The volunteers at Bonny Slope who contribute their time and talent make a significant difference to our students. Whether a parent, grandparent, neighbor or friend, when you volunteer at Bonny Slope you become part of the community. No amount of time is ever too small – we need you!

Steps to Volunteer

  1. Fill out a parent application. Follow the steps to create a username, password and profile. This includes the background check the District requires. Not a parent but still want to volunteer? Fill out a community member application.

  2. Each year -- Set your interests so you can be contacted. Log into myvolunteerpage.com (mVP) and select My Profile --> Interests and choose as many options as you want. Marking an interest doesn’t commit you, but it will keep you updated on opportunities. If you're a returning parent, note that MVP deletes your interests every year, so you have to manually update them every year.

  3. Volunteer! Log into myvolunteerpage.com (mVP) to see opportunities and sign-up. Some opportunities listed below.

  4. Read the Volunteer Handbook and choose from opportunities below or in mVP.

Returning to Bonny Slope? Please update your mVP profile via these instructions (UPDATED August 2018).

The BSCO organizes and oversees all volunteer efforts at Bonny Slope.  We need volunteers to assist students and teachers in the classrooms and our school library as well as volunteers to help with school-wide programs.

Questions? Email our Volunteer Coordinators.

Current Opportunities

There are always opportunities to volunteer. Both BSCO events and classroom opportunities are available. Please go to myvolunteerpage.com to view the following sign-ups on the front page of your profile, under Bonny Slope News.

  • Classroom Party Coordinators

  • Library Helpers

  • Geography Club Helpers

  • Classroom Opportunities --> Check with your classroom coordinator

  • Cultural Richness Committee 

    • Check out their webpage here to see all the projects our Cultural Richness Committee is leading to help increase cultural awareness and understanding in our school!

    • If interested in helping out, make sure to update your profile in mVP and select Cultural Enrichment Committee as a general interest!

  • Monster Mash

    • Looking for someone to co-lead the trick or treating part of the MM with a person who has already agreed to help with that.

    • Additional hands would be greatly appreciated.

  • Art Literacy

    • Art Lit is looking for class volunteers/ coordinators. Sign up sheets will be provided in each classroom. There are 6 lessons a year and the volunteers would coordinate with the teacher when their lesson would be. Training and materials will be provided.

  • Garden

    • Fall is a great time to get involved in the Bonny Slope Garden. Cool weather crops like lettuce, kale, beets and carrots can be planted for harvest in the fall and garlic, leeks and onions are planted now for harvest in early spring. Christine Hyatt would love to invite any families who would like to get more involved to email her (christine@cheese-chick.com).

  • Walk to School

    • On October 10

    • Need 12 volunteers minimum to walk and guide the troops. All they need to do is: arrive early, wear a safety jacket, hold on to a sign and welcome all children and families. Than they walk the route to school and make sure all kids arrive save on the field. It's a great opportunity to see who's actually living in your area.

    • I need 4 volunteers at the school to welcome the walkers and hand them a fresh apple.

    • This is a perfect volunteering opportunity that is finished before 8:40 and includes your-daily-30-minute-being-active-outdoor.

Look for these sign-up links on myvolunteerpage.com (redirects to betterimpact.com)