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The Bonny Slope Community Organization, or BSCO, is the parent-teacher organization at Bonny Slope Elementary School. As a parent or guardian of a child at Bonny Slope, you are automatically a member of the BSCO. With the goal of enhancing the educational experience of Bonny Slope students, the BSCO coordinates volunteer efforts, community events, educational enhancement and fundraising.


  1. As a parent or guardian you are automatically signed up for the School newsletter, Paw Prints.  You will also receive the BSCO newsletter in alternating weeks.  If you want to be e-mailed the moment a new story is posted, fill out the subscription box at the bottom of this page.
  2. LIKE and FOLLOW the BSCO Facebook Page
  3. If you have an Instagram account, FOLLOW bsco_bonnyslope
  4. Fill out parent application to ensure you can volunteer and attend events at school.  Parents and guardians are not allowed to volunteer unless they complete these steps. If you can volunteer, be sure to check off interests in your Profile so you can be contacted.
  5. Check out available volunteer opportunities.
  6. Attend a friendly BSCO Community Meeting to see what's happening.  Check out our calendar to find out when the next event is.

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