...please join us for one of our Listening Sessions on April 3rd. All BSE parents are invited to join a productive and friendly conversation as the current Board sits back and gathers input from other parents. 

These small group sessions are an excellent opportunity for community members to share their ideas, vent their concerns, and ask us any questions! 

There are two sessions available-- 8:30am or 7pm. Questions can be directed to Ashish Gupta (

#weareallbsco #joinus


BRILLIANT! That sums up Bonny Slope's 11th Annual Science Night!


On Friday, March 15th, over 700 of our community's brightest scientific minds congregated at Bonny Slope Elementary for a fun filled evening of hands-on science exploration and student projects. 


Throughout the hallways, cafeteria, and outside, families interacted with local scientists from 9 separate organizations.  Children molded brains with OHSU, studied the moon through Rose City Astronomer's telescope, designed and crafted Bonneville Power transmission towers, and showed their parents how to use Osmos and Ozobots at the Bonny Slope Elementary Technology tables.  Everyone also got to select crystals and fossils from the Rice Rock Museum and take home a catapult from Saturday Academy. 

Meanwhile, 125 student scientists gathered in the gym, prepared to present their Engineering Designs and Science Experiments, while proudly wearing their 'Bobcat Science Earbud Lanyards'.  Thanks to an army of volunteers, each student had the opportunity to talk to 2 reviewers, where they received positive written and verbal feedback on their projects.  The reviewers were so impressed with the student's public speaking skills and creativity!

A tremendous thank you for your generous donations to BSCO, which provided this free educational event to our community.  And a special thank you to the following:

Pizza Schmizza, Bonneville Power Administration, Bonny Slope Technology Lab, First Lego League, First Tech Challenge, OHSU Think First, Rice Museum Of Rocks And Minerals, Rose City Astronomers, Saturday Academy, Tualatin Valley Water District, Parent Volunteers, Bonny Slope Alumni Volunteers, Bonny Slope Elementary Staff, and the BSCO Science Night Leads (Brenda Mayland and Holly VanderPloeg).

How to Naturally Improve Focus, Mood, and Health - for all ages


What a great topic to tackle for the last Parent Education Night of the school year.  Dr. Tanya Hudson, Naturopath, came in to give us pointers and ideas on how create a solid foundation of health for our children (and really for ourselves too).

With the on-going snow days, it was an small group of people who came, which really enabled everyone to get very specific details and ask lots of questions -- which is really what these educational evenings are for.

Dr. Hudson has been in naturopathic medicine for twelve years, and she brought a wealth of ideas and information with her.  Above everything else she discussed, I think all there would agree, that she really wanted us to take away two key points from that evening.  One, your body has three brains (I know, craziness) - our actual brain, our heart, and our gut!  And two, proper care of those three brains is the essential foundation of everything else in life.

Dr. Hudson gave many examples about how clients who reach out to her for mental health needs, anxiety, depression, ADHD - can most often find that the root of the problem stems from an improper diet.  She, like so many other professionals, also pointed out that screen time - although it can be "irresistible" - technology has a huge impact on mental health and brain development as well.  She made sure to note that the Prefrontal Cortex of the brain continues to develop until the age of 25.  Meaning, that if our children utilize screens too much and too often, it can adversely impact their brain function later on.  One idea that she implemented is that of "Minfulness".  Creating a small amount of time to just stop and take in all that is around you.  She said that she herself enjoys hiking and time outdoors to help achieve this.

The main area everyone there was the most fascinated by was the idea of your stomach, your Gut, as being the second brain of your body.  Until recently people didn't pay much attention to their stomach, unless you had an occasional stomachache.  But Dr. Hudson argues that the vitamins and minerals needed to have the rest of our body function properly, all stems from how our stomach is being treated.  She surprised everyone by telling us that, an order of small french fries (from any restaurant) creates inflammatory mediators in the body for FIFTY-SEVEN days!  And for the many people who have Chronic Inflammation, this impacts serotonin production, which in turn, directly impacts the stomach's ability to function properly.  It also impacts the Cortisol, which is a stress hormone; which is something hardly anyone is without -- stress that is.

Dr. Hudson had so much to share and teach us with our last parent education night.  It was a fascinating topic, and a great way to end the Parent Education Series.  Thanks to the Parent Ed Team and to BSCO for providing these learning events.

Staff Appreciation Hosts Pi Day Event on 3/14

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 3.51.41 PM.png

With a nod to 3/14, let's celebrate by serving pie to our favorite Bonny Slope staff members! 

Bakers rejoice!  This is your day to roll out your grandma's famous pie dough and whip up a favorite pie. 

Shoppers rejoice!  The bakery section in your grocery store has plenty of options to choose from.  We won't judge.  Truly. 

Sign up HERE to provide a delicious pie pick-me-up to our incredible staff.

Please deliver your goodies by 9am on Thursday, March 14th to the staff lounge.

Science Night: Celebrating Student Discoveries 🔬🧪 Project Reviewers Needed

Science Night is back!  Mark your calendars!  Join us at BSE Friday 3/15 from 6-8pm for a fun filled evening of wonder and wisdom!  We are celebrating BSE student discoveries in science and engineering, and bringing inspirational Scientists from our community to share more about the real world impact they have on our lives.  Students do not need to have a science project in order to attend Science Night.  Everyone is welcome!

#sciencerocks #bsesciencenight19

Volunteers are needed to make this evening a success !  PLEASE sign up here:

Join us for Parent Ed - Wednesday at 7pm


Join us for a BSCO parent education evening with Dr. Tanya Hudson, ND this Wednesday, March 6th from 7-8:30pm in the BSE Library!

Would you like to promote the physical and mental health of your child and learn ways to prevent issues with inattention, anxiety, and sadness? Dr. Tanya Hudson, naturopathic physician, will be discussing some of the possible causes for ADHD, depression, and anxiety in children, along with helpful testing methods which allow a more targeted treatment. She will share key nutrients and foods which have helped many of her patients optimize their health over her last 12 years in practice.


Dr. Tanya Hudson, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon and owner of Hudson Naturopathic Clinic. For 12 years, she has specialized in the natural treatment of ADHD, depression, and anxiety in all ages, while addressing a myriad of other conditions, such as hormone imbalances, weight gain, GI disturbances, and sleep disorders. She utilizes scientifically researched treatments to reduce symptoms and optimize health. By forging a partnership with her patients, she can identify food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and habits which can act as roadblocks to wellbeing . Dr. Hudson is also a mom of two boys, ages 10 and 13, and loves to hike in beautiful Oregon with her family.

The Parent Education programs are a no-cost adults only series, made possible through BSCO’s annual budget and your generous Jog-a-Thon donation. Questions can be directed to