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Fifth Grade Year

Fifth grade, the final year at Bonny Slope, is a special year for our oldest students.  Several programs and events are designed to help commemorate and celebrate the achievements of the departing class.  

Pancake Breakfast

In order to attend the much-anticipated Outdoor School, 5th graders have the opportunity to raise money to offset the cost of the overnight camp.  With the help of an adult volunteer committee, 5th graders serve hot pancakes, sausage and juice to hungry families in the Bonny Slope Cafeteria.  Each year, the pancake breakfast has raised thousands of dollars towards Outdoor School.

Outdoor School (Historical)

Note: Due to a state initiative, Beaverton School District has moved Outdoor School to 6th grade.  Historically Bonny Slope 5th graders and their teachers would attend Outdoor School each fall where they spend several days studying each aspect of our ecosystems (water, animals, plants, and soil). The time spent engaging students in a wide variety of activities helps them understand our natural world and the role they play in it. At the end of their stay, students are given time to synthesize their knowledge and reflect on how they can make a difference in their own communities. They are left with a feeling of connectedness to our planet and a lasting impact that resonates within our community, city, and state for generations.

PYP Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is a culmination of the Primary Years Programme and draws on all the things Bonny Slope 5th Grade students have learned, the attitudes and behaviors they have developed, as well as the skills they have developed over their entire school experience. Exhibition is a rite of passage from the PYP to the MYP and is a celebration of learning.


Class Gift to Bonny Slope Community

5th graders plan and prepare a departing gift to the school so they will be remembered at Bonny Slope in years to come.

Send Off Party

At the culmination of their elementary school years, 5th graders get to relax and have fun at their very own 5th grade party in June.  These parties typically have special themes with accompanying games, lunch, a DJ and photo booth.  The students get to enjoy each other one last time on Bonny Slope turf before heading off to middle school.

Fifth Grade News