Let There Be Light!

Bonny Slope’s 28 classroom and specialist projectors received a complete overhaul and technological upgrade this school year, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our BSCO donors and the time and patience of our BSE technology team.

2008 Technology

Like your computer, projectors have a useful life and then need to be replaced. Our Bonny Slope classroom projectors, installed by the Beaverton School District when the school opened ten years ago, are no exception.  

The District went through a lot of expense to install them. They ran cabling through the floors and walls of the classrooms and down through the ceiling tiles. This connected the document projectors and teacher computers to the projector, which was the standard at the time. They installed electrical outlets right by the projectors as well.

The District even anticipated that these connectors would change. While expensive, the ends of the cabling could be swapped for other types of connectors. The installed connectors were VGA, the same connectors populating every conference room in the United States and the standard on every projector at the time. But they knew the standard would change and anticipated that.

Problems Develop

Time passes and technology ages. In some classes, the projection was too weak to be seen with the lights on.  In others, the projected image had a sickly pink hue or the projectors were installed too close to the screen, causing the projected images to take up a tiny portion of the available space.

While all the cables still exist and work, the District could not have predicted that we would not need cables at all. iPads, which weren’t even invented at the time the projectors were installed, could wirelessly stream to new projectors with the help of a simple and relatively inexpensive Apple TV, which was announced while Bonny Slope was being built.

Funding a Solution

Last spring, your BSCO Board was looking for a special project for the next school year. The projector in the gym, a major project that the District was intimately involved with, was finally in and a success. The logical successor was the classroom projectors.

Funding for this classroom projector upgrade was approved at the May 2017 community meeting.  The Board handed the project to Elia Freedman, a BSE parent and BSCO’s technology advisor.

“I knew nothing about projectors,” said Freedman, who has served as BSCO’s tech advisor for the past six school years. “But I learned quickly and identified a few models that might work amongst what seemed like thousands of available models. While I didn’t know projectors, I did understand what the teachers needed, where the old ones fell down, and what was possible now that we had iPads everywhere in the school.”

Starting Small

It was important to start slowly. After all, each projector could be a thousand dollars and mistakes would cost BSCO a lot of money. Freedman teamed up with Jacob Whitehead, Bonny Slope’s physical education teacher.

“We identified two teachers, Mr. Basham and Mr. Traller, who were technology savvy,” continued Freedman. “We also wanted two teachers next to each other to make sure the Apple TVs didn’t interfere with each other. We bought two projectors, supplied by BenQ, and two Apple TVs.

“We successfully avoided a lengthy install time and process with the District as we were able to reuse the posts already installed. Doug McNeill and Teresa Klassy [BSD’s technology support specialists] set up the devices, and then we gave the teachers time to play with them to make sure these were the right ones and that all the technology would play nice together.”

Two weeks before winter break, the experiment was deemed successful.  “We had a sense that these projectors were capable and bought additional cabling to hook up the existing classroom speakers to the projectors as well,” Freedman shared.

After winter break, projectors, Apple TVs, and cables were ordered. As of this writing only a few remain to be received and installed.


Huge Classroom Advantages

This new wireless set-up comes with some incredible advantages.  A teacher can move around the classroom with just an iPad, send video from his or her own laptop, and the class could see it even with the lights on and hear it without issue. Students can also send to the projector from their Chromebooks and iPads.

Another benefit: the cost was low enough that BSCO could outfit the entire school, including specialists, with new projectors within the allotted budget. What was originally considered a two year process to replace all projectors became a single year project instead.

“Teachers I have talked to are loving how bright they are and the ability to present wirelessly while moving around their room,” said Jacob Whitehead. “They are even jamming out during brain boosts with their RedCat hooked into the projector for audio.”

Of course with new technology comes new possibility. With the confluence of these new projectors, the Apple TVs, MacBooks, iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom, much of which has been supplied with BSCO dollars over the past six years, our teachers are able to do new and interesting things in the classroom that would not have been possible without your BSCO donations.

 Ms. Vanier uses her ipad and Apple TV to project student work on to the new projector. the image is so bright, teachers no longer need to turn off their lights .

Ms. Vanier uses her ipad and Apple TV to project student work on to the new projector. the image is so bright, teachers no longer need to turn off their lights .

Thursday, April 26th is the Next Geography Club Check Day

Study up, Europe Part 2 is the next map.  Maps can be printed at home using the following link:

Sign-up genius for volunteering:

Remaining Geography Club Check Days

  • Thursday, April 26—Europe Part 2
  • Thursday, May 24—Australia & Oceania
  • Thursday, May 31—Recheck Day

If you missed a month you can recheck on May 31st or any of the above regular check days.

Questions? geoclub@bonnyslopebsco.org


March 2018 Principal Chat: Cedar Park Awaits

Our March Principal Chat featured special guest, Cedar Park principal, Dr. Shannon Anderson, who came to provide the scoop about big, scary middle school.  Dr. Anderson has been taking her show on the road to the various feeder elementary schools to better engage with upcoming parents.

So.  Middle school. The first thing to realize is that having a child move onto middle school is like reliving the first day of kindergarten. All the same fears apply-- Do they know where the bathroom is?  Will bullies be mean to them? How will they get to the bus?

Sadly, those fears are exponentially amplified because clearly public middle schools are cesspools of hormones, online bullying, drugs, and toxic friendships.  I mean… amiright??

To keep this conversation moving, let’s switch to a quick and dirty FAQ to answer everyone’s burning questions and give some factual answers.

How big is Cedar Park?  Like 6000 kids, right?

Cedar Park hovers around 1000 students. There are seven feeder elementary schools– Bonny Slope, Cedar Mill, Terra Linda, William Walker, West TV, Ridgewood, and a portion of Raleigh Park.  Bonny Slope is the largest feeder school, with nearly 200 more total students than any other school that feeds into CPMS. Next year’s numbers have similar projections for CPMS, even with the loss of sixth grade Summa next year.

How does CPMS roll out the welcome wagon?  

Cedar Park will host a “Wolf Day” in mid to late August, prior to school starting.  Students and parents will get schedules, have pictures taken, and have an opportunity to purchase prepackaged school supplies, PE shirts, etc, which makes back to school sooooo much easier. Seventh and eighth graders will be issued chromebooks, but sixth graders won’t get theirs until the third or fourth week of school.  

Helpful hint: Complete your student enrollment forms and pre-purchase your chromebook insurance and school supplies ONLINE AT HOME BEFORE COMING.  See section on Parentvue below.

CPMS also holds a new student picnic, usually the week before school starts.  WEB leaders (eighth grade leadership program) will be on hand to give student tours.  Now that your precious hooligan has their schedule, they can quite literally practice walking to and from each class, plus find the bathroom.

The first day of school, Monday, 8/27/18, will be sixth graders only. They better enjoy the back of the bus because they won’t be sitting that far back for awhile. The sixth graders are divided into small groups and the WEB leaders lead them through various ice breakers and whatnot (middle school awkwardness at its finest).  They go to each class on a shortened schedule & basically get the lay of the land before Day 2, which is the entire school.

Will my sweet cherub be in any proximity to those terrifying man-childs called eighth graders?  They all look 18.

Well, your sixth grader will be on the bus with eighth graders.  However, once at school, the sixth grade has their own hallway that’s home to most of their core classrooms and their lockers. Also, all the grades have separate bell schedules, so they will not cross paths with older students while switching classes.  However, their advisory group is mixed ages, so there will be seventh and eighth graders there.

Advisory. Riiiight…. tell me again, now… that’s like their homeroom?

Yes, you could say that.  Advisory meets for 25 minutes twice a week.  They will have the SAME ADVISORY for all three years at Cedar Park, which gives kids a chance to build a years-long relationship with a faculty member.  All teachers, admins, and counselors have advisory groups, which keeps the groups as small as possible.

But what do they DO in advisory, you ask?  Eh, a variety of things. Announcements, service projects, group discussion… depends on the teacher.  Dr. Anderson admits that CPMS’s advisory program is a work in progress and is looking to next year to make even more improvements.

So, what’s the deal with AVID? Is it a class?  Is it a binder? Is it a study hall?

Yes, let’s chat AVID.  First and foremost, AVID is a collection of teaching strategies that all Cedar Park teachers are trained to implement in their classrooms.  BSD has a very nice little recap here. In a nutshell, AVID in the classroom promotes collaborative, subject-specific learning groups, the inquiry method, and using writing as a learning tool (just google it). Examples include the Socratic seminar and teaching how to take standardized notes. These strategies should be seen across ALL classrooms at CPMS.

That gigantic AVID binder that you’ve heard your neighbors complain about?  That’s an organizational tool to help students maintain notes and school work IN ONE PLACE. There’s an ENTIRE AVID SYSTEM AND METHODOLOGY to that THREE INCH binder (which could easily be confused with a small briefcase or a booster seat).  As new sixth grade parents, you will most likely be shocked at its size and baffled by the table of contents system. Just roll with it, buy lots of tape, and get the zippered binder, if possible.

The AVID elective is a specific program that is meant to target students who would be the first in their families to attend college. This AVID class is an extra support system for those students to thrive and excel on their way to college admission. Students must apply and be accepted into this program.

The AVID program is popular throughout the area school districts, including Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard-Tualatin, and North Clackamas.

What does a typical sixth grade schedule look like?  Will my baby be confused?

Understanding the nuances of a middle school calendar is insanely tedious. In the spirit of brevity, here are sixth grade class schedules, broken down into a very nice bullet point list.  

  • Cedar Park students have a daily block schedule of their three core classes – humanities, math, and science.  Depending on the day, core classes run anywhere from 64 minutes to 86 minutes.

  • A student has a total of four elective periods (two each day, alternating days).  Two of them will be filled with PE and Spanish. That leaves two “open” electives for a student to choose. Electives are between 32 to 43 minutes long.

Now, here’s where it gets complicated.

  • If a student chooses band or choir as their elective, currently those teachers require students to meet every day, essentially filling both open elective periods.

  • If a child chooses art or drama, that leaves one more free elective.  Some students choose to do both art and drama, while others opt for an enrichment class.  Enrichment classes are pass/fail and are meant to be more hands-on exploring and an extension of science and math. 

  • If a child is referred to intervention services, AVID, or ESL services, those classes take the place of one of the free electives.

So!  Still with us?  In a typical day, a CPMS student will have three core classes and two electives (with the electives being half the duration of one core class).  Here’s the current CPMS schedule.

Ummm… still confused.  Why do these class durations change day to day?  Shouldn’t they all be the same?

Every Wednesday is early release, so all classes are shortened on Wednesday. Advisory meets every Thursday and Friday mornings, which also shortens the rest of the schedule.  

What math do sixth graders take?

Awesome question.  The majority of sixth graders begin in Math 6-7 (also known as Accelerated 6).  That means they will work through all the sixth grade targets and as many seventh grade targets as they can in the school year.  A smaller group may begin in Math 6-7-8, which is ALL the middle school math targets through eighth grade (and is what all Summa sixth graders take).

Can I just tell you to put my child in the highest math possible? I’m sure she can handle it.

Nope!  All students were invited to take a math placement test if they’d like to be considered for Math 6-7-8.  That info has already been sent to fifth grade families. 

I’d like to stalk my child’s homework assignments online.  What are my options?

Well, you actually have two options to circle the cyber parenting helicopter– Parentvue and Canvas.

First, is Parentvue, which allows you to view your child’s grades and report cards.  This is where you fill out the student enrollment forms as well. And because we’re so helpful…

Setting Up Your ParentVue Account (Activation key code needed from school)  

The second branch of Parentvue allows you to make payments online, which is INCREDIBLY HELPFUL for Wolf Day.  Because nothing in life can be easy, this payment portal (also through Parentvue) requires a DIFFERENT password than the one you use to view grades.  WHY IN THE LOVE????? (raises fist and screams to sky)

Making Online Payments via ParentVue You’re welcome.

Canvas is BSD’s online learning management system, used by many (but not all) Cedar Park teachers.  Parentvue will give you grades and general overview. Canvas will show you the nitty gritty details– every single assignment, teacher comments, due dates, etc.  

Canvas for Parents…. because mama’s always watching.

Can I still volunteer and stalk my child in person?

Absolutely, though middle school volunteering has a totally different look and feel than elementary.  Say goodbye to the cutesy little cutouts and gluing together 30 student-made calendars. There are simply not as many opportunities within the classroom.

However, some familiar options remain– Art Lit (one project per year), Media Center (checking out books), book fair, OBOB, and staff appreciation to name a few.  Individual teachers usually need speakers, chaperones, or occasionally someone to help with small groups.

There will also be a few brand-new options to your volunteering repertoire-- the student store (before school), the PACK store (during lunch), and student socials (twice a year and sooooo entertaining to watch).

If you are looking to volunteer at CPMS next year, you will need to email update_volunteer_locations@beaverton.k12.or.us in order to move your profile from BSE to Cedar Park Middle School. Parents are not automatically moved into the Cedar Park volunteer database.  Because frankly, that would be just too easy, wouldn’t it? (eye roll)

You can also check out the Cedar Park PTC’s website to learn more details.

So we REALLY tried to get into an option school, but now we’re stuck at Cedar Park.  Please make me feel better.

Oh, honey.  Going through the option school process is as stressful as college admissions, no? The open house circuit, the application itself, the second consideration – it’s all just one big roller coaster of anxiety, anticipation, and often, disappointment. We see you, we hear you, we know you.  If you are looking for some silver linings about joining Cedar Park, we have a couple.

First, while yes, CPMS is larger than your option schools, that also means that CPMS has more resources.  Larger schools can offer more electives, more intervention, and more options for teachers and friends. Also, while Cedar Park might feel like some OTHER PLACE that is wholly foreign and unfamiliar to you, it’s actually comprised of a LOT of familiar faces.  Cedar Park is the community we live in. Faces and families you’ve seen at preschool, milltown soccer, cub scout jamborees, cedar mill baseball…the list goes on. We’re all still here, ready to tackle middle school together.

This all sounds well and good, but who can I talk to when my sweetie is struggling?

Well, if the student is struggling with one specific subject, contact the teacher.  If they are barely managing in multiple classes and/or with friend groups, contact the sixth grade counselor.  The current counseling model will change next year as counselors will now loop with a specific grade, ensuring that students have the same assigned counselor during all three years at CPMS.

Other Juicy Cedar Park tidbits:

  • The new maker’s lab at CPMS is still a work in progress, but is accessible through a student’s science class, depending on the unit and the teacher.

  • Art Lit DOES happen at the middle school level, but it is only one project per year per grade.

  • Cell phones are allowed before school and at lunch.  Some teachers do allow students to use them as an academic tool during class.  As you can imagine… well, some teachers are more strict than others. However, Cedar Park does have a problem one consistent problem–– PARENTS TEXTING THEIR KIDS DURING CLASS.  Hysterical. And sad. 

  • CPMS has 19 busses that service the school so the bus lines are one big chaotic crush of bodies.  CPMS staff walk around with a cookie sheet attached to a yard stick with magnetic numbers that announce the order of the arriving busses. Seriously.  You read that right– cookie sheet on a stick. However, as nuts as that sounds, it actually works. Daily. The kids manage and ew actually miss their bus.

You’re bound to have more questions.  Any more can be directed to shannon_anderson@beaverton.k12.or.us.

In complete and total non-Cedar Park news, our Bonny Slope preschool is now taking applications for 2018-19.  Call the school if you are interested!

And that’s a wrap! Join us for the next Principal Chat on Friday, 4/27 at 2pm.

BSCO Listening Session Notes, Wed, Apr 11

Wednesday, Apr 11 combined notes from morning and evening sessions

8:30am Session Attendees: Josh Resch, Melissa Gatchell, Hannah Donohue, Kelly Kinzer, Angie Bruxer, Maureen Louie, Ashish Gupta, Ali Montelongo, Karen Rasor-Cohen, Eric Simpson

7pm Session Attendees: Ashish Gupta, Holly Vanderploeg, Jenna Dornblaser, Ellen Rothery, Andrea Steyskal, Janet Maza, Debra Henley, Mike Bertuleit


  • Eric Simpson provided information about the Levy.  The Beaverton School Board is proposing a 5-year Local Option Levy renewal that will appear on the May 15, 2018 ballot.  It has the same tax rate as the existing levy which is expiring. If passed, the levy would allow Beaverton schools to retain 300 teaching positions, and maintain class sizes.

  • Ali Montelongo, Assistant Principal, noted that at Bonny Slope, three classroom teachers and support staff will be lost if the Levy does not pass.

  • If you are a registered voter, watch for ballots to start arriving in the mail starting April 25, 2018. (If you are not registered, you can register here by April 24.)

  • For additional Levy information please see our blog post at http://www.bonnyslopebsco.org/home/2018/4/11/local-option-levy-tuesday-may-15th-election

India Cultural Event

Janet was amazed with the India Cultural event - Majority of teachers/staff dressed in traditional clothing generously collected and loaned from the community members. Assembly included BSE student led performance with traditional dances and playing an Indian instrument, a fashion show, quiz trivia and serving Indian spiced rice for lunch..  She is looking for photos to share with the district.


  • Feedback from a parent was the movie night was a success and they suggested we do it again next year.

  • "Bridge the gap" line item is intended to include possible write a check fundraiser, underspending to our budget, utilizing savings or other methods.  Suggestion to rename line item to avoid the possible concern that we are trying to raise ~$30k with the write the check fundraiser people may recall from past.

  • Felt fortunate to have Debra Henely's input.  She shared that she and other BSE teachers often shy away from teacher grants out of consideration for others who may have larger needs.  The result seems to be very few teacher requests at all. Request process not viewed as overly difficult or needing simplification. Bigger ticket items/projects are sometimes funded using "donors choose" which is an online giving program which connects teacher needs with those who wish to help a classroom in need.  

  • One idea discussed was a ‘community support fund’ which would cover purchasing essential items for students in need (e.g., underwear, socks, shoes, coats).  ~$100 per classroom with some flexibility was suggested. Some discussion about way to keep this simple for the teachers, although Debra didn't feel submitting a receipt for reimbursement was overly cumbersome.

  • 2017-18 technology had $10k allocated, but Janet felt more is needed as older devices become obsolete.  Ashish to check with Elia Freedman, BSCO’s technology advisor.

  • Suggestion to consider moving carnival/monster mash to permanent event budget item. We’ve been waiving the admission price of these large events as a way to spend down our budget.

  • Current PYP/Science Enrichment allocation is over $14k - which isn’t being spent fully.  Ashish to consult with Jen Oordt on what is needed for 2018-19.

Other ideas

  • Kinders need headsets.  Suitable size, comfort and microphone feature are key requirements.  Henley has not had success with those procured through scholastic. Kinder team purchased 6 per class and could use more.

  • Old Ipad minis will be going away due to inability to upgrade security software that makes them obsolete.  Kinders would benefit from larger screen size (for larger print books, etc). 2nd grade team could benefit from more Ipads (1 device per student).

  • Possible support to Spanish specials teacher via subscriptions

  • Building/aesthetics improvement - black out blinds for library/classroom doors (replacing black felt).  Board will determine the cost to replace.

Top Ten BSCO-Funded Opportunities

Just one week left to purchase admission to our “Cheers to 10 Years” event on Saturday, 4/21.  Ticket sales close Thursday, 4/19, so don’t be shut out of this fun-filled adults-only evening.  Check out the Auction website to see detailed info regarding tickets, raffles, live auction packages, student art, teacher experiences, and parent-hosted parties.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.01.33 PM.png

This year’s theme celebrates the massive hard work of our Bonny Slope parents, both past and present.  Together we have built a thriving school community through BSCO’s creative programs, family events, and extensive teacher support.


In the spirit of our first decade, HERE'S A LOOK AT TEN THINGS that your BSCO donation provides to our students, all organized and staffed by BSE volunteers.


BSCO provides an incredible amount of teacher support, which includes $450 per classroom teacher & specialist to bulk up their classroom with books and materials.  Examples include books for the classroom library, storage items such as bins and shelves, any needed office supplies, flashcards & games, & decorative posters. In addition to classroom support, BSCO's Staff Appreciation committee oversees the potluck meals, "Stock the Pantry," and Staff Appreciation week efforts for our entire Bonny Slope staff.


 kindergarteners enjoy their classroom light table, purchased through bsco's teacher grant program in 2015.

kindergarteners enjoy their classroom light table, purchased through bsco's teacher grant program in 2015.

Another option for teachers is BSCO's Teacher Grant Program, including many of our mature grant traditions, such as the THPRD Nature Mobile for kindergarten, the sweet little chicks for first grade, and fifth grade’s Newbery Book Club.  Other previous grants include a classroom aquaponics system, kindergarten light tables, stream table kits, HOKKI stools, and mathracks.


BSCO provides science enrichment and PYP support supplies for every classroom. These classroom PYP materials are directly related to the Units of Inquiry. Items purchased in the past include ant farms, microscopes, flashlights, magnets, classroom books, and owl pellets.  BSCO also provides $500 per grade per year for grade-level field trips.


In recent years, BSCO has helped with facility improvements, most notably the playground sun shade, the wall-mounted projector in the gym, and this year's replacement of all classroom projectors.

 The wall-mounted gym projector was funded by BSCO in 2016.

The wall-mounted gym projector was funded by BSCO in 2016.


All art enrichment is funded through BSCO, including Art Lit supplies for every student for six Art Lit projects annually, as well as an annual Artist in Residence project or installation.  Examples of past AIR projects can be found throughout the school, including the tile mosaic at the front entrance, the photography in the library, and the cyanotype U.S. map.

 The world map in the hallway was created through 2015's Artist in residence program.

The world map in the hallway was created through 2015's Artist in residence program.


 Students enjoy the recent Science Night.

Students enjoy the recent Science Night.

Science events such as STEM in Residence and Science Night, are offered to every single student at BSE.  This year's Science Night had over 400 in attendance with 135 student scientists.




Family events, including the August Playground Playdates, the Back to School Picnic, Monster Mash, and Carnival, were all offered with free admission thanks to your past generous BSCO donations.  2017's Carnival had over 1500 BSE community members in attendance (a new record), while last fall's Monster Mash cast its spell on over 670 Bonny Slope children.


Three Parent Education evenings, each with an expert presentation on relevant parenting topics, are funded courtesy of BSCO. Past presenters have covered technology and the youth brain, anxiety, anger, entitlement, connected communication, and executive function in the pre-teen brain.


BSCO provides all materials for year-long Student Enrichment programs, such as Geo Club, OBOB, & Bobcat Trail Club.  Over 400 of BSE students participate in Bobcat Trail, running over 6000 miles total in this school year alone. Geo Club had over 1/3 of the student population participate last year and BSE's Obob team won the state title in 2017.

 BSE welcomed visiting author, Nick Bruel, last fall.

BSE welcomed visiting author, Nick Bruel, last fall.


Fun-filled school day events, such as Visiting Author, Cultural Enrichment assemblies, and Field Day are all brought to you by BSCO.  This year's Indian Culture events was a joint effort between the Cultural committee and Art Lit committee, both powered by BSCO dollars and by BSE volunteers.



BSCO’s budget details can be found online.  Any questions regarding the depth and scope of BSCO’s programs and events can be directed to Ashish Gupta (president@bonnyslopebsco.org).



Local Option Levy - Tuesday, May 15th Election


The Beaverton School Board is proposing a 5-year Local Option Levy renewal that will appear on the May 15, 2018 ballot.  It has the same tax rate as the existing levy which is expiring. If passed, the levy would allow Beaverton schools to retain 300 teaching positions, and maintain class sizes.


At Bonny Slope, three classroom teachers and support staff will be lost if the Levy does not pass.  If you have any questions about BSE impacts please contact Janet Maza or Ali Montelongo.


If you are a registered voter, watch for ballots to start arriving in the mail starting April 25, 2018. (If you are not registered, you can register here by April 24.)

For additional Levy information please see the following links from Beaverton School District:

Frequently Asked Questions

FIRST LOOK: "Cheers to 10 Years" Live Auction

Just TEN DAYS until we open the doors to our “Cheers to 10 Years” celebration on Saturday, 4/21.  Dig out your favorite cocktail attire and book the babysitter because we can’t wait to honor the teachers, the volunteers, and the community that has made Bonny Slope Elementary so special for the past ten years.  


The adults-only excitement will begin with a must-see silent auction and cocktail hour.  Over 60 silent auction items will be available, including photography sessions, professional and collegiate sports tickets, boutique jewelry, spa and shopping experiences, and various hotel stays.  Rounding out the tables will be local excursions such as the Lumberyard, Sky High, and Pump It Up, children’s toys such as American Girl and Boo- the Cutest Dog on Earth, and many valuable gift baskets donated by Bonny Slope community members.


Aside from the silent auction, there will be a wide range of exciting items to peruse and purchase, including the Wine & Spirit Wall, the Dine & Dash Board, the teacher experiences and parent-hosted party sign-ups.  


The always popular 50-50 Raffle only gets larger as more tickets are purchased. Another option is this year's Golden Ticket, where the winner immediately chooses one live auction package to take home.  Both the 50-50 and Golden Raffle tickets are now available online.


Guests will then be seated to enjoy their full dinner, complete with an inaugural dessert dash. The biggest event of the night will be the live auction, emceed by our own BSE parent, Ava Palmquist, where lucky bidders will take home some beautiful student-made art as well as a diverse collection of vacation rentals and experiences.


Check out the 2018 Auction website for all the details and available items surrounding this year’s event. Ticket sales close on Thursday, 4/19.


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 12.21.42 PM.png

Take a moment to take a first look at the 2018 Live Auction lineup & have your paddle prepared.


Drink of DECADEnce

Each year we start off the bidding with alcohol reminiscent of the theme we are celebrating. This year is no different with our sophisticated and celebratory St. Germain and Champagne cocktail. We will provide you with enough glasses to share with your friends should you choose. Pop, fizz, clink and cheers to 10 years!

Generously donated by Cedar Mill Liquor


Mount Hood Escape

Three night stay in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome in Collins Lake Resort, located in Government Camp.  Two queen beds and one bunk bed. Fully stocked kitchen, fireplace, private balcony with BBQ and picnic table.  Community clubhouse with a year-round heated outdoor pool, hot tub, and sauna. Walking distance to restaurants and shopping.  Activities in the area include skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, fishing, kayaking/canoeing. Collins Lake Resort is just across the highway from Mt. Hood Skibowl and a short drive to Timberline Lodge and Mt. Hood Meadows.

Enjoy the outdoors in stylish new outerwear for the whole family! Columbia Sportswear has generously donated 4 jackets to the lucky winner of this vacation.

After exploring for the day, stop into Charlie's Mountain View, well known as the place to unwind after a day on the hill. Refuel with burgers made to order using a $25 gift certificate.

***Excludes all holidays. Expires May 1, 2019.  Dates subject to availability.

Generously donated by Doug and Jamie Deurwaarder, Columbia Sportswear, and Charlie's Mountain View


 Last year's Principal for the Day, Lu R.

Last year's Principal for the Day, Lu R.

Rule the School as Principal for a Day

Ever wonder exactly what goes on in Mrs. Maza's day? Here is your child's chance to swivel in the big chair and rule the school as Principal for a Day! Your child will greet their fellow students, assist Mrs. Maza with meetings, have lunch with Mrs. Maza, and help with end of day announcements and dismissal. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

***This activity will take place before the end of the current school year.

Generously donated by Mrs. Maza


PE Teacher for a Half Day

Lace up those running shoes and grab your whistle to help Mr. Whitehead "Run the Fun" for half the day! As gym teacher for the half day, your child will be able to help choose the activities for each class, help run the activities, and participate in each of the selected activities.

***This activity will take place before the end of the current school year.

Generously donated by Mr. Whitehead


Honorary Team Captain of the Portland Trail Blazers

This once in a lifetime opportunity allows your child (aged 6-14) the opportunity to come onto the court at a pre-season game of your choice during the pre-game festivities. While on the floor, your child will meet some of the Trailblazer players while they warm up and participate in the center court pre-game captains meeting with the referees and captains from both teams.

This honorary captain package not only includes the Honorary Captain experience, but also:

  • Four game tickets to the Trail Blazer preseason game of your choice

  • Parking pass for free parking that night

  • Visit from Blaze at your seats during the game

This is truly an experience your son or daughter will never forget!!

Generously donated by the Portland Trail Blazers



Four Night Stay 7 Big Leaf Sunriver

Enjoy a 4-night stay at 7 Big Leaf in Sunriver. Home is 2300+ sq ft with 3BD/3BA and sleeps 8+. This getaway is well appointed with fireplace, new hardwoods, kitchen and main bath, hot tub, BBQ, adult/kid bikes, and foosball. Cleaning fee included, as well as exclusive access to Sunriver Resort amenities. Don't forget to visit the SHARC with four one time use passes. Check it out at: 7BigLeafLane.

***Valid September 4, 2018 - June 1, 2019, subject to availability. November 22-26, 2018 and December 22, 2018 - January 3, 2019 excluded.

Generously donated by Brian and Stephanie Wilson


Sunriver - 7 Meadow House

Enjoy a 4 day/3 night stay. This two bedroom, two bath (plus bunk room) condo in the inner circle of the Meadow House condominiums is conveniently located within walking distance to the village, the SHARC, and the Sunriver Lodge.

At 1800+ square feet with a private backyard meadow, this condo features A/C to help on those hot summer days as well as a private hot tub for those cold winter nights! There is a king in the master, queen and twin bunk bed in the second bedroom and a “reading room” where two more can sleep. Recently remodeled kitchen and baths add to the chic rustic lodge feel of this lovely condo. Well behaved pets welcome.

Included in this package is complimentary high speed internet access, a one time cleaning fee, four one time passes to the SHARC and entrance to The Cove, a private resort pool available only to Sunriver Resort guests.

***Not available Dec 21, 2018 - Jan 7, 2019. SHARC passes expire 1/20/19. If reservation made for after 12/20/19, please contact Melissa Manos. Rental expires 4/21/19

Generously donated by Scott and Melissa Manos



Dreams do come true with these 4 One-Day Park Hopper tickets where you will enjoy the magic of Disneyland and the thrills and entertainment of Disney's California Adventure Park  These tickets are valid during normal operating hours.

***The Disney Theme park tickets can only be used at the Park designated on the tickets, have no cash value, cannot be upgraded, nor can they be applied towards a package to meet eligibility requirements.  The Disney theme park tickets are subject to block-out dates. They may not be used for admission from December 25-31 of any year, through their expiration date.  Please note that these tickets will expire two years from the date issued and cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, used or expired.

Generously donated by Disneyland Community Relations


Team USA Olympic Medal Stand Jacket

Who can forget Chloe Kim's radiant smile from atop the podium after winning the Women's Halfpipe competition in Pyeongchang? Maybe curling is more your style and you watched with awe as the US Men's Curling team took home gold. This is your chance to look like an Olympian without the lifetime devotion to perfection in a winter sport.

Nike has generously donated one of their Medal Stand Jackets, the winner will choose the size that works best for them. This jacket consists of an outer white Goretex shell and an inner blue puffer jacket. This will be a sure attention grabber for one lucky winner!

Generously donated by Nike, Inc.


Spend a moment to look through all the exciting options on our 2018 “Cheers to 10 Years” Auction website.





Help Wanted - 2018/2019 BSCO Committee Leads


The goal of BSCO is to enhance the educational experience of Bonny Slope students by coordinating volunteer efforts, community events, educational enhancements and fundraising.  In order to continue these amazing opportunities in the 2018/2019 school year, we need parents to volunteer their time and talents to be BSCO Committee Leads.  We Need You!

Below is a list of openings for next year:

  • After School Programs Liaison
  • Artist in Residency Lead
  • Auction Leads
  • Blog Writers
  • Community Outreach/Clothes Closet Lead
  • Jog-A-Thon Leads
  • Monster Mash Leads
  • OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) Co-Lead
  • Science Night Co-Lead
  • Walk to School Day Leads
  • Yearbook Lead

Please contact BSCO's Director of Committees, Holly VanderPloeg, at committees@bonnyslopebsco.org if you are interested in leading one of these amazing opportunities.

For more information on each committee please see the BSCO Volunteer Handbook.

BRILLIANT! That Sums Up Bonny Slope's 10th Annual Science Night!

On Friday, March 16th over 400 of our community's brightest scientific minds congregated at Bonny Slope Elementary for a fun filled evening of hands-on science exploration and student projects. 


Throughout the hallways, cafeteria, and outside families interacted with local scientists from eight separate organizations.  Children patiently waited in line to ride Catlin Gabel's interactive robots over and over again, marveled at the Beaverton School District's Future Bus, and became junior forensic scientists while taking and studying fingerprints.  Everyone also got to create and bring home creatures from the Pet Science & Education table and assemble a LED circuit with the BSD Innovation Strategists.


Meanwhile 135 student scientists gathered in the gym, prepared to present their Engineering Designs and Science Experiments, while proudly wearing their 'light bulb lanyards'.  Thanks to an army of volunteers, each student had the opportunity to talk to two reviewers, where they received positive written and verbal feedback on their projects.  The reviewers were so impressed with the student's public speaking skills and the quality of their work!


Andrea Watson, from Tualatin Valley Water District also provided the following feedback, "The event was very well organized and the interaction between your young scientists and their parents/guardians was very educational.  Keep up the great work in promoting inquiry and the scientific method! It was very rewarding to ask the students (who did experiments) what they learned."


A tremendous thank you for your generous donations to BSCO, which provided this free educational event to our community.  And a special thank you to the following:


Beaverton School District Future Bus, Catlin Gabel Robotics Team 1540: The Flaming Chickens, Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute, BSE First Lego League Mini Team, Mountain Wave Search & Rescue, Pet Science & Education, Saturday Academy, Tualatin Valley Water District, Parent Volunteers, Bonny Slope Alumni Volunteers, Bonny Slope Elementary Staff, and the BSCO Science Night Committee (Aparna Srinivasan, Kate Resch, Holly VanderPloeg, and Lianne Yarvis)