Thank You For Volunteering

We appreciate every volunteer at Bonny Slope, but we’d like to give a special 'thank you' to the following parents for their committee leadership this year.  BSCO Committee Leads make such a impact on our community, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.  Bravo and thank you.

After School Programs
Shubhangi Kulkarni (Chincholkar)

Art Literacy
Amy Lukasiewicz
Maureen Louie
Joshua Madrid
Melissa Manos
Melanie Odom

Artist In Residence
Amy Buringrud
Maureen Louie

Stephanie Wilson
Jamie Deurwaarder
Kelli Henry

Author Liasion
Wendy Russell

Back to School Picnic
Marah Cluff
Michelle Huss
Shilpa Tendolkar

Bobcat Trail Club
Joyce Hsu
Kelly Matsushima
Angie Bruxer

Book Fair
Melissa Gatchell
Cindi Otis

Box Tops
Nicole Reynolds

Elizabeth Bingold
Debbie Herron

Classroom Enrichment/Science
Currie Reese

Community Garden
Kelly Ward
Brenda Swanson

Community Outreach/Clothes Closet
Sara Peters

Lianne Hoskins Yarvis

Fifth Grade Activities
Kim Kennedy
Laura Lorenz

Geography Club
Mindy Poorman
Stacey Stefanelli

Christy Bishop
Jenny Johnson

Library Volunteers
Sheri Bauer
April Hill

Matching Funds
Julie Gupta

Monster Mash
Ellen Rothery
Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)
Frances Bland
Amy Buringrud
Hannah Donohue
Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu

Pancake Breakfast
Amanda Lee
Julia Fulmer

Parent Education
Megan O'Malley-Cook

Production Team
Kelly Kinzer

Science Fair
Lianne Hoskins Yarvis

Michelle Werth

Staff Appreciation
Stefanie Ebenal
Sierra Lavelle

Technology Advisor
Elia Freedman

Walk to School Day
Shannon Bekins
Leslie Zagelow

Elia Freedman
Hannah Donohue
Bridget F Clark
Leigh Havelick

Melissa Manos
Jessica Gaibler

BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer's Report: June 12, 2017

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

June Meeting-- 6/12/2017

This meeting served as a transition celebration between the outgoing and incoming board members.  All 13 were able to attend.
Hannah Donohue, outgoing President, reported that the 2017-18 Dates to Remember is nearly completed.   Major changes include Pancake Breakfast’s move to January, Geo Club’s new location on Thursdays, and Science Fair’s return to March.  The Playground Playdates will be back this August for all new incoming families, scheduled for every Monday in August from 4-5:30pm.  The final session on 8/28 may be bulked up into a larger Kindergarten gathering.  
Elia Freedman, outgoing Secretary and current Tech advisor, discussed the upcoming purchase of classroom projectors.  He has narrowed his search and has opted to wait until late August to beta test in a classroom.  The choice of projector is complicated by price, wireless capability, and the current installed distance from the screen.
Outgoing treasurer, Brian Rothery, presented YTD numbers.   BSCO will come in under projected expense and over in projected income.  BSCO’s fiscal year ends 6/30.  The annual audit will take place later this summer. The most recent financials are available here.
Jenna Dornblaser and DeDe Osborne, Directors of Volunteers, report that classroom parties will take place next week on the field.  Class coordinators were also sent an email regarding the teacher gift policy.  Director of Committees, Holly Vanderploeg, discussed the final two committee lead openings-- Carnival and Auction.  The Committee Lead Meet & Greet will again happen this August.
Ava Palmquist, outgoing VP for Fundraising, reported that the effort continues with Auction chair recruiting, while Jog-a-thon 2017 planning is already underway with new chairs, Cara Cook and Sydney Keister. 


The Board approved two budget requests.  The first was submitted by Holly Vanderploeg on behalf of Bobcat Trail Club.  They were requested an additional $50 for their end of year celebration.  
The second approved budget request was submitted by Hannah Donohue for six sentry stanchions, to be used for line control at the Haunted House, Book Fair, and any BSCO event.  The total cost is $400 and will be taken from the remainder of the Miscellaneous budget.


Bonny Slope's Summer Reading Passport

Welcome to Bonny Slope’s summer reading passport challenge!  Let books give you the trip of a lifetime and take you to far off  places to meet new and interesting people!  

Last week, summer reading passports were sent home in Friday Folders.  This new and exciting program will encourage students to take a chance on a new genre and experience the joy of reading wherever their summer adventures take them.

The student reading passport is a place to record the books your child read and log the completed challenges on the Reading Visa pages.  For each challenge met, your child will receive a stamp in their passport.  Stamps will be available at Meet the Teacher Night and in the library after school starts.

Here’s a listing of the eight types of reading challenges:

  1. Read about a character who does not look like you or live like you.

  2. Read about a country new to you.

  3. Read on a trip.

  4. Read in nature.

  5. Read in a homemade fort.

  6. Visit a local library

  7. Ask a librarian a question.

  8. Participate in another summer reading incentive (Ex: Scholastic, local bookstore, public library)

Parents can post a pic of their child meeting your visa challenge on Instagram @BSEPYP #bobcatsummerread.

Students turn their passport into their new teacher on the first day of school, September 6, 2017.

  • It will be added to a grade level participation graph displayed in the library.  The grade level with the most participants will get a Summer Reading Passport PRIZE!

  • Eight visa stamps means your passport is counted TWICE on the grade level participation graph (each grade level has a different color passport).

  • All participants will be recognized at the first assembly AND  get to go to Summer Reading Passport Party held at Bonny Slope!

The best reward of all is the adventures you’ll have getting into the incredible stories!

Questions can be directed to Jennifer Oordt (

Other Summer Reading Incentives:

Scholastic Summer Reading

Barnes and Nobel Summer Reading

Oregon Battle of the Books

Cedar Mill Library Summer Reading


Free Food Available This Summer from BSE's Community Garden

Our school's Community Garden needs your help this summer!  The students have planted the boxes and everything is starting to soak up this sunshine (and rain) and starting to grow.  

Soon we will be needing families to look after the garden boxes this summer!  These families are encouraged to keep the crops growing and welcomed to add new plants.  

The summer commitment is:

  • Check on your box every 1-2 weeks
  • Keep the box free of weeds and help weed the general area as needed
  • Enjoy the crops as they are ready to eat
  • Clean out the box at the end of the summer

Please contact Kelly Ward at if you are interested.  This has become a very popular garden, so don't wait.  The boxes will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. 

Geography Club End of Year Recognition

We’ve been around the world once again in Geography Club!  The 2016-17 year was a success.  Students had the opportunity to learn up to 499 countries, capitals, states, monuments, land formations and waterways.  We even had 8 students learn them all!  The overall participation rate was 42%, with 17% of the student body earning grade level achievement or higher.   The achievement levels are described below:
Grade Level Achievement: The student identified the countries up to the level that corresponds to their grade at each check day for the entire year.   (e.g. A first grader completed level 1, a third grader levels 1-3.)  
Level Five Achievement: The student identified countries and capitals in levels 1-5 regardless of their grade level at each check day for the entire year.
Challenge Level Achievement: The student completed one or more of the three challenge levels offered for the entire year.   (3rd Grade Challenge: Landmarks and Monuments, 4th Grade Challenge: States and Capitals, 5th Grade Challenge Land Formations and Water Ways.)
Congratulations and great work to the following students that earned grade level achievement or higher!!
Dylan M.  Grade Level Achievement
First Grade
Porter A.  Grade Level Achievement
Jillynne B.  Grade Level Achievement
Hazel B.  Grade Level Achievement
Elijah B.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Tyler C.  Grade Level Achievement
Trevor D.  Grade Level Achievement
Jackson D.  Grade Level Achievement
Joshua E.  Grade Level Achievement
Zachary G.  Grade Level Achievement
Julia G.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Matthew G.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
August H.  Grade Level Achievement
Benjamin H.  Grade Level Achievement
Aubrey J.  Grade Level Achievement
Nova K.  Grade Level Achievement
Steven K.  Grade Level Achievement
Zoe L.  Grade Level Achievement
Melina L.  Grade Level Achievement
Clover M.  Grade Level Achievement
Aashir P.  Grade Level Achievement
Janvi P.  Grade Level Achievement
Jayna P.  Grade Level Achievement
Elias P.  Grade Level Achievement
Leighton S.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Luke S.  Grade Level Achievement
Anna S.  Grade Level Achievement
Wyatt W.  Grade Level Achievement
Second Grade
Hadley C.  Grade Level Achievement
Harrison D.  Grade Level Achievement
Charlotte D.  Grade Level Achievement
Molly D.  Grade Level Achievement
Ruby F.  Grade Level Achievement
Adah F.  Grade Level Achievement
Noah G.  Grade Level Achievement
Rohin G.  Grade Level Achievement
Annalisa K.  Grade Level Achievement
Helena K.  Grade Level Achievement
Nam-Anh L.  Grade Level Achievement
Kellen L.  Grade Level Achievement
Owen M.  Grade Level Achievement
Taylor M.  Grade Level Achievement
Gavin M.  Grade Level Achievement
Tyler M.  Grade Level Achievement
Hayden P.  Grade Level Achievement
Cora S.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Arlo T.  Grade Level Achievement
Penelope V.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Akshaya Y.  Grade Level Achievement
Third Grade
Fiona B.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Jessica D.  Grade Level Achievement
Max D.  Grade Level Achievement
Dylan G.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Lily G.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Elliott H.  Grade Level Achievement
Sahit J.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Ahana N.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Carson R.  Grade Level Achievement
Lily R.  Grade Level Achievement
Claire S.  Grade Level Achievement
Izabella V.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 2 Challenge Level Achievement
Fourth Grade
Harper C.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Nikita C.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Amy C.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Julia C.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Jameson C.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Jillian C.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Aaralynn F.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Ayla H.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Johnathan I.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Sakya J.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Kalonice L.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Aaron L.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Jonah L.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Robert L.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Henry M.  Grade Level Achievement
Misha N.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Tejas P.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Evangeline P.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Madelyn P.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Colton P.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Starla R.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Isabella R.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Zachary R.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Demi S.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Reese V.  Grade Level Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Fifth Grade
Aaron D.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Jordan D.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Leah F.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Allison G.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Ava L.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Sagarika M.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Chinmayee N.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, Challenge Level Achievement
Jaden R.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement
Claire Y.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Mason Z.  Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement, 3 Challenge Level Achievement
Thank You Volunteers
Check day requires a team of people to pull it off.  This core group of amazing volunteers helped our check days run smoothly (and they made it fun too).  A huge and heartfelt thank you to; Bonnie Bailey,  Shannon Bekins,  Jessica Canessa,  Emilia Cutrer,  Hannah Donohue,  Jenna Dornblaser,  Victoria Foord,  Sara Gillette,  Megan McLaughlin,  Nima Patel,  Currie Reese,  Ellen Rothery,  Wendy Russell,  Barbara Ternus,  and Annie Wilen.
Cheers to another year of helping Bonny Slope Students learn a little more about the world!  
Mindy Poorman & Stacey Stefanelli
Geo Club Chairs

2017 Carnival a Record-Breaking Success

Much fun was had by all last Friday night, with a record-breaking 1500 children and adults attending this year’s Bonny Slope Carnival.  The event was offered free to BSE families for the second year in a row, thanks in part to this community’s tremendous fundraising effort.  With comfortable temperatures and clear skies, the outdoor experience offered a variety of crowd-pleasing games, food, and entertainment.
“The vibe of this event truly represents the spirit and community of Bonny Slope Elementary,” said Elizabeth Binghold, Carnival Co-Lead.  “As many adults attend this event as children, so it was important for us to recognize and be inclusive of that.  We worked to offer activities (and food) for people of all ages.”
This year’s Carnival held all the usual traditions that BSE families have grown to love-- including carnival games, a live dj, inflatables on the lawn, and the fifth grade pie-eating contest.  New additions included a new inflatable obstacle course, inflatable skee ball, wandering superhero characters, and Koi Fusion's and Maiale di Volo's food carts. According to Binghold, the committee decided to spend less money on prizes and more on the actual experience for the kids.  Prizes were still handed out (with kids digging the mini beach balls), but less of a focus.
Another exciting aspect was the introduction of Bonny Slope’s new mascot, Bobby the Bobcat.  “Watching the little faces light up when I entered the gym was about the cutest thing around,” said Bobby.  “Pretty sure I took pictures with about 50 kids.”
In addition, for the second year in a row, BSE fifth graders showcased their PYP Exhibition projects through their “Action Alley,” which strengthened the sense of community with students and teachers participating together.  Each group had set up some sort of interactive booth to serve as an educational experience and garner support for their various causes, which included some serious topics such as refugees, science funding, education equality, children’s healthcare and animal rights.
Fifth grade teacher, Nathan Traller commented, “It was pure ‘teaching fuel’ to see our fifth graders so energized and owning their learning. It's a little more work to teach this way, but SO worth it. All week was ‘MR.T WE NEED TO...!’ and no ‘Do we have to?’ Thank you BSCO for welcoming Action Alley to the Carnival!”
Sunset High School students, along with parent volunteers, helped make the event a huge success.  “The SHS students are so fantastic,” said Binghold.  “Their help and participation at the event allowed more parents to hang out with their kids.  And we are very appreciative of the parents who volunteered as well.  For several, this was their third year; they work together like a well-oiled machine.”
Thanks to all who attended and volunteered to make this year’s event extraordinary, most especially co-chairs Elizabeth Binghold and Debbie Herron, and their incredible Carnival team.

BSCO to Provide Paper Fund


Get excited, BSE!  Next August as you navigate the war zone that is the school supply area of any Fred Meyer or Target, you will have a LOT LESS to lug around.  The recent approval of BSCO’s 2017-18 budget included a Student Body Paper Fund, which means those bulky, heavy, annoying reams of paper normally included in our school supply lists are NO LONGER YOUR PROBLEM! 
Due to the incredible fundraising effort this school year, BSCO has paid forward your investment and will provide two reams of paper for every student in 2017-18, at a cost hovering around $3500.  So sit back, relax and quite literally take a load off as you congratulate yourself.  Thanks, Bonny Slope, for your continuing support of BSCO!


Teacher Gift Policy Review

As we head into the end of the year, it is natural that many parents are interested in thanking the staff at Bonny Slope. 

Confused about the recent changes in gift giving rules?  Here's the Beaverton School District’s message, in their own words:

We are fortunate in the Beaverton School District that students and parents/guardians hold our teachers and staff in high regard. This alone is a significant acknowledgement and sign of respect. 
At times, parents may wish to give a gift to a classroom teacher or other staff member. Doing so puts our staff in a difficult ethical situation. District employees are subject to Oregon ethics laws that govern the receipt by employees of gifts that may not exceed $50.00 from any individual giver on an annual basis. 
Employees must be aware of any gifts they are offered or received from any source. Parents/guardians should refrain from giving gift cards or other items of significant value to our staff. 
Instead, we encourage you to write a note of thanks to the classroom teacher or staff member. We appreciate your understanding and as always, your ongoing support. Thank you.

Still not sure?  Here’s a quick low-down:

  • Teachers cannot accept gifts higher in value than $50 from a single source in a calendar year.
  • A class gift is considered a single source, therefore a class gift cannot be valued at more than $50.   A class purchasing multiple gift cards of $50 does not circumvent these ethics rules.
  • Any individual is also considered a single source and can give a gift up to a $50 value in a calendar year.


Bonny Slope Fifth Graders Take Action Through Service

BSE fifth grade students recently took action by volunteering with NW Children’s Outreach, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the Portland area and surrounding communities. 

In lieu of a class gift, which historically has been some sort of permanent improvement or addition to the BSE campus, this year’s fifth grade parents decided to organize a gift of service-- some sort of hands-on experience for the fifth graders to do together with their classmates.

This endeavor was new to Bonny Slope, as it was a hands-on service project outside of school hours and off-site.  Organizers weren’t sure what to expect.  “The end of the school year is always a crazy time.  We took a chance that our fifth grade families and students would be interested in giving an evening to help vulnerable children in our community and they delivered.  I hope this can become a fifth grade tradition,” shares parent, Hannah Donohue.  In order to give more students a chance to attend, three evening sessions were offered.  In all, 41 fifth graders participated.

The impact of helping other kids wasn’t lost on BSE students.  “You could see the moment when the kids understood why they were there-- it just clicked.  There are families out there with close to nothing.  Empathy and laughter filled the room, and the kids got to work.  It gave me goosebumps,” recalls co-organizer, Jenna Dornblaser.  Over 120 bags were filled during the three evenings, each headed straight to the hands of a child in need right here in Beaverton.

This event aligned nicely with the fifth grader’s exhibition timeline, as student groups had just recently began the action portion of their exhibition projects.  “Our kids were so enthusiastic about filling bags for these families.  So much care was taken into choosing items for each child,” adds co-organizer, Jessica Gaibler.  “One of the best parts was hearing our BSE kids comment on how they want to go back and volunteer again soon!  They really understood that their actions will have a meaningful impact on children in our community.”

These opportunities wouldn’t have been possible without the work of fifth grade parent organizers Jessica Gaibler, Kate Resch, Jenna Dornblaser and Hannah Donohue, as well as the students and parents who came out to help.

Your BSCO Donation at Work: Teacher & Mature Grants

Each year, BSCO offers two different grant programs to all BSE teachers and staff.  Both the Teacher Grant program and the Mature Grant line items are a part of BSCO’s annual budget and are made possible through your generous Jog-a-thon and Auction donations.


The teacher grant program is designed to encourage & facilitate new approaches to curriculum objectives.  Individual teachers, teaching teams or support staff are eligible to submit a grant application online, which is reviewed by your BSCO Board.  At times, a grant may be fulfilled using a different, more appropriate line item.

Like all BSCO purchases, all grant materials are labeled as property of BSE and remain at BSE in the event of a recipient’s departure. Favorable grants highly impact students, can be used across a grade level and are supported with third party evidence, such as educational articles or studies.

The 2016-17 BSCO Teacher Grant Program funded the following projects:

  • Mathracks  (Kindergarten) $824.44.  60 student held Mathracks, two student caddies, and 3 teacher visuals.
  • Tech Advancements  (K-2) $2960.28 ***taken from Tech budget.  116 iPad covers (K-2), 4 bluetooth speakers (1st), 56 headphones with microphones (K-1).
  • Supporting Growing Readers (K-1 & Intervention) $500.  BSCO paid a portion of the cost of the Orange LLI system for our youngest, struggling readers.
  • Multi-ethnic hand puppets (Counseling team). $54.86.  Eight puppets used in a pilot program to implement evidence-based social emotional curriculum.
  • Flexible Seating (1st)  $665.70.  Six HOKKI stools for classroom use.
  • Readers Notebooks (5th), $866.25.  125 Reader's Notebooks for 207-18 school year.
  • Recess Sidewalk Chalk (Instructional Assistants)  $94.95.  Five sets of 126/piece high-quality chalk for use during recess.


In addition, BSCO’s budget also provides a separate line item for Mature Grants.  After two consecutive years, a successful program may be considered a Mature Grant budget item.  Mature grants do not need to be re-approved annually, but will be re-considered each Spring when the budget is written.

The 2016-17 BSCO Mature Grants funded the following:

  • Newbery Book Clubs (5th Grade) $1100.  Provided high-quality and current literature for small group discussion.
  • Zoo Transportation (2nd Grade).  **Taken from Field Trips.  Transportation costs for 2nd grade second field trip.
  • THPRD Nature Mobile  (Kindergarten) $800.  Annual presentation to kindergarteners.
  • Living Things Unit (First Grade) $500.  Provided chicks, ladybugs and caterpillars for first grade’s annual unit.

Huge thank you to all our innovative teachers and staff for making this endeavors possible and another round of applause for every BSCO donor who helped provide these opportunities.