Summer Updates & Welcome New Families!

August Playground Playdates


Mark your calendar!  Your Bonny Slope parent teacher organization, BSCO, will be holding three playground play dates during the first three Mondays in August.  Kindergarten and new-to-Bonny Slope families are encouraged to come meet and mingle, but all Bonny Slope Elementary families are welcome to join in on the fun.

  • Monday, August 6: 4:30-6:00pm

  • Monday, August 13: 4:30-6:00pm

  • Monday, August 20: 5:00-7:00pm (Pizza will be available for purchase on 8/20)

Play dates will be held on the Bonny Slope Elementary playground.  It's a great opportunity for kids and parents to get acquainted and get information from other parents before the school year begins.  We'll have chalk, bubbles and balls for the kids to play with and be on the lookout.....our mascot, Bobby the Bobcat might even make a guest appearance!  Feel free to spread out some blankets on the grass and bring a picnic dinner.  At the last play date on August 20th we'll even have pizza for purchase plus cookies and lemonade. Join us!

Stay Connected this Summer (and Beyond)

Don’t be a stranger this summer!  BSCO has several social media options available for those of you who would like to keep in touch.  


  • Like our main public page “Bonny Slope Community Organization- BSCO” for any BSCO news or updates this summer.  Every article from our blog is automatically published to Facebook, so you are always in the know. (And don’t be shy about like a post-- that helps spread the word).

  • Join a grade level Facebook group.  Every grade has a Facebook group, which operate a bit more inclusively than our main page and allow for better conversations between parents.  These are a great avenue for announcements outside of general BSCO news that are relevant to your specific student and anyone within the group can add other Facebook friends.  Please let Josh  know if you are interested in joining one.


  • Follow our “bsco_bonnyslope” account for some fun memes, photos and general news.

  • Bonny Slope’s PYP team is also on instagram at “bsepyp.”  Catch up on curriculum units through photos.

BSCO Website and Blog

  • Subscribe to our blog and receive the full text, straight to your inbox, on the day it is published.  All the day’s posts are put into one evening email, so your inbox stays clutter free.  Visit our new family page at to sign up!

Cultural Enrichment Committee Introduces "Bobcat Explorers" Program

The Cultural Enrichment team needs your help. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 11.41.27 AM.png

After this summer vacation, Bonny Slope's Cultural Enrichment Committee would love to hear about your family's experiences with other cultures, lands or ethnicities. Whether you are near or far, away on vacation or at home on a staycation, please share your summer with us.

Information was sent home in your student's last Friday folder, including a Bobcat Explorer Logo card. Make sure you take the card with you on your trip or when you are out and about. We’d like you to include the Bobcat Explorer Logo card in a photograph you take this summer.

Think about the photo opportunity when visiting a monument or location, eating exotic food at a local food cart, or enjoying a folklore performance. You might be discovering something or somewhere new, or a place of great historical importance.

Think about a fun fact too, like how food is prepared or how people greet each other in a different manner. Of course, you can be in the photograph, but don’t have to be. 

Send your photographs to Add your name, the place where you took the photograph, together with your fun fact or what you have seen or learned. We will be collecting all the emails from our Bonny Slope Bobcat Explorers and sharing them on our Explorer Wall in school next year.

The project will run the full 18/19 school year! No worries if you can't make it this summer, but do have amazing plans for the holidays.

Let’s make it an exciting exploration!

2018 Carnival Celebrates BSE's 10th Birthday

This year’s BSE Carnival’s birthday bash was another massive success last Friday, with over 1400 attendees enjoying a glorious spring evening on the Slope.

 1400 Attendees enjoyed an evening of fun and Games

1400 Attendees enjoyed an evening of fun and Games

To celebrate Bonny Slope’s birthday, the DJ kicked off the cupcake distribution to the school-wide tune of "Happy Birthday." Mrs. Maza and Mrs. Montelongo helped volunteers pass out 1,000 cupcakes, all of which were devoured.



 Sam G. Won!

Sam G. Won!

The celebration included all the usual suspects– inflatables, food carts, games and prizes, a DJ, photo booth, and tattoo artist.  The lollipop tree was also hugely popular and the Snack Shack rocked its sales (as always), with otter pops coming in for the win as the most sold item. Sunset students were out in force to manage the games and prizes, allowing more parents to spend the evening with their children.

The annual 5th Grade Pie Eating Contest marked another milestone for our about-to-depart students.  Joe Santos expertly yielded the microphone as the event's Master of Ceremonies, keeping contestants and spectators informed of the rules (no hands!) and overall progress.   A solid set of semi-finalists and the ultimate champ, Sam G., took home DQ gift cards. Congrats to all the contestants and parent organizers!

 The Time-Honored Fifth Grade Pie Eating Contest

The Time-Honored Fifth Grade Pie Eating Contest

Huge thanks Carnival chairs, Kirsten Forsberg and Reilley Keating for taking on this annual BSE tradition.  They are grateful to previous Carnival chairs, Debbie Heron and Elizabeth Bingold, for doing such an amazing job transitioning this committee.

Thanks is also due to so many parents who stepped up and filled the volunteer needs, from decor and signage, passing out the cupcakes, manning the inflatables, as well as set-up and clean-up in the gym, most especially Erik & Nadia Wald, Mike & Molly Lampros, Debbie Herron & Ryan Josephson, Ryan Johnson, and the BSCO Board.

The 2018 Carnival was free to the Bonny Slope community due to the incredible fundraising effort of the last several years.

Read more about the last 10 years at Bonny Slope Elementary

Bonny Slope Excellence:  Ten Years in the Making

As we work toward building Bonny Slope Community Organization's future achievements, take a walk down memory lane to remember the last decade’s milestones that have shaped our school’s success today.


Bonny Slope was the 32nd elementary school built in the Beaverton School District.  Over 100 names were suggested through the public comment process included Tom Hartung School, Odus Bales Elementary, and McDaniel Elementary. Ultimately, the school board chose Bonny Slope based on its ties to the history and geographic region.  


An Inaugural Year (2008)

BSE opened its doors in 2008 with 449 students and was available for open enrollment (the process in which limited schools are open to enrollment to students outside of their boundaries).  Kim Haskins was BSE’s first principal, moving from her principal position at McKinley Elementary.

Haskins, Bonny Slope staff, and the motivated parents of the Bonny Slope Community Organization (BSCO) quickly began laying the groundwork for many enduring BSE traditions that have lasted all ten years, including the Jog-a-thon (then held in May), Bobcat Trail Club, Geography Club (began as Passport Club), Artist in Residence, Monster Mash (previously called Harvest Fest) and Carnival.

 2008-2009 Staff shown in the yearbook

2008-2009 Staff shown in the yearbook

Community Growth (2009-2011)

As Bonny Slope brushed off the dust from its inaugural year, the parent community rolled up its sleeve to continue expanding school programs.  Parents jumped in to build and organize BSE’s Community Garden, creating a mission statement and organizing logistics.

Additional events were added to the BSCO lineup, including Art Fair, Pancake Breakfast, Kids Care Club, the Earth Sustainability Team, and subsidizing Outdoor School.  BSCO also purchased $6000 worth of xylophones for Bonny Slope’s music program.

In 2010, Bonny Slope received IB authorization, at that time only one of three schools in Oregon with the Primary Years Programme and the only public school.  Since then, many more schools in Beaverton are now in some stage of IB authorization.

In the spring of 2012, BSCO organized its first silent auction, which was held during Carnival, and raised over $12,000 for new technology in the classroom.  That same spring, the Jog-a-thon team introduced an online donation platform-- doubling their previous totals.

 BSE Grounds in Spring 2014

BSE Grounds in Spring 2014

New Responsibilities & New Faces (2012-2014)

The 2012-13 school year held deep and impactful budget cuts throughout Beaverton School District.  BSE lost several classroom teachers and its librarian as the district reshuffled hundreds of teachers.  BSCO began to do even more heavy lifting when it came to school support by increasing its fiscal contributions of teacher grants, PYP support and most significantly, technology, in order to fill in the gaps.

2013-14 also saw BSCO reinvent itself in several ways.  BSCO leadership rolled out a brand-new website and joined Facebook.  The Parent Education series began, originally with speakers presenting at BSCO’s monthly meetings.

The first off-site BSCO Soiree & Auction, “Kentucky Derby,” was held in May 2014, which included classroom art, sign-up parties, silent and live auctions.  That spring also saw the community vote to approve the installation of a new playground cover.

The following year, 2014-15, was again a time of change at Bonny Slope, as we welcomed our new principal, Janet Maza.  BSCO leadership switched from monthly meetings to our current three-a-year, and the BSCO Listening Sessions were introduced in April.

Bigger Dreams Become Reality (2015- 2017)

 Playground Cover

Playground Cover

In the summer of 2015, the playground cover was finally installed, nearly 16 months after its funding approval.  This school year had the largest student body at Bonny Slope– 660 students, allowing BSE to be granted its first vice principal. 2015-16 also marked the last year of open enrollment at Bonny Slope.  

Even with the loss of open enrollment, the construction boom within our boundaries has quickly filled in the outgoing, open-enrolled students and our enrollment numbers have steadied since– hovering right around 640 students in the last three years.  

BSCO continued to build upon and improve its infrastructure, moving all files and communications to Google Drive in order to create one centralized location for all historical information.  BSCO introduced a new logo to better brand their activities and the BSCO instagram was introduced.

Fall of 2015 introduced another major change to BSCO’s fundraising.  Jog-a-thon, historically held every May, moved to October, with huge success and record-breaking totals every year since.  In spring of 2016, the community approved another major project– the installation of a new gym projector.

In the fall of 2016, BSCO leadership announced its intention to rewrite both the Board Handbook and Bylaws.  After months of revisions and feedback, these new bylaws were approved at the community meeting in May 2017, along with a STEM in Residence program and the latest BSCO project– replacing all classroom projectors.

 Principal Janet Maza hands out Cupcakes Celebrating BSE's 10th Anniversary at carnival

Principal Janet Maza hands out Cupcakes Celebrating BSE's 10th Anniversary at carnival

Celebrating Ourselves (2018)

With the success of 2018's "Cheers to 10 Years" Auction, BSCO looks forward to providing additional music support, replacing the music program’s aging instruments and equipment, as well as school-wide emergency supplies.  

As we look back on the many different programs and initiatives that have come and gone, one thing remains constant throughout the past ten years.  Everything BSCO has accomplished has been made possible through the enthusiasm, passion, and generosity of our parent and staff community. 

Thank you to every parent, volunteer, and community member that has contributed to our continued success.

 View of BSE Under Construction in JUly 2007

View of BSE Under Construction in JUly 2007

2017-18 Geography Club Ends Another Trip Around the World


We’ve been around the world once again in Geography Club!  The 2017-18 year was a success.  Students had the opportunity to learn up to 499 countries, capitals, states, monuments, land formations and waterways.  We even had 8 students learn them all!  The overall participation rate was 51% (up 9% from last year!), with 13% of the student body earning grade level achievement or higher.   The achievement levels are described below:

Grade Level Achievement: The student identified the countries up to the level that corresponds to their grade at each check day for the entire year.   (e.g. A first grader completed level 1, a third grader levels 1-3.)  

Level Five Achievement: The student identified countries and capitals in levels 1-5 regardless of their grade level at each check day for the entire year.

Challenge Level Achievement: The student completed one or more of the three challenge levels offered for the entire year.   (3rdGrade Challenge: Landmarks and Monuments, 4thGrade Challenge: States and Capitals, 5thGrade Challenge Land Formations and Water Ways.)

Congratulations and great work to the following students that earned grade level achievement or higher!!

Grade Level Achievement

  • Julia K. Kindergarten, Henely
  • Alyce B.  1st Grade, Johnson
  • Ivy K.  1st Grade, Johnson
  • Kinley M.  1st Grade, Johnson
  • Erica C.  1st Grade, Mcbride
  • Rylan D.  1st Grade, Mcbride
  • Tyler K.  1st Grade, Mcbride
  • Zackary M.  1st Grade, Parks
  • Kabir A.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Emma B.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Ellie D.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Colton M.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Ocean W.  1st Grade, Swardstrom
  • Trevor D.  2nd Grade, Acosta
  • Madeline P.  2nd Grade, Acosta
  • Noah I.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Jasleen K.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Janvi P.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Wyatt W.  2nd Grade, Breton
  • Jillynne B.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Aubrey J.  2nd Grade, Maxwell
  • Melina L.  2nd Grade, Maxwell
  • Luke S.  2nd Grade, Maxwell
  • Molly D. 3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Hadley C.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Noah G.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Adah F.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Owen M.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Taylor M.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Annalisa K.  3rd Grade, Vanier
  • Annie K.  3rd Grade, Vanier
  • Isadora M.  3rd Grade, Vanier
  • Nolan P.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Omer Y.  4th Grade, Watz

Grade Level Achievement and One Challenge Level Achievement

  • Leighton S.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Gavin M.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Rohin G.  3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Penelope V.  3rd Grade, Hammond

Grade Level Achievement and Level 5 Achievement

  • Matthew G.  2nd Grade, Acosta
  • Ruchitha B.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Julia G.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Zoe L.  2nd Grade, Hastings
  • Ruby F.  3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Akshaya Y.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Joshua C.  3rd Grade, Hammond
  • Max D.  4th Grade, Taylor/Oordt
  • Henry M.  5th Grade, Vaughn

Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement and One Challenge Level Achievement

  • Kellen L.  3rd Grade, Anderson
  • Nam-Anh L.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Cora S.  3rd Grade, Halgren
  • Lily G.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Rishi K.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Julia C.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Jillian C.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Robert L.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Amy C.  5th Grade, Crannell
  • Zachary R.  5th Grade, Crannell
  • Demi S.  5th Grade, Crannell
  • Jameson C.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Starla R.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Reese V.  5th Grade, Vaughn

Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement and Two Challenge Level Achievement

  • Ahana N.  4th Grade, Taylor/Oordt

Grade Level Achievement, Level 5 Achievement and Three Challenge Level Achievement

  • Sahit J.  4th Grade, Taylor/Oordt
  • Izabella V.  4th Grade, Watz
  • Harper C.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Tejas P.  5th Grade, Basham
  • Aaralynn F.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Sakya J.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Jonah L.  5th Grade, Vaughn
  • Colton P.  5th Grade, Vaughn 

End of Year Raffle Winners

Students earn one raffle ticket each month for every level completed.   At the end of the year we draw one winner for each classroom.  Congratulations to our winners!!

1st Grade

  • Noah B. (Johnson)
  • Sophia B. (McBride)
  • Ainsley K. (Parks)
  • Ellie D. (Swardstrom)

2nd Grade

  • Mathew G. (Acosta)
  • Janvi P. (Breton)
  • Fayyad A. (Hastings)
  • Melina L. (Maxwell)

3rd Grade

  • Ruby F. (Anderson)
  • Nam-Anh L. (Halgren)
  • Adah F. (Hammond)
  • Tyler M. (Vanier)

4th Grade

  • Grace C. (Osika)
  • Serena J. (Scoones)
  • Ahana N. (Tayloordt)
  • Izzy V. (Watz)

5th Grade

  • Robert L. (Basham)
  • Zach R. (Crannell)
  • Aaron L. (Traller)
  • Annice H. (Vaughn)

Thank You Volunteers

Check day requires a team of people to pull it off.  A huge and heartfelt thank you to; Bonnie Bailey, Sharon Bertuleit, Shannon Bekins, Jessica Canessa,  Marah Cluff, Jamie Deurwaarder, Hannah Donohue,  Jenna Dornblaser,  Victoria Foord,  Maureen Louie, Megan McLaughlin,  Padma Jajam, Nima Patel,  Megan Pham, Andy Poorman,  Asha Purohit, Currie Reese, Wendy Russell,  Deb Smith, Rebecca Sutton-Kanyako, Barbara Ternus,  and Annie Wilen.

Cheers to another year of helping Bonny Slope Students learn a little more about the world!   

Mindy Poorman & Stacey Stefanelli
Geo Club Chairs

#KindnessMatters T-Shirts For Sale

Dear Bonny Slope Families,

Bonny Slope students and staff had been celebrating kindness all year! We have a positive action board where staff can celebrate students who they witness committing random acts of kindness. The staff recognize each other’s kind acts in our weekly bulletin and on a Staff Shout Out poster in the staff room. We have t-shirts that we wear every Wednesday to show our support for kindness and now you can too! Simply follow the directions and the link below to order yours today!


Please go to: to order T-shirts using any credit card. Once you have signed in please click on your student's name then under Shop choose School Items and Kindness Matters T Shirt.  We have Adult Unisex, Women’s and Youth Sizes for $8 each. T-shirts will be available for sale online thru August 1, 2018. Shirts will be available for pick up on August 23, 2018 during our Meet the Teacher Night / BSCO Back to School PicNic.

Please contact Renee Conduff ( or 503.356.2040) if you have any trouble with the online payment system or need ParentVue activation information.

Absolute Last Call For Yearbooks - This Tue @ 4pm!

Due to questions on how to order yearbooks, ordering has been extended until Tuesday, June 5th at 4pm.

Order online here:

Don’t miss out on the memories!  Full color yearbooks cost $15 and will be delivered to your child’s classroom during the last week of school.

5th grade families please note that BSCO does not provide yearbooks for all 5th grade students.  If your 5th grader would like a yearbook, you will need to purchase one.

Questions?  Please contact

Order online here:

Garden Help Needed & Adopt-a-Bed

The school garden is abundant with growth of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beans and various leaf crops (and, of course, weeds!). Seeds are sprouting and adventures are happening as classes and groups visit their plantings to observe the recent growth.

We are hopeful there will be harvests before school is done for the year and that a few plots will make it through the summer, producing a fall harvest for next year's students to enjoy.


There are still many boxes remaining to plant. If you are interested in planting with your child's class, please let me know. The following classes have planted (Kindergarten - all classes, Ms. Watz and Mr. Traller)

If your child is in another class, feel free to reach out to your teacher to let them know you're interested in helping them plant. You may want to suggest planting during brain break time and working with those students who are interested. Smaller groups can be more hands on and experiential.

I will be getting another round of plant starts (squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.) this FRIDAY, 5/25. If you are interested in planting a bed with a class, please let me know so I know how many plants to get.


In advance of the school carnival on 6/1, it would be great to get the garden looking fantastic for families to come and visit. There are many tasks that could use attention:

  • adding soaker hoses to planted beds
  • tressing up bean and pea supports,
  • weeding the long bed and other beds as needed

If you can make it up at any time during the week, please lend a hand. It is great to see the bountiful growth and it requires many to sustain that growth. I will be in the garden Friday evening 6-7:30 and Sunday morning 9ish - 11 if you want to join me. My son Will (2nd grade) will be on the playground and would love some company.



Plots are available to adopt over the summer and many of the class boxes still require a summer caretaker.

Garden beds have irrigation 30 minutes each morning. A once or twice a week harvest and keeping up with the weeding in and around your plot is all that's required for you to adopt a box. The weeding bit is very important as your weed problem will soon become your neighbor's weed problem :)

There are a number of beds that are already planted by classes and some that can be planted to your liking, including the large bed up near the shed. They will require a good weeding (some more than others) and some soil amendments (available by the shed)  but it goes quickly, especially with a group.

Let me know if you are interested in adopting a bed. Unclaimed beds will be solarized in mid-June to kill weeds and seeds for future planting.

Please let me know how you'd like to get involved with the garden and feel free to share with your garden-minded friends and neighbors!


Upcoming Fifth Grade Activities

As the year winds down we wanted to highlight a few of the upcoming Fifth Grade Activities that will be taking place.

Fifth Grade Gift & Class Photo

The Fifth Grade Class of 2018 has donated a gift to Bonny Slope Elementary.  Each fifth grade classroom chose quotes that were meaningful to them and then the entire fifth grade voted to select their favorite.  The winning quote is permanently displayed in the fifth grade stairwell along with their class photo.  We hope that all students, faculty, parents and visitors to Bonny Slope Elementary will be inspired by their choice.


Pie Eating Contest

The ever popular Pie Eating Contest for fifth graders will take place during Carnival, Friday, June 1st.  Make sure you register for Carnival if you plan to attend.   

Fifth Grade Send-off Party

The Fifth Grade Party is Monday, June 18th from 12:00pm - 2:15pm and the fifth grade slideshow is from 2:15pm - 3:00pm (don't forget to send in your photos -  We will get a sign-up genius out shortly for parents who would like to help with setup, party activities, and cleanup.

Fifth Grade/Staff Send-off Breakfast

Tuesday, June 19th 7:45am in the library.  Fifth grade students and their parents/guardians are invited.

Fifth Grade Field Games with Parents

Tuesday, June 19th, stay tuned for the time.


Finally, all BSE families, don't forget to order your full color yearbook by June 1st!

2018 Auction Teacher Experiences a Success!

 Third grade students enjoyed a board-game themed experience in the library.

Third grade students enjoyed a board-game themed experience in the library.

The 2018 Auction Teacher Experiences were another rousing success.  122 students participated (up from 108 last year), with BSCO grossing an incredible $3050 from these parties alone.  Every dollar is put back into the classrooms and students of BSE.

Kindergarteners returned for their annual ice cream social, while the first grade enjoyed a Field Day on the BSE field with Mr. Whitehead and their teachers.  Once again, Ms. Acosta hosted an art party in her classroom along with the second grade team.  The third grade returned to a former party theme-- board games in the library.  And finally, Sunset Lanes again generously donated a bowling party to the BSE fourth grade.

 Second grade students & teachers had a great time creating art in Ms. Acosta's room.

Second grade students & teachers had a great time creating art in Ms. Acosta's room.

None of this would be possible without the participation and support of our Bonny Slope teachers.  Huge thanks to all the teaching teams who generously donated their time and took part in these fun after-school activities, as well as to all the BSCO families that participated.

A special thank you is due to Phil Jackson of Sunset Lanes for their donation of the fourth grade bowling party, as well as to BSE teacher, Aliyah Taylor, for her work as Auction's teacher experience liaison.

 Fourth grade students pose with teachers at Sunset Lanes during their bowling party.

Fourth grade students pose with teachers at Sunset Lanes during their bowling party.