BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: March 4, 2019


In an effort to maintain transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

March Meeting-- 3/4/2019

Cruising into spring and the final months of the school year, the board has begun to prepare for the 2019-20 school year.  This includes discussing changes to the budget, identifying committee lead needs and preparing for board leadership transitions.  Both principal, Janet Maza, and assistant principal, Ali Montelongo, were present and offered feedback on the BSCO budget and gave some insight on the BSD budget challenges, likely to translate to some changes in the 2019-20 school year.  They were excited to share the outstanding final report BSE received from the IB committee. After a thorough assessment of PYP at BSE, including dialogue with community members, students and staff, the IB team applauded BSE's implementation of the International Baccalaureate elementary years education.  No "matters" were identified.

Initial discussions and inputs have started on the 2019-20 BSCO budget which will eventually go up for community vote during the final BSCO community meeting on May 21st.  President, Ashish Gupta, had the opportunity to collect input from teachers/staff members in a mid-year check-in last month. Community listening sessions planned for 4/3. The budget size for 5th grade science school will likely be scaled back, given the new non-overnight format.  The first group enjoyed their experience, attending an off-site 2-day program led by Trackers. Entirely outdoors, the 5th graders studied and witnessed beaver habitats and behaviors, as well as worked in teams to design, build and test their own structures. The board discussed funding options, including STEM related projects, technology refresh needs, library updates and emergency preparedness expansion.  The board also discussed increase to the budget for teacher grants, which often fund supplies and student enrichment which directly touch our students.

Director of Committees, Katie Kammer, shared various committee lead openings.  There are a number of opportunities for those in the community looking to contribute in a very meaningful way, including OBOB, Bobcat Trail club, Carnival and 5th grade Activities/Pancake Breakfast.  In addition to the committee lead opportunities, candidates for several board positions are needed. There are 6 members transitioning, including President, VP of Fundraising, Member at Large, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Communications.  In order to prepare for the ballot vote at the May 21st community meeting, online applications need to be submitted by 4/5. All board members may be contacted directly regarding any questions from interested candidates.

Ellen Rothery, VP of Fundraising, shared the excellent progress being made in preparation for this year's auction on April 14th.  The auction site is live. Community members can purchase tickets and grade level student/teacher experiences, as well as make donations.  The wine tasting and donation event is Friday, March 8th, at Erin's Wine Cellar.

And believe it or not, the time is near for planning end of the year classroom parties.  Directors of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland and Stephanie Wilson, will begin space planning for grade level parties.  As in years past, many grades opt for outdoor parties, using the various grassy fields and covered areas on school grounds.  

The Next Geography Club Check Day is Thursday, March 21

Study those maps with your kiddos!  Europe part 1 is coming up on March 21st.   

Fifth Grade Update: Mr. Traller and Mr. Basham’s class missed the February check day due to the Trackers Outdoor School.  We had a make-up check day the following week, but it wasn’t well communicated. (Sorry about that!)  On top of that, due to snow, Mr. Vaughn’s and Ms. Klingner’s class will miss the March check day for their turn at Trackers. Long story short, a missed check day due to 5th grade science school will not count against prizes/awards at the end of the year.  It’s a freebie!  If your child still wants to make up the missed day, they may do so on either of the two remaining check days or on the recheck day on May 30th.  

 Remaining Check Days:

Thursday, March 21—Europe Part 1
Thursday, April 25—Europe Part 2
Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania
Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day


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Join the Auction! In-person or Virtually!


Tickets to the 2019 Bonny Slope Auction are on sale now.  Don’t miss this opportunity to support the enrichment programs and community events that make Bonny Slope such a special place for our students.

Even if you can’t attend the auction event there are MANY ways for you to show your support for the BSCO programs and our school. Visit our auction website to learn more about this fundraiser and help to make an impact on BSE’s success:

  • AUCTION NIGHT EVENT TICKETS: Admission tickets on sale NOW until Thursday, April 11th. Enjoy dinner, drinks, contests, raffles, and a silent auction featuring great packages and student art.  Secure your spot in one, two, or all of our popular adult/family parties hosted by our amazing BSE families. Join the fun and make memories for years to come.

  • PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY RAFFLE: A limited number of these must-have tickets are sold for $50 each and a winner will be drawn the night of the event (need not be present to win).

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  • TEACHER EXPERIENCES:  Grab a stop for your student in one of the hugely popular grade-level parties hosted by our wonderful teachers! These are a great opportunity for students to spend time with classmates and teachers in a fun atmosphere outside of school hours.  No need to attend the auction to be mom and/or dad of the year!

  • HOST A TEACHER: Pick up an admission or two for our awesome staff members!

  • WINE WALL: Help to build our Wall of Wine and join us for a tasting at Erin’s Wine Cellar this Friday, March 8th from 6pm-8pm.

We are looking forward to a night of fun, laughs, and memories!  Join us!


Staff Appreciation Hosts Pi Day Event on 3/14

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 3.51.41 PM.png

With a nod to 3/14, let's celebrate by serving pie to our favorite Bonny Slope staff members! 

Bakers rejoice!  This is your day to roll out your grandma's famous pie dough and whip up a favorite pie. 

Shoppers rejoice!  The bakery section in your grocery store has plenty of options to choose from.  We won't judge.  Truly. 

Sign up HERE to provide a delicious pie pick-me-up to our incredible staff.

Please deliver your goodies by 9am on Thursday, March 14th to the staff lounge.

February 2019 Principal Chat... REVEALED: The Budget Bleeding Continues

Thought last month’s budget doomsday chat was no fun?  Here’s round two!

BSD Budget = Brink of Armageddon

Since our last principal chat, the projected shortfall for 2019-20 has ballooned to $35 million.  So no, parents, you are not allowed to stick your head in the sand for this one. ALL SCHOOLS will feel the pain next year.  The only question is-- how bad will it hurt?

Let’s take a look at some specifics and possible outcomes so we can all prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario:

Ballooning Deficit

Why is this shortfall getting bigger? Well, the state legislature work sessions and Beaverton School District calendars don’t quite line up.  The state won’t have their budget finalized until the summer, while Beaverton School District needs its budget completed by April.

So…. that means BSD is making its best guess on what the state contribution will be and they are erroring on this side of total epic chaos.

Class Size Increase

Bonny Slope already has some of the highest average classrooms in the district, but those could climb higher. The district has predicted 20 more students at BSE next year, but the true test will be how those numbers will be applied to each grade.

Parents should prepare themselves for the real possibility that our grades may go over 30 students per classroom. We’ve lived through that before and while not optimal, our teachers, staff, and parents have always battened down the hatches and made it work. Because that’s what educational heroes do.

However, class numbers will not be available until after contract negotiations are finalized and the state releases their budget. So… could be late summer before the picture clears.

Lose of Vice Principals

Yes, all elementary schools may lose their vice principals next year.  While a total and complete shame, Janet has previously handled being the lone administrator at Bonny Slope.

Loss of PYP

Yes, all PYP programs may get the ax.  That would eliminate both the PYP coordinator (.5 employee) and the Spanish teacher (1.0 employee), plus the additional PYP trainings needed for our teachers. Janet and all the other PYP principals have pleaded their case to the budget committee, but time will tell how the chips fall.

Is all lost? Well, not necessarily.  Other schools across the country have managed to make it work, even through these types of cuts, but it will be different and most likely, difficult, to retain our IB certification.

BSD’s STEAM programs (like Bethany Elementary) and expeditionary learning programs (like Springville) are also on the chopping block.

Change in Calendar

Nothing is off limits-- change of start date and/or end date, loss of conferences, loss of early release… We just don’t know and we won’t know for awhile.

Other Juicy Tidbits:

  • The new middle school boundaries are still up in the air.  No one, not even Janet, knows how those will shake out.

  • International Home Language Day was a huge success thanks to Jen Oordt, our PYP coordinator, and the team of dedicated parents from our Cultural Awareness Committee.  Various items and rooms are labeled throughout the building in 12 languages so check it out! International speakers and community members visited the classrooms to make it a truly inspired day.

  • March 2 is Dr. Seuss Read Across America and of course, our former secretary, Laurie Bishop, will be back to speed read Green Eggs & Ham.  And this time, it’ll be read in Spanish as well.  Side note: this already happened and while Ms. Bishop didn’t break her record, it was still a hoot.

  • Staff Appreciation boosted morale with their February smoothie deliveries.  Jamba!

And that’s a wrap!  See on you Friday, 3/22 at 2pm for the next exciting Principal Chat.  

Science Night: Celebrating Student Discoveries 🔬🧪 Project Reviewers Needed

Science Night is back!  Mark your calendars!  Join us at BSE Friday 3/15 from 6-8pm for a fun filled evening of wonder and wisdom!  We are celebrating BSE student discoveries in science and engineering, and bringing inspirational Scientists from our community to share more about the real world impact they have on our lives.  Students do not need to have a science project in order to attend Science Night.  Everyone is welcome!

#sciencerocks #bsesciencenight19

Volunteers are needed to make this evening a success !  PLEASE sign up here:

Join us for Parent Ed - Wednesday at 7pm


Join us for a BSCO parent education evening with Dr. Tanya Hudson, ND this Wednesday, March 6th from 7-8:30pm in the BSE Library!

Would you like to promote the physical and mental health of your child and learn ways to prevent issues with inattention, anxiety, and sadness? Dr. Tanya Hudson, naturopathic physician, will be discussing some of the possible causes for ADHD, depression, and anxiety in children, along with helpful testing methods which allow a more targeted treatment. She will share key nutrients and foods which have helped many of her patients optimize their health over her last 12 years in practice.


Dr. Tanya Hudson, ND, is a licensed naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon and owner of Hudson Naturopathic Clinic. For 12 years, she has specialized in the natural treatment of ADHD, depression, and anxiety in all ages, while addressing a myriad of other conditions, such as hormone imbalances, weight gain, GI disturbances, and sleep disorders. She utilizes scientifically researched treatments to reduce symptoms and optimize health. By forging a partnership with her patients, she can identify food allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and habits which can act as roadblocks to wellbeing . Dr. Hudson is also a mom of two boys, ages 10 and 13, and loves to hike in beautiful Oregon with her family.

The Parent Education programs are a no-cost adults only series, made possible through BSCO’s annual budget and your generous Jog-a-Thon donation. Questions can be directed to

Stock the Auction Wine Wall Event set for March 8th

Come join us for a fun night out and help BSCO stock the auction's Wall of Wine

Erin's Wine Cellar is hosting a wine tasting event on Friday, March 8.  There's a $10 tasting fee BUT you can use that towards any purchase of wine for our Wall of Wine.  They will also be giving you a 15% discount on your purchase.  

RSVP Here:

Call your friends to meet up for a night out or come down to make some new friends.  We have space reserved in the back room.

If you can't make it that night, The Wine Cellar will continue to collect wine and offer the discount for two weeks after the event. 

If you would like to donate wine purchased elsewhere, please email to arrange a drop off or pick up. 


"Make Way for the Nerds" OBOB Team Heads to Regionals

On February 21st the final OBOB battle was held in the school library.  The 4th grade champions "Book Buster" and 5th grade champions "Make Way for the Nerds" met in the final OBOB showdown to determine the Bonny Slope OBOB Champ and the school's representatives for the Regional OBOB tournament. 

With classmates from 4th and 5th grade watching on the edge of their seats....the tied battle was determined by the last question!!  In the end, Make Way for the Nerds was victorious and will move on the OBOB regional play March 9th. 

We wish to congratulate all the OBOB teams this year. There were a lot of very close and hard fought battles.  We had tiebreakers and challenges that determined outcomes of the was intense for the volunteers and the students!!!

To all of our AMAZING volunteers, teachers, administration and students....we thank you and appreciate all of your support! 

Let's support Make Way for the Nerds and wish them all the best in OBOB regional play.

And finally to all of our students.....some of the OBOB books for next year have been posted


The Bonny Slope Technology Lab Needs Your Extra LEGO blocks!

Our technology teacher, Ms. Sangston, has some cool ideas using Legos and robots and more...but she needs Legos!!  Any color, any size, any assortment of regular sized Legos (no Duplos) are fine. Dig through those old sets and boxes shoved in the back of your closet and see what you can spare.  Drop anything you can donate in the bin in the office.  The sooner the better as she would like to use some as part of a science night exhibit.


Questions?  Please e-mail Brenda Mayland (