Announcing: Our Winter Term Community Meeting


The Winter Community Meeting of the Bonny Slope Community Organization is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 30 at 7pm in the BSE Library, right after Janet Maza’s Principal Chat at 6pm. EVERY SINGLE PARENT at Bonny Slope is a voting member of BSCO.  All are invited and encouraged to attend.

For the first time ever, this event will be available to view LIVE on your computer or phone via Facebook Live.  (You must have a Facebook account to view). Login on Jan 30th at 7pm:

Catch up on all current BSCO business

  • Learn how to talk your kiddos about the safety drills at school

  • Hear from our teachers on their classroom innovations, funded by your generous donations!

  • BSCO’s survey results - you spoke, we’re listening.

  • Our 2018-19 financial health, new teacher grants and some good news from Matching Funds committee

  • Maker Space progress

  • Upcoming events including Pancake Breakfast, Science Night

  • Our Annual Auction!

  • Our plans to store water at BSE for emergency preparedness

  • 2018-19 Board Applications - we’re hiring! President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications, Member-at-Large are all available.

  • Open volunteer opportunities

  • And more..

Enjoy some treats and meet new people

We look forward to seeing you.  Questions regarding any of these items can be directed to Ashish Gupta (

The latest BSCO news can always be found at

Parents, Students Needed To Hold Pancake Breakfast Feb 2

The ticket pre-sales are wrapping up for this year’s major fifth grade fundraiser, Pancake Breakfast, which will be held in just one week, February 2, 2019. Tickets are still available for any Bonny Slope parents, students, or community members online or at the door!

Now our attention turns to filling in the staff to host this event. We need you, fifth grade parents and students. There are lots of slots that need to be filled if we are going to have this event next week!

  • We have no parent kitchen staff at all for the 9-11 slot, and are still missing some for the 7-9 slot as well.

  • We need students to provide customer support and act as runners to the kitchen.

  • We are missing students for ticket tables.

  • We need griddles! Hey, we are only borrowing them. We’ll give them back. We promise.

  • We need parents willing to stay for a short while afterward and help clean up.

The bottom line: these roles are critical to pulling off a successful event, raising money to send your child to Science School and host other fifth grade activities.

As of this writing, there are 38 parent volunteers for 65 slots, and 96 student volunteers for 121 slots. Parents, we especially need you! If your child needs to be there anyway, hang around, cook some pancakes, and have some fun! 😀

Sign up for a slot today!

How Technology Can Impact Our Children

On Wednesday, January 16th, about two dozen family members came to take part in BSCO’s free Parent Education series. Shawn Marshall of the Children’s Program provided insight into what technology can bring and do for our children.  Obviously technology is all around us and our kids, so it was great to hear a professional's insight on how to best utilize, incorporate, and understand technology. 


Mr. Marshall provided some statistics from various sources, one including the American Academy of Pediatrics, about how much time children use technology; and what that amount really should be.  (Here is a link to more details from the AAP - )   He also spoke at great length about how technology, social media usages, and video games are having a direct impact of our teenagers and their level of happiness.

Mr. Marshall closed the evening with providing everyone a hand out about his recommendations for screen usage at home.  For those of you unable to attend, here are some of the highlights: 

  • Have clearly definite WRITTEN rules for your children's electronic usage.  He points out that it is essential to have it written out so that way it is clear for everyone to remember

  • Have set limits of the amount of screen time

  • Allow for set chunks of time each day without electronics ( he mentioned that waking up and at least an hour before bed are good ways to start).  And to also have 1-2 days a week with no devices at all

  • Keep electronics out of the children's rooms at night

  • Role model appropriate screen usage and aim for a balance.  Technology isn't necessarily a bad thing

  • DO NOT treat electrics as a reward and be careful with removing it as a punishment.  The less you make it look like a prize to be had, the better

  • Try doing the apps/games with your child, so you can better understand what it is that they are doing.  It also is a way to be involved and share in an activity

iPhones are such a new commodity that there isn't a lot of solid research yet on the pros and cons of long-term daily usage of technology on our children's brains.  Mr. Marshall also suggested utilizing Common Sense Media as a resource for parents and families; to better know the specific structure needed for each individual family.

Artist in Residence Details!


The 2018-2019 Artist In Residence is with SCRAP PDX.  The residency will run from February 4th – March 7th and provide education on art techniques using recycled/upcycled materials. It’s all about creative reuse! K and 1st will learn how to make origami using maps, 2nd– 4th will focus on paper sculptures with a diverse collection of materials and 5th will be trained in the technique of screen printing using old text pages and sheet music. Each element will have a literary theme and together will be showcased in our school’s library. 

Please join us as an artist volunteer! Join your student’s classroom as they participate in the art lessons and work with the SCRAP PDX team. There are (2) 45 min classroom lessons. Volunteers are needed for 60 mins to help with set up. 

Volunteer signup can be found here:


Can’t volunteer but want to help?  Donate an old button down shirt or adult sized tee-shirt that BSCO can use across all of our arts programs including Art Lit. A donation box will be in the office.

We appreciate the support from our BSE community to continue this program and to bring the arts into the classroom. 

If you have any questions about the BSCO Artist in residence program contact:

The Next Geography Club Check Day is Thursday, January 31

Geo Club Check Day is a fun, low stress way to introduce your student to maps and geography.  Geography club has five different levels to study. Levels 1-5, you and your student select the number of levels that work for you.  Your fifth grader only wants to do one level?  Great, at least you got them to look at a map.  Your first grader wants to tackle it all? Levels 1-5 please! We are happy to see students of all levels give it a try.  We will greet them with smiling faces and of course we have stickers for all. Encourage your kiddo to give it a try.   

Visit the Geo Club webpage if you need to download maps!

Remaining Check Days:

  • Thursday, January 31-- Africa Part 1

  • Thursday, February 28—Africa Part 2

  • Thursday, March 21—Europe Part 1

  • Thursday, April 25—Europe Part 2

  • Thursday, May 23—Australia & Oceania

  • Thursday, May 30—Recheck Day


Please see our FAQ page or email



BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: December 3, 2018 and January 7, 2019


In an effort to maintain transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

December and January Meetings-- 12/3/2018 and 1/7/2019

On Monday, January 7th, the board gathered for their first meeting since winter break and to prepare for the 2nd of 3 community meetings on Wednesday, January 30th.  Treasurer, Melissa Gatchell was unable to attend. Prior to winter break, the board met on Monday, December 3rd. Principal, Janet Maza, and Assistant Principal, Ali Montelongo, joined as guests.

After budgeting to boost BSE's Emergency Preparedness using carry over funds, the board made meaningful progress researching and selecting water storage drums and working with Steve Sparks on where the barrels should be located on school grounds.  5 55-gallon barrels were purchased and delivered, along with water treatment and siphon kits. As suggested by Steve, the board agreed to also purchase a locked storage shed, which will contain the 5 barrels once filled. The board discussed ongoing work needed in coming years to build out BSE's emergency preparedness.  Assuming a recommended gallon per day per person, it is clear that the 5 barrels are just a start to equipping BSE for a natural disaster or emergency situation.

Ashish shared gratitude from 1st grade teacher, Bitsy Parks, who has utilized teacher funds to go mobile in her classroom.  Mrs. Parks' new mobile desk and ipad stand enables her to teach and support her students even more effectively by being able to easily move her instructional tools throughout the classroom and from student to student.  Other community dollars at work include another year of coding classes provided to our students in November-December by Saturday Academy. Technology Specialist, Andrea Sangston, has been able to begin outfitting a makers space for BSE.  And, for fun, all classrooms were treated to winter parties, led by classroom party coordinators and supported by many volunteers.

Outside of sustaining the many enriching school programs, the upcoming auction fundraiser prompted a brainstorm of school projects which would require 2019-20 budget.  Ellen Rothery, VP of Fundraising, reminded the board that a paddle raise for a big ticket item or project is not planned, because this year's budget is already short to balancing by nearly $60k.  Amongst the ideas discussed by the board included international mindedness or country books titles for the library, gymnasium speaker/audio improvement, ongoing maker space buildout, cellular phone coverage improvement inside the building and emergency preparedness.  In December, both Janet Maza and Ali Montelongo were present to hear the ideas and participate in the brainstorm. With winter break now behind us, the auction committee and those interested in contributing will kick off meetings on Wednesday, January 9th. Amongst a variety of different ways to get involved, there are opportunities to lead grade-level student art and adult/teacher party coordination.  This year's auction will be held at Top Golf on Sunday, April 14th at 5pm. Mark your calendars for this adults-only, informal community event.

At the January board meeting, Josh Resch, Director of Communications, shared a detailed map of the registered carrier cell towers within a 1-2 mile radius of BSE.  There is currently one located 0.8 miles from BSE and no others within a 2 mile radius. The residential zoning, in which BSE is located, means strict requirements for unobtrusive tower structures and challenges for the carriers to enable better coverage in the area.  Josh presented bidirectional amplifier options which could boost the signal within the building. In addition to the funding needed for these amplifiers, install is a long lead item, as it would require a FIP approved by BSD. Tested by board members, wifi calling is an effective alternative for those with phones which have the capability.  A blog post is in the works to share instructions and tips for community members who visit the school often.

Katie Kammer, Director of Committees, reported on the accomplishments and progress of a number of committees in full swing, inclusive of OBOB, Pancake Breakfast and Science Night.  The Science Night materials were distributed via Friday folders on January 11th. Every student is invited to share his/her experiment or engineering design and a number of STEM vendors are expected to provide the entire community an evening of science inquiry and fun.  This year’s Science Night is Friday, March 15th, 6-8pm. As in previous years, the 5th graders will host a pancake breakfast at BSE on Saturday, February 2nd. This fundraiser supports 5th grade activities, inclusive of a Science School which this year will be run by Trackers Earth over 2 consecutive days.  5th graders have tickets for sale now and are excited to greet, seat and serve their guests in a few weeks. The Community Outreach team continues to make a difference for the BSE community and more broadly, partnering with local non for profit organizations. In December, backpacks containing non-perishable foods generously donated by our community benefited our own BSE families in need.  

In December, Treasurer, Melissa Gatchell, reviewed the budget, YTD spending and current/projected reserves.  Benevity, which is the corporate matching program for monetary donations and volunteer hours, continues to deliver a meaningful amount of money for BSCO.  The community is invited to view the current financials here.

Calling Sponsors for Bonny Slope’s 2019 Auction!

Parents, do you own or work for a local business?  Do you love Bonny Slope and all the great programs BSCO provides?  Are you aware of the 20+ enrichment programs that are solely funded by the Bonny Slope Community Organization (BSCO) which impact your student on a daily basis?  Do you want tickets to the fun that is the 2019 Bonny Slope Auction? If you answered yes, then we should talk!


Sponsoring the auction can be done through a variety of TAX DEDUCTIBLE commitment levels.  For more information on all of the options, check out this link or contact

Note: Auction information can be found on the Fundraising Page.

Pancake Breakfast Tickets Now On Sale

Our annual Pancake Breakfast is approaching fast. We would like to invite you all to come enjoy the good food. Make sure to be there:


This week fifth graders were sent home with tickets to sell. You can purchase your tickets from your local, neighborhood fifth grader or online! Seating & serving will be done by our fifth graders as well.

It is a great deal when you buy early, don’t miss out:

  • $5 per PERSON or $20 per FAMILY (max 6 people) when tickets are bought in advance

  • $7 per PERSON or $25 per FAMILY at the door on the day of the event on Feb 2nd

Remember, it goes to a great cause: fifth grade activities! Pancake Breakfast helps pay for a two-day science school field trip to study ecology and learn to build like the beavers do.

Finally, fifth graders and parents: please sign up for your time slot now to get the best choice! It is expected that all fifth graders and their parents will participate:

Science Night Returns March 15

2019 Color Science Night Poster_03.png

Please take look at your child's Friday Folder, because in it contains an invitation and information booklet for Bonny Slope's Science Night on Friday, March 15th!  

Science Night is an annual family-friendly BSCO event held at Bonny Slope Elementary.  This fun filled evening of hands-on science exploration and science projects includes:

  1. Maker Spaces – DIY areas for students to create, invent and learn

  2. Presentations and Demonstrations – A showcase of local science organizations/vendors using science in the real world

  3.  Student Science Experiments and Engineering Designs

This year’s Science Night will take place Friday, March 15 from 6:00 – 8:00pm free of charge!  This event is brought to you by your generous BSCO donations. 

Please note - Students do not need to have a science project in order to attend Science Night.  Everyone is welcome!

But all Bonny Slope Kindergarten – 5th Graders are invited to participate in creating and presenting a science project at Science Night.  Please don’t think your Kindy/1st Grader is too young, their projects are such crowd pleasers! Science projects are done at home and the display boards are brought to school for Science Night.  There are two type of projects your student can choose from:

  1. Science Experiment

  2. Engineering Design

If your student is interested in doing a project, please visit the Science Night BSCO site for How To documents, project ideas, and pictures of past projects.

Once your student has decided on a project, please submit an online entry form located on the BSCO website at

If you have any questions about Science Night, please let us know!

OBOB Update January 2019

Students have been working hard with their teams to read books, practice questions and prepare for the OBOB battles to begin. The last tactic session will be held during recess on Tuesday, January 15th. During tactic sessions students have completed team challenges to increase their OBOB knowledge, learn teamwork skills and earn raffle tickets for the prize giveaway to be held at the school championship OBOB final in February.

A big thank you to students and parents for completing all the needed paperwork, forming teams and getting OBOB off to a smooth start this year.

Some reminder for students:

  • Continue to read and practice as much as you can

  • Work with you team to decide on your spokesperson and practice for the battles

  • If you need questions, look for copies in the school library on the OBOB shelf.  You may also find them online

  • Have fun with your team and enjoy the reading and competition!

The general OBOB schedule has been set and team battles will be released after the final tactic session.  Students may check the OBOB bulletin board or the OBOB website for a listing of upcoming battles.

Parents, we will need your help starting January 22nd for pool play battles.  Volunteers are needed for moderators, timekeepers and scorekeepers. You do not need prior OBOB experience and we will teach you what to do!  There will be 2 battles each day per grade level between 10:50 and 12:10 each day through February 1st. We will be sending sign-ups shortly!