BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot - October 2018


BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: October 1, 2018

In an effort to maintain transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board

October Meeting-- 10/1/2018

With the new school year now in full swing, the board met on the first of October to recap the first community meeting of the year and discuss a number of topics.  Melissa Gatchell, BSCO Treasurer, was unable to attend.

Ashish Gupta, President, shared updates on a number of projects in the 2018-19 budget.  For STEM in residence, Saturday Academy is slated to deliver multiple coding sessions to 3rd-5th grade students.  This vendor is experienced in providing coding instruction in other local elementary schools and received very positive feedback from our own BSE students last year.  Plans for grades K-2 are still being formulated. Additionally, Thermo Fisher Scientific awarded BSCO with a grant of $2,000 to support development of a maker space and science enrichment at BSE.

In response to the funds budgeted for emergency preparedness, board member, Josh Resch, guided the board through his research of water storage drum options.  The board agreed with his recommendation to procure 5 55-gallon drums along with water treatments and a couple of siphon kits. While there is a location identified for the drums, securing the drums will require some additional planning.  Additionally, in the coming weeks, each classroom and specials room will be supplied 2 gallons of water.

In an effort to organize materials/supplies across the various committees and enable more re-use year over year, there are organization efforts planned for the volunteer room.  While a long lead time FIP would delay installation of cabinets, gorilla rack/totes can offer immediate improvement.

BSCO's first and largest fundraiser of the year, Jog-a-thon, continued to gain momentum over the last several weeks.  Per Ellen Rothery, VP of Fundraising, and as of October 1st, several classrooms were well on their way to reaching 80% participation and pledges exceeded $25k.  This impressive result is ahead of where last year's JAT was at a similar time relative to the event date and fares well for meeting the fundraiser's goal of $40k.  In only a week’s time, these dollar results have nearly doubled! [Latest update is here.]  Another family movie night is calendared for Friday, Nov 30th.  This event celebrates the community funded gym projector and features a family friendly PG/G-rated title TBD.  Doors are expected to open at 6:30 and the movie rolls at 7pm.

Michelle Mulholland and Stephanie Wilson, Directors of Volunteers, reported 100% of the classroom coordinator roles are already filled and training was provided.  There is some good progress on filling party coordinator roles but there is more work to do in the coming weeks.

Director of Committees, Katie Kammer, recognized the work of numerous committee leads and volunteers preparing for several upcoming events, including the first Parent Ed night on 10/9, Walk to School day on 10/10, BSE's first author visit on 10/10, Scholastic Book Fair and the popular school-wide Monster Mash party on 10/19.  An evening event, open and free to all students and their families, the Monster Mash is a large undertaking. The community's help is critical to putting on an event of this size. A push for volunteers will continue in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Josh Resch, Director of Communications, the BSCO site now features a more modern and sophisticated google search capability.  Compared to the prior search, this search engine is much improved and search results are ordered by most recent date.

The current financials are available to review here.

BSCO Community Meeting Minutes 9/25/2018


BSCO Community Meeting
Date:  9.25.2018
Location:  BSE Library

Attendance:  Jenn Klingner, Andrea Sangston, Chris Massey, Clare Bourquein, Nicole Hastings, Heidi Bossert, Andrea Steyskal, Bitsy Parks, Taylor Kash, Ryan Rotner, Allison Mark, Jessica Canessa, Kelly Kinzer, Sara Peters, Barbara Simon-Evrenosoglu, Michelle Mulholland, Mindy Poorman, Jenna Dornblaser, Ellen Rothery, Josh Resch, Stephanie Wilson, Kaitlyn Watz, Jacob Whitehead, Jessica Osika, Frances Kang, Elia Freedman, Katie Kammer, Hannah Donohue, Ashish Gupta

Call to Order At:  7:04pm

Slides attached here

Budget attached here


Approved minutes from 5/22 community meeting

SPECIAL GUEST, Dana Strand, Beaverton Eco-School Network

Organization which offers training, retreats and network/support to help parents promote sustainable practices in schools

Invitation to upcoming events:  Informational dessert meet-up on 10/1, 7pm

Signup sheet was distributed

For more info, contact Rachel Willis,

PRINCIPAL'S REPORT, Janet Maza/Ali Montelongo

  • Important reminders about student drop off/pick-up procedures and safety measures (see slides for details)

  • Ali has caught and corrected many situations since the beginning of the year.  More help needed from parents/community members in adhering to safety guidelines

  • Janet asked for help to keep last minute changes to after-school plans to a minimum.  These changes are disruptive to staff and students' education time.

  • The school-wide initiative to recognize and promote positive actions/behaviors continues in its 2nd year.  Kindness board is up in the school and "Kindness matters" t-shirts are available for purchase. Parents can encourage acts of kindness and kind behaviors at home.  The first parent ed night on 10/9 @7 features Ann DeWitt, MA, MFT on the topic of raising kinder kids.

  • Preschool classrooms in session starting 9/24.  Classes are full. BSE received grant for age appropriate furniture and playground equipment.


President, Ashish Gupta

  • Introduced '18-19 board members.  Several positions will be open for '19-20.  Any interested community member is welcome to inquire or reach out to anyone on the board at any time.

  • BSCO's focus areas haven't changed.  They include strengthening connections through volunteering, smarter giving and inquiry based STEM opportunities.  Pleased to announce recent $2k grant awarded to BSCO from ThermoFisher Scientific to support makers space project. Special thanks to Victoria Foord for providing the contact.

  • Reviewed 2018-19 budget fo $108k, majority of which goes for student enrichment, inclusive of student coding programs, author visits and artist in residence.  The special projects for the year include a $20k music grant and $3k in better equipping the school for emergency preparedness.

  • Special guest - Clare

  • 3 Parent ed nights (funded by community dollars),

  • JAT - in need of the cultural speakers

Special Guest, Clare Bourquein and Chris Massey, BSE Music Teachers

Vice President of Fundraising, Ellen Rothery

  • First and largest fundraiser is approaching - school-wide Jog-a-Thon (JAT) on Friday, 10/5.  School wide participation is encouraged, all pledge/donations are meaningful. Request to continue momentum and creating Pledge star pages if you haven't done so - all students with pages are automatically eligible for raffles.  For any questions, email Ellen or  All parents, relatives and community members who wish to come to the event on 10/5, are reminded to get background checks done in advance.

  • Second fundraiser is the adults-only auction event on Sunday, April 14th at Top Golf.  Reduced $ goal, given the scaled back live auction.

  • Reminder to take advantage of corporate matching programs for both monetary donations and volunteer hours.  BSCO website has great information for how to take advantage of the additional dollars. While matching funds go a long way in supporting BSCO's budget, they will not count toward child JAT prizes/awards.

Director of Committees Report, Katie Kammer

  • As liasan to the 30+ different BSCO committees, Katie shared current and upcoming committee events/programs.  Volunteers always welcome and appreciated.

  • Upcoming opportunities:  geo club, bobcat trail, art lit, walk to school day on 10/10, author Suzanne Selfors visit on 10/10, STEM in Residency

  • Monster Mash, free and popular event for families on the evening of 10/19, requires a lot of volunteers.   Even 30 minutes of your time during the event would help with handing out candy or helping with lines

  • Scholastic Book fair - Nov 5-8

  • 5th grade activities - contact Erin Hire, initial planning meeting on 10/11, 6:30-7:30pm

  • Leading the Community Outreach committee, Sara Peters shared vision for this year's community outreach activities.  Sara and team have already planned and lined up a variety of activities and service opportunities throughout the school year.  Hoping for 50% of student body to participate in 1+ service activity over the course of the school year.

Director of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland & Stephanie Wilson

  • Michelle invited the community to set up and update My Volunteer Page (mVP).  Volunteer interests can be selected so that committee leads know who to contact for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

  • All classroom coordinators are filled.  In need for party coordinators, which are assigned to each classroom and coordinator grade level parties 3x's per year.

Director of Communications, Josh Resch

  • BSCO communicates via multiple channels:  email, facebook, instagram, blog. See for how to get started, connect with the community, and subscribe to notifications and calendar

  • BSCO Newsletter published every other Friday (opposite the Paw Prints)

Treasurer's Report, Melissa Gatchell (Ashish covering)

  • As per by-laws, annual BSCO audit was completed over the summer with no findings

Special guest:  Jennifer Klingner (5th grade Teacher), Andie Sangston (Technology IA), Technology vision

  • Jennifer shared her experience with several hands-on technologies/robots as well as her thoughts on how to utilize tech to enhance the classroom experience.  

  • Examples:  Ozobot, Dash by Wonder Workshop, Coding with Osmo


Thank you to the impressive line up of staff members present for the community meeting!

Adjourned At:  8:06pm

BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report:  August 29, 2018

In an effort to maintain transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

August Meeting-- 8/29/2018

With summer memories in the books, the board reunited on 8/29 to kick off business for the new school year.  Given the upcoming curriculum night on 9/6 and the Labor day holiday weekend, the board elected to meet on the first Wednesday after school start.  All board members were present.

President, Ashish Gupta, opened with a reminder and discussion of last year's goals, including volunteer pipeline, smarter giving and STEM opportunities.  There are some amazing results in these areas - over $20k in matching dollar income for '17-'18 (aka, free money), an ongoing impressive list of committees/programs/events led by our own generous and creative community volunteers and a new STEM in residence program which delivered coding instruction to BSE grades, K-5.  While the results are excellent, the board agreed that the goals are still relevant in the coming school year and more opportunities in these areas exist. Ashish also helped to firm plans toward our school's emergency preparedness efforts, which was an approved spend down item in the 2018-19 budget. With Janet's input, there is a location identified in the building to store 5 55-gallon drums of water.  Each classroom will also get new jugs of water.

Directors of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland and Stephanie Wilson, welcomed many new and existing community members at the Welcome back coffee which commenced after the bell on the first day of school.  There are an impressive number of new BSE families with not only entering kindergarten students but also students in all grades. Volunteer orientation (2 sessions) is scheduled for 9/11 at 8:30am in the cafeteria and 6pm in the library.  All community members are invited to get the run down what you need to know to play a role at school. There is already great support from the community with nearly all the volunteers already identified for each of the 24 classroom coordinator roles.  Classroom coordinators serve as the liaisons between teachers and the community on any help needed or volunteer opportunities for the classroom. Social media and curriculum night will be used to identify individuals for the few remaining classrooms.

Ellen Rothery, VP of Fundraising, shared plans underway for BSCO's first fundraiser of the year, Jog-a-Thon (JAT).  This year's event leads will carry forward last year's theme and format, "Around the World". Each class is assigned a different country, signifying the many countries represented by BSE's student population.  Because of the earlier school start date, there are 1-2 extra weeks to prepare for the 10/5 event and get student donation pages set up. JAT is the largest expected fundraiser for this school year due to the alternate format and lower expected income planned for this year’s auction.  Although the immediate focus is JAT, there is steady progress on auction 2019 with a date and venue secured. The many fun adult/family auction parties from the 2018 event certainly made our summer highlights lists and there are few more parties the community has to look forward to this month.  A popular form of fundraising and community building, these adult/family parties are expected to still be part of the 2019 event.

Katie Kammer, Director of Committees, will kick off her first monthly committee leads meeting on Sep 10.  She also extended an invitation to all committee leads and board for an informal meet and greet at Erin's Wine Cellar on Wed, Sep 12th, 7-9pm.  Aside from JAT planning, Geo Club, Walk to School day and BSE student directory are programs to be on the look out for this month.

Melissa Gatchell, Treasurer, briefed the board on the approved 2018-19 budget.  Carry over funds already supported the purchase of 60 new iPads and covers, all available for use from the start of the new school year.

BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: June 11, 2018


In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board

June Meeting-- 6/11/2018

The board met for the last time before summer to wrap up current business, share preliminary thoughts about next year, and celebrate accomplishments and transitioning board members.  All current and newly elected board members were present. Kindergarten teacher, Debra Henley, spared some of her evening time to join the meeting as well.

President, Ashish Gupta, reiterated the 3 dates/times for the August playdates, intended to welcome new families and ease transition before school starts.  The dates/times are Aug 6 (4:30-6), Aug 13 (4:30-6) and Aug 20 (5-7). Debra confirmed a representative from the kindergarten team will attend on at least 2 of the dates.  Ashish shared the gratitude received from various staff members for the recent teacher grants approved by the board. The board approved the outstanding requests for Hokki stools from the kindergarten team and remaining headphones for the 3rd grade team.  The BSCO budget will be combined with dollars already raised by teacher Donor's Choice pages to purchase 8 stools, leaving any remaining funds for additional headphones for 3rd grade.

The board shared thoughts about the Makers' Space idea and how it may or may not fit with the technology special.  Even a minimal amount out of the STEM in residence budget could kick start this hands-on creating/coding lab - a meaningful alternative/complement to computer games.  The board agreed with the desire to continue the coding in residence program which brought in great feedback from the BSE student body.

Ellen Rothery, VP of Fundraising, shared a near final draft of the the 2018-19 dates to remember.  Aside from the earlier start, the other dates are well aligned to last year's calendar. Ellen revisited the community outreach opportunity which was originally suggested by a parent at the last community meeting.  The board expressed support for using BSE's Boxtops program as a means to share funds with a neighboring school. Before moving forward, the idea will be presented to the new committee chair. While an auction lead is still unnamed, Ellen has led a lot of initial planning and brainstorming for next year's more simplified event.  The initial groundwork would allow a new lead to hit the ground running.

The final weeks of the school year are memorable ones due in part to the energies of a number of committees.  Holly VanderPloeg, Director of Committees, acknowledged the efforts of the carnival, 5th grade send-off activities, BTC and yearbook teams.  The 5th grade composite and their chosen quotation is a wonderful contribution to the walls of BSE. It's worth a look before you depart for the summer.  Holly shared more progress made with filling the committee lead list for the 2018-19 school year. One of the more time-critical positions, Monster Mash chair, has been filled.  A co-lead is still desirable for an event of this magnitude.

After being asked to consider supporting a neighbor school event, the BSE community responded in an impressive way.  Jenna Dornblaser, Director of Volunteers, recognized 30 BSE community volunteers who gave their time to help make the Barnes Elementary field day/JAT event a success.  All end of year class parties are scheduled. Volunteers are welcome and appreciated at these end of the year events.

The community is invited to view the current financials here.

New Board Members and Budget Approved at Spring Community Meeting


On Tuesday, May 22nd, our community gathered for the last BSCO community meeting of the 2017-18 school year and voted on both the BSCO board and 2018-19 BSCO budget.  (Full Meeting Minutes Here)

Director of Committees, Holly VanderPloeg, and Director of Volunteers, Jenna Dornblaser are leaving the board, having completed the maximum of two years in their respective roles.  The community expressed gratitude to both of them for all of their valuable contributions and leadership.  

In their place will step Katie Kammer as Director of Committees and Michelle Mulholland and Stephanie Wilson as Directors of Volunteers.  

The proposed and voted-on 2018-19 budget highlights include a decrease in the Auction income in an attempt to simplify the fundraiser, increase to teacher fund to include allocation to the aides, new line items for Music to replace aging instruments and other performance lighting and audio improvements, for capital improvement and for emergency preparedness.

Other highlights from the meeting included grant updates, an update on an alternate Auction format, and updates on all the programs sponsored by or paid for by BSCO around the school.

The 2018-19 budget is coming into focus. The Auction netted over $55,000, exceeding expectations and without accounting for any matching dollars.  Expenses are slightly under forecast due partly to under-spending and partly to pending receipts for reimbursement.

Click here for the full meeting minutes

May 22, 2018 Community Meeting Minutes


BSCO Community Meeting
Date:  5.22.2018
Location:  BSE Library

ATTENDANCE:  Ashish Gupta, Jenna Dornblaser, Kelly Kinzer, Josh Resch, Melissa Gatchell, Ellen Rothery, Josh Resch, Julie Gupta, Jessica Canessa, Sara Peters, Brian Rea, Mara Da Silva, Nathan Traller, Holly VanderPloeg, Bitsy Parks, Hannah Donahue, Elia Friedman, Jacob Whitehead, Jessica Osika, Kaitlyn Watz, Janet Maza, Jennifer Oordt

CALL TO ORDER:  7:04pm


Approved 1/31/18 meeting minutes


  • Several great programs over the last few months - OBOB, Science night, Art Literacy.  The community has consistently offered its support in so many ways. As one 5th grade exhibition team studies social injustice in schools, the community has responded to a call to action from this project team and shown a willingness to share one of BSE's most valuable assets (its sizable community of volunteers) with a neighboring BSD school.  Every hour of volunteerism will help this school pull off a jog-a-thon/field day event on June 8th.
  • Staff Development - Staff has a unique opportunity to watch math instruction recently
  • Staff expressed gratitude for the all the special attention during Staff Appreciation - gorgeous flowers in the staff room, nutritious meal, relaxing couch/essential oils was well appreciated.  Huge Thank you from the staff!

Vice President of Fundraising Report, Ellen Rothery

  • Bridge to gap is CANCELLED - amazing results from JAT and Auction make the 3rd fundraiser unnecessary.
  • Auction recap
    • Auction result is estimated at $55k+ net.  Amount does not include matching $ and income still pending some adult party sign-ups.  Open spots to select parties are still available - see auction site for more info.
    • For those donors at one of the many eligible companies can request matching contributions from their employer (any donation amount above market value are eligible)
    • Teacher parties were successful and fun!
    • Auction lead/committee help needed.  Board recognizes an annual live auction is not sustainable.  Change to format is expected and projected income for 2018-19 was lowered.  Top Golf event is a venue option being explored. This format could still support silent packages, art, adult/teacher parties - all of which bring in meaningful fundraising $.

Directors of Volunteers Report, Jenna Dornblaser

  • June 8 JAT/field day at Barnes Elem is an opportunity to give meaningful time/heart beyond BSE.  Those willing to commit 1 hr of volunteer time can contact Jenna.
  • BSE Field day, June 15th.  Help is needed and appreciated for this event, which is always a favorite with our students.  End of Year class parties over the last 3 days of school.
  • Thank you to 2017-18 party coordinators/classroom coordinators and all the volunteers!

Director of Committees Report, Holly VanderPloeg

  • A LOT is scheduled for last month of the school year
    • Carnival on 6/1 (celebrating the 10yr anniversary-->CUPCAKES), Adults required for bouncy houses (30 minutes)
    • 5th grade activities
    • Yearbooks available for $15 (delivered by last day of school)
    • Community garden committee is offering opportunities for families use irrigated beds over summer.  Contact Christine Hyatt
  • Ongoing
    • Art Lit - last artist
    • Bobcat trail - last day is 6/11.  Breakfast party on 6/14
    • Geo club - last check date 5/24 and recheck on 5/31
  • Thank you to all committees (over 50 committee leads) for a great year!
  • There remain a few committee lead gaps for 2018-19.  Specifically, Monster Mash, Auction, Yearbook. Given the timing of this event, finding leads for Monster Mash is very critical.  

Treasurer’s Report,  Melissa Gatchell

  • Reviewed Year to date numbers
  • Reviewed proposed 2018-19 budget (for community vote)
    • Most notable change is auction income (projecting 25k net, given new format without live)
    • Increase to committee discretionary
    • PYP, science enrichment, PYP training combined under one line item
    • Teacher fund increased to include allocation to aids
    • Science night, Author visits increased
    • Music fund added for replacement of aging instruments, performance lighting/audio
    • Capital improvement budget item added

President’s Report, Ashish Gupta

  • Thank you for Holly and Jenna for their countless hours, energy and contributions to community over the last 2 years.  Staff joined in recognizing their contributions.
  • Introduction of 2018-19 Board Slate and Motion to Vote (by secret ballot)
    • President, Ashish Gupta
    • Vice President, Ellen Rothery
    • Secretary, Andrea Steyskal
    • Treasurer, Melissa Gatchell
    • Director of Committees, Katie Kammer
    • Directors of Volunteers, Michelle Mulholland and Stephanie Wilson
    • Director of Communications, Josh Resch
    • Member at Large, Kelly Kinzer
  • Learnings from the listening sessions helped facilitate a number of recent teacher grant requests and approvals
    • Includes headphones (for kinder and 3rd), OBOB books (4th) and Cricket Sets (PE)
  • Technology
    • Installed projectors/apple tv allows for more mobility within the classroom.  Students can project from their IPads, and teachers can project as he/she moves throughout classroom.  With 2018-19 technology budget, the aged IPads are being replaced and each teacher will receive an Apple pencil which can mark up any image from a student ipad
  • 2017-18 Focus Areas Progress shared
  • STEM/Future idea
    • Ashish shared Maker space idea as well as photos of actual maker spaces implemented at 3 BSD elementary schools.  Spaces are equipped with supplies, computers and resources for students to create, model and build in an unstructured setting.  The implementations at neighboring schools were done on limited budget. The 2018-19 Science Enrichment budget would well afford a Maker Space at BSE.
  • Upcoming
    • August playdates scheduled for 3 Mondays in August, 8/6, 8/13 (4:30-6pm) and 8/20 (5-7pm).  Goal is to welcome new families, allow new students to get acquainted and provide an informal setting for questions/info before the school year begins.


Vote: 2018-19 Board slate, approved 21-0
Vote: 2018-19 Budget, approved 21-0


May 2018 Principal Chat... REVEALED

The sun is out and summer is oh so close.  Here’s a quick wrap-up of our very last principal chat of the year.

New Year Gettin’ Here

The infamous BSD demographer has predicted that Bonny Slope will have a whopping 16 more students next school year.  Combined with the overwhelming passage of the Beaverton levy, next year’s classroom lineup is shaping up. Here’s a first look at what to expect in 2018-19:

  • Retaining our vice principal!  Ali is back, baby!
  • Four teachers at every grade
  • 24-28 students per class
  • Positions to be posted include a special ed teacher (while Mrs. Harris is on leave)
  • First day of school to be Monday, 8/27

The only classroom changes known at this point are Jennifer Klingner, from Hiteon Elementary, who will be replacing Leslie Cranell in fifth grade, and Jeff Steindorf (from Five Oaks Middle School) will be joining BSE as our part-time PE teacher.

Other Juicy Tidbits:

  • Still room next fall in our Bonny Slope preschool!  Various marketing ideas were thrown out as BSE struggles to get the word out to preschoolers living within our boundary.
  • Surprised by next year’s school calendar?  We vote on three calendars at once, so this time ACTUALLY LOOK before you vote this fall on the next three year cycle.
  • The shrubs along the sidewalk on McDaniel are getting a bit out of control.  Time to call the county!
  • After all that hubbub, early Wednesday release is actually working! Teachers are getting more professional development and more importantly, consistent time to pow-wow with their teaching teams to chat about students and methodology.
  • Fifth grade teacher, Robert Vaughn, and one of his fifth grade exhibition groups have connected Bonny Slope with Barnes Elementary, who are in need of some volunteers for their Jog-a-thon on June 8.  Side note:  Email Jenna ( if you are interested.

And that’s a wrap for the year!  Thank you to Janet and Ali for these monthly raucous gatherings that rival any book club.  Your candor and communication are always appreciated. See you next fall!

BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: May 7, 2018

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

May Meeting-- 5/7/2018

The May meeting was rescheduled to earlier in the month in order for the board to prepare for the final community meeting of the school year on 5/22, which includes a vote of both the 2018-19 BSCO budget and the BSCO board slate.  New slated candidates for Directors of Volunteers and Director of Committees were also in attendance.

President, Ashish Gupta, shared his learnings after presenting and connecting with the BSE staff in late April.  This meeting helped drive some movement on a variety of teacher grant proposals which hadn't yet been submitted. The $3k which was budgeted will now be allocated to a number of meaningful proposals, including headphones for both the kinder and 3rd grade teams, OBOB books and cricket sets for PE, all of which were approved by the board.  Even after approving several, there remains budget for additional requests that may still come in.

Ellen Rothery, VP of Fundraising, announced impressive results from this year's auction event.  While miscellaneous expenses and payments are still being tallied, the net fundraising result is taking shape and nearing $60k.  This amount does not include matching contributions from various corporations. Efforts and communications to ensure eligible auction attendees take advantage of their companies' matching programs were discussed.  Given the success of both JAT and auction, the board agreed with the proposal to cancel this year's "Bridge the Gap". While a chair still needs to be identified for next year, Ellen shared some exciting and creative ideas for what a simplified 2019 auction event could look like.  A simplified event translates into a reduced fundraising income, but would still bring the community together in a fun and significant way and reduce the annual burden on the event planning team. Despite the anticipated change to income, the 2018-19 cash flow is managed by intentionally spending down some of the reserves.  

Director of Committees, Holly VanderPloeg, reported on the progress with filling open committee lead positions.  Because of the need to kick off planning, identifying leads for Monster Mash is particularly critical. Once leads are identified, help from a broader group of community members should not be hard to come by for this popular and favorite fall event.  Planning is progressing well for the school carnival in June. This year's event features a celebration of BSE's 10 year "birthday".

Jenna Dornblaser, Director of Volunteers, is preparing for the final classroom parties of the year.  Holding the parties outdoors is a popular tradition, weather permitting. After priority is given to the 5th grade events, the various outdoor spaces are made available to other grades/classes.  Volunteers are welcome and appreciated at these end of the year events.

After BSE's kindergarten round-up event, there is real data on anticipated growth of our community.  Josh Resch, Director of Communications, reported 50 new requests for the BSCO newsletter since the round-up in April.  The board solidified its plans for 3 August playdates on 8/6, 8/13 and 8/20 from 4:30-6pm. These informal events provide young incoming students an opportunity to get acquainted with a new school and give new family members an opportunity to connect and ask questions.

The community is invited to view the current financials here.


April 2018 Principal Chat... REVEALED

Sun is out and we are here!  Let’s jump right into the fray…

ReTweet Hot Seat

Sadly, former deputy superintendent, Steve Phillips, must have missed his global citizenship lesson.  While his actions don’t match Bonny Slope's or Beaverton School District’s beliefs, here at BSE, our staff strives to ensure that all students–- EVERY.SINGLE.ONE–- can learn and be safe within these walls. Superintendent Don Grotting has offered to meet with any parent who has concerns, so don’t be afraid to take him up on that (

Levy Lowdown

Friends. This month’s school levy is a big deal. Like YUGE. It has a ridiculously large impact to teacher positions, both here at Bonny Slope and across the district.  Many people don’t realize how the number of classrooms directly affects how many specialists and support staff a school is granted. So a lot more is on the line than just three teachers at BSE. Again, it is not an INCREASE to your taxes-- it is a RENEWAL of a levy from 2013.

Side note:  Please poll your friends and neighbors who had a child in BSD in 2012. Their info may be eye-opening.

While we can’t tell you HOW to vote, we respectfully ask that you educate yourself and PLEASE vote. Here is the District’s handy dandy info page to get up to speed.

Operation Big Toe

This aptly named undertaking gained its moniker when BSE vice principal, Ali Montelongo, nearly lost her big toe due to the crazy driving maneuvers of an irate parent after Ali pointed out that she was parked illegally on McDaniel.  

True story, folks. True. Story.

Yet even after this close call, our BSE administrators are still out there RISKING LIFE AND (apparently) LIMB to ensure that McDaniel stays clear, traffic keeps moving, and no child is injured during our frenzied and frantic pick-up.

So, here’s a little recap for all you wayward parents who feel the rules don’t apply to your precious self:

  • Please don’t park at the bus stop on McDaniel
  • Be respectful of private property
  • Understand where your car does and doesn’t belong
  • Respect that the car pick-up won’t begin until AFTER our busses leave, so clogging up the parking lot or McDaniel only hurts us all
  • Remember that even school employees value their toes too

SeeSaw Hee Haw

See Saw, baby!  All BSE teachers K-5 have access to this hysterical and insightful window into our child’s classroom. I mean... THOSE VIDEOS!  Half their face is missing! Anyone else want to gently tell them to tilt the screen up already?

But in all seriousness, have you seen those “Parents We Heard You” posters? Those are Janet and Ali’s direct response from the BSD parent survey from last spring.  One recurring theme-- parents wanted to know what was going on in the classrooms. Because let’s be real-- our kids tell us zilch.  

Originally started as an app for primary teachers, parents now find SeeSaw to be a great way to chat with their children about school and listen as students truly explain their learning (often with half their face missing). This year, teachers either provide blog posts or SeeSaw updates on a regular basis (the optimum goal is every other week).

Our Girl IRLA

Oh, IRLA.  Me and her go waaaay back.  So few of you will remember that she was the FIRST topic of our FIRST EVER “Principal Chat… Revealed,” eons ago in September 2015.  Read our inaugural issue to get a refresher on BSD’s English Language adoption (and also some really riveting info on our Spanish program that actually still applies.)

Nearly three years later and… IRLA’s working, baby! Parents are sharing that they really like the IRLA reading program for younger children. Usually, it’s ridiculously complex to know where your child stands in reading. This program helps parents determine not only where their student is, but also words to work on, appropriate reading material etc etc etc. All students at BSE have a power goal, which is more than just reading, but includes things like reading with expression and understanding punctuation. Jen Oordt is still our Madame IRLA, BSE’s resident expert.

Other Juicy Tidbits:

  • Cell phone coverage within Bonny Slope just stinks.  But one parent offered to look into cell phone repeaters within the school, so hey-- maybe there’s hope!  Side note:  Can’t get onto facebook or instagram while at the school?  Shame on you for not being fully present! Kidding. But seriously… pretty sure Big Brother BSD is suppressing social media on their guest network.
  • Not-New News Flash (that will still surprise some poor parent this August): School’s starting before Labor Day this fall. Yup, America. TRUTH.  BSD’s first day of school will be Monday, August 27, 2018. So book those Sunriver plans earlier, y’all!

And that’s a wrap!  Check us out at our next Principal’s Chat on Tuesday, May 22nd at 6pm. Yes, you read that right-- we’re moving this circus to the evening!  Can’t wait to see all our working parents join in the fun. See you then!