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Oregon Battle of the Books

Candy Readers Enjoy an Amazing OBOB Run


March 22, 2018


Parents, siblings, Principal Maza, Mr. Traller and Aparna Srinivasan showed up at Pilgrim Lutheran to support Bonny Slope OBOB school champion and fifth grade team Candy Readers at the OBOB mini regional on Saturday, March 17.

The day started with two rounds of pool play against Fir Grove Elementary and Hazeldale Elementary, both of which Candy Readers won by a wide margin.  Since there were 22 teams at the mini regional, only eight (8) teams advanced into single elimination battles. 

The Candy Readers faced Raleigh Park Elementary in the Elite 8 play-off and defeated their opponent by a healthy lead.  But in the end, Bonny Slope's Candy Readers lost by 1-point to a well-prepared team of 3rd graders from Findley Elementary in the semi-final.

Hope Chinese Charter School, a newbie to OBOB, won the mini regional and will advance to the State Tournament. For Bonny Slope, there's always next year...

Congratulations Candy Readers and thank you to all volunteers and staff involved in a wonderful OBOB year!


Candy Readers represent BSE at Regional OBOB March 17!

Good luck to the Candy Readers in representing Bonny Slope Elementary School on March 17!


Battle Schedules - February 9th Update

We are down to the top 5th and 4th grade teams who will battle on Monday in the Library.  The winner will represent Bonny Slope Elementary at the Regional Tournament on March 17 at Pilgrim Lutheran School in Beaverton.


Candy Readers vs. The Joyful Purple Fire Breathing Hawaiian Dogs



The bracket outcomes can be seen here and the scoresheets can be seen here.


Good luck in the battles on Monday, and have a great weekend!

Battle Schedules - February 7th Update

The winning teams on Thursday advance to the Grades Final on Friday, February 9.  


The School Championship is on Monday, February 12.


Parents can also see the bracketed play at this link on the "Team Scores" tab:



Team scoresheet can be "viewed only" at this folder:  




Battle Schedules - February 1st Update

February 2018







Moderator:  Aparna

Moderator:  Barbara

4th Grade Battle Room

(11:50AM): Taylor/Oordt

4th Grade Battle Room

(11:50AM): Taylor/Oordt

Winged Reading Warriors vs. The Joyfull Purple Fire Breathing Hawaiian Dogs

Make Way for the Nerds vs. The Grim Readers

5th Grade Battle Room

(10:50AM): Traller

5th Grade Battle Room

(10:50AM): Traller

Fire Breathing Dragons vs. B.R.U.P.P.

Magical Panda vs. Librotina

Moderator:  Ann Davis

Moderator:  Sivagini

4th Grade Battle Room

(11:50AM): Watz

4th Grade Battle Room

(11:50AM): Watz

Word Wizards vs. Smarties

Thunder and Lightning vs. Bobcat Bookworms

5th Grade Battle Room

(10:50AM): Vaughn

5th Grade Battle Room

(10:50AM): Vaughn

Candy Readers vs. Book Busters

the aqua polka dotted yellow striped sea turtles [eating lollipop flavored cupcakes] vs. Rainbow Alpaca Dinocornzzzz

Battle Scores and Battle FAQs - January 25th Update

OBOB teams, read your Battle FAQs so you know the rules before your battle.  We have a short time (less than 20 minutes) for battles so time spent answering questions about battle rules means we will not be able to finish your battle as everyone must leave for lunch at 11:10 am (for 5th graders) and 12:10 pm (for 4th graders).  

4th grade team:  remind your Specials teachers that you have an OBOB battle so you can be released early enough to get to the battle room on time.  4th grade battles start at 11:50 am and 5th grade battles start at 10:50 am.

We will be posting scores at the end of each battle day, located in the first tab (Team Scores) of the Global Study Guide.  Scores are sorted by grade, then alphabetical team name.  

Re-read the books.  Write your own questions and submit them.  Verify existing ones in the Global Study Guide!

Battle Schedules - January 18th Update


Keep Calm and Battle of the Books.png

Tactic Session #4 - January 12th Update

Visit the Cedar Mill Library OBOB page (http://library.cedarmill.org/kids/obob/) for 20 Sets of practice questions.  Invite another team to do a practice mock battle using these questions. 

Handout: Review the OBOB Battle FAQs

Schedule Updates:

  • The last Tactic Session Meeting will be Friday, January 19 during lunch recess in Ms. Watz and Mr. Traller's classrooms
  • Battles start on January 23, 2018!

New Requirement - January 8th

We still have a lot of missing information about parent contact, teammates and/or student information as a result of illegible handwriting or missing forms.  To make this easier for all involved (and to reduce paper waste), we are requiring that all parents with students participating in OBOB confirm their child's intent to participate in OBOB battles by filling out a short google form at this link.

So that we can confirm participants and populate the battle schedule, the form will stop collecting information on January 17, 2018.  Any student who has not filled out a form will not be able to participate in a battle, which begins on January 23.  

OBOB Needs Moderators!

BSE's Oregon Battle of the Books needs volunteers for success!  OBOB is in need of two moderators per day who will commit to being at the school between 10:40AM-12:20PM.  Each moderator will moderate one 4th grade battle that begins at 11:50AM and the 5th grade battle at 10:50AM.  Parents can volunteer by emailing obob@bonnyslopebsco.org.

Tactic Session #3 - December 19th

Handouts included this session:

The next three tactic sessions are on January 5, 12, and 19, 2018.  During those sessions, we will go over battle rules, battle code of conduct and maybe a mock battle.

The first battle takes place on January 23, 2018.

OBOB Update - December 14th Update

OBOB Teams,

We have many teams who are missing team member information.  A roster is posted on the OBOB wall outside of the Library with teams that have incomplete information.  Any names with a yellow highlight means that we do not have your team contract and/or parent permission form.  In order to compete in the battles that begin in January, we must have all forms turned.

Tactic Session #3 is next week, Tuesday December 19 during 4th and 5th grade lunches.  Remind your teachers if they forget to release you.  Since many students missed the OBOB Title and Author Quiz at the last Tactic Session #2 due to substitute teachers etc., everyone will have another chance to earn an extra ticket in the raffle for an OBOB book by getting 8 correct answers on the OBOB Title and Author Quiz.  Sixteen (16) lucky winners will take home an OBOB book before winter break.

After tactic session #3, check the BSCO OBOB page for links to the Global Study Guide, the handouts given during the next session, as well as the battle schedule for Jan-Feb 2018.

Tactic Session #2 - Dec 7

Handouts included this session:

The next Tactic Session will be Tuesday, December 19.

Tactic Session #1 - Nov 27

You may have heard from your child about the first tactic session meeting on Monday, November 27. Although it was a short meeting during recess, we covered a lot of information.  Please review the information with your kiddo(s) at home just in case they missed the Tactic Session meeting.

Handouts included:

Next Tactic Session meeting is on December 7.  There will be a flash quiz on OBOB authors and title. 12 correct answers gets a ticket in the raffle for a current OBOB book during the Tactic Session meeting on December 19.

General Information

Check out this cool website with homemade movie "trailers" of this year's OBOB titles.  Most are less than two minutes long.  


It’s here... Bonny Slope’s Oregon Battle of the Books!!!  OBOB kicked off on Tuesday, October 31 during a meeting in the cafeteria with 4th and 5th graders, where students received information about the program and how to register.

This fun reading incentive program is completely optional for fourth and fifth graders.   Students will participate on their own time and will commit to their team by reading at least five books from the OBOB list.

Students who want to participate must fill out the Parent Permission Form and Team Contract. Students can form their own team or allow the OBOB committee in conjunction with 4th and 5th grade teachers to place them into a team. Registration closes on Monday, 11/27.

We are also looking for volunteers to help make OBOB a more meaningful experience for the students. Let us know how you can help by filling out this form.  The first tactic session is quickly approaching (the week after Thanksgiving break), and we will need your help with organizing the tactic session, running battles etc.

Questions can be directed to obob@bonnyslopebsco.org

OBOB is sponsored by the Bonny Slope Community Organization and is organized by parent volunteers.

Things you may need to do battle:


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